Hoi An in Vietnam is located in Quang Nam province with many old quarters built in the 16th century and still exist almost intact today. Hoi An Ancient Town is one of the most beautiful ancient towns in Asia and has been recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site since 1999. Coming here, tourists will have the opportunity to admire the architecture that both has traditional Vietnamese artistic nuances and represents cultural exchange and integration with Eastern and Western countries.

There are a lot of unique attractions and thrilling activities that await you to explore at Hoi An in Vietnam. In this article, we will take a closer look at the beauty and highlight some attractions in the Hoi An ancient town for you to consult and plan with your friends and family.

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Hoi An in Vietnam

Exploring Hoi An – A Traveler’s Guide To Hoi An in Vietnam

1. Weather in Hoi An Vietnam

Located in a tropical climate area, the weather in Hoi An is also warm all year round, the average temperature of Hoi An is 29 degree with two main seasons: rainy season and dry season.

The rainy season in Hoi An lasts from September to January of the following year. However, Hoi An’s rain is also very gentle and creates extremely romantic scenes. Tourists who love quiet, not too noisy and bustling, this is the ideal time for a trip to explore Hoi An.

The dry season in Hoi An starts from February to August. The weather is dry, sunny which will be very suitable for a sightseeing trip. From April to August is the beach tourism season in Da Nang, so tourists often combine a visit to Hoi An. This is the time Hoi An welcomes the most tourists of the year.

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Best time to visit Hoi An in Vietnam

2. What to do in Hoi An Vietnam

Hoi An Ancient Town, has a long-lasting history and vibrant culture. It deeply reflects through the ancient architecture and local way of life. Therefore, Hoi An offers many meaningful activities and experiences to explore the timeless beauty of the ancient town. Below are the best things to do in Hoi An for the best experience in Hoi An. Follow us to do not miss out on any valuable information!

What to do in Hoi An Vietnam
What to do in Hoi An Vietnam

2.1 Hoi An Vietnam Old Town

Hoi An is famous for its traditional architectural beauty, houses with ancient and mossy beauty, walls and roads. With other unique architecture such as the Covered Bridge and culinary activities in Hoi An ancient town always gives tourists a peace and relaxation feeling. In particular, Hoi An at night will be sparkling and magical with colorful lanterns.

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Hoi An Vietnam Old Town

2.2 Lantern festival Hoi An in Vietnam

During the Lantern Festival Hoi An in Vietnam, visitors will be immersed in the sparkling scenery of the old town with many colorful lanterns hung by people under the eaves and on the streets. 

In this festival, you will participate in many interesting activities completely free and the busiest area is the riverside section between the Japanese bridge and Hoi An bridge. The festival space is extremely exciting with dances mixed with traditional music by members of professional and skilled artists. You will also have opportunities to drop lanterns on the Hoai River at night, which is a meaningful activity during the Lantern Festival Hoi An in Vietnam 2024.

lantern market
Lantern festival Hoi An in Vietnam

2.3 Visit My Son Sanctuary

My Son Sanctuary is an ancient architectural complex consisting of many unique temples and towers of the Champa people, located in a valley surrounded by rolling hills and mountains.

The most outstanding feature of the towers is the quadrilateral base structure, and worship of the main statue of Shiva – the Hindu god of creation and destruction. The tombs and temples in My Son are a convergence of many unique architectural styles and carvings. Although it has undergone historical upheavals and many buildings have declined, My Son Sanctuary still retains many towers that clearly mark the golden age of the Champa dynasties.

sunrise at my son sanctuary
Visit My Son Sanctuary

2.4 Join Tour Cham Island

Cu Lao Cham has an area of about 15km2, located in Hoi An city, Quang Nam province. Coming to this “green paradise”, you will be able to fish with fishermen, scuba dive to see coral, set up camping tents on the beach and other local experience tourism activities.

Coming to the Tour Cham Island, visitors will have the opportunity to experience the feeling of being immersed in the beautiful island with blue sea, white sand and golden sunshine. Especially the experience of diving to see coral, admiring the colorful coral reefs with your own eyes. Exploring architecturals  and national historical or cultural relics of the Cham people. You will also have a chance to explore the island’s cuisine with many attractive dishes and fresh, unique seafood that is only available on Cu Lao Cham Island.

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Cham Island in Hoian

2.5 Explore Cam Thanh Coconut Village

Coming to Cam Thanh Coconut Village, you will have the opportunity to experience a basket boat ride along the coconut forest to enjoy the fresh air and explore a unique ecological area. This is a unique activity. In addition to walking and sightseeing, you can also enjoy exciting basket boat performances and boat races. Or experience cycling to explore traditional craft villages. Visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy unique cuisine here such as spring rolls, sweet and sour shrimp salad, banana flower salad, and Central region pancakes.

tour coconut
Cam Thanh Coconut Village

3. Best restaurants in Hoi An Vietnam

When we mention Hoi An cuisine, we frequently think about the picture of little eateries, sidewalk stands selling bread, tall buildings, and Quang noodles. However, not many are aware that Hoi An is also home to renowned upscale eateries that include mouthwatering fresh seafood, flavorful Vietnamese cuisine, and elegant foreign cuisine. Let’s take a look and save these addresses to visit when you come to Hoi An!

3.1 Hoi An Vegetarian Restaurants

You’ve come to the right spot if you’re searching for Hoi An’s greatest vegetarian eateries! For vegetarians and vegans alike, Hoi An is a fantastic destination.

  • Am Vegetarian & Hideaway Restaurants: This restaurant offers many dishes combined with their ever-so-fresh ingredients, salads, soups, hotpot dishes, mushrooms, and tofu are expertly seasoned to reveal intriguing combinations of flavor and texture.
  • Minh Hien 2 Restaurants: The vegan dishes on the menu are very creative. The lightly-curried pumpkin and the wonton soups are favorites and the very spicy salad of green banana, mushroom, various greens, bean sprouts and chili is a knockout – literally.
  • The fisherman Restaurants: Topped off by welcoming family-style service, this is one of the world’s best vegan restaurants. Not the cheapest, but some think it’s the best and ideal for setting.The Fisherman, located directly on the beach at An Bang, has a lot to offer. It offers some of the greatest smoothies in Hoi An along with a varied international menu that is entirely vegan.
Ngoc Chi Vegetarian Restaurant
Hoi An Vegetarian Restaurants

3.2 Hoi An Seafood Restaurant

Seafood is available in Hoi An as well as Da Nang in a variety of forms. The majority of people who live in the historic town of Hoi An earn a living through fishing and seafood trading because it is close to Cua Dai Beach, An Bang Beach, and Ha My Beach. As a result, the seafood is highly well-known and always fresh, drawing tourists to the area on a regular basis

  • Sea Breeze Seafood Restaurant: Visitors to Sea Breeze can choose from a bucket of fresh seafood and have it cooked to their specifications. The heavily seasoned grilled stingray, served with raw vegetables and rice paper for a delectable combination, is their most well-known dish.Apart from that, the restaurant offers a wide range of other dishes on its menu that range in price from cheap to expensive, like seafood salad, grilled scallops with spring onions and fat, and steamed clams.
  • Nam Gia Seafood Restaurant: Because it always chooses the freshest, cleanest, and highest-quality ingredients to serve its patrons the best dishes, Nam Gia is a highly regarded seafood restaurant in Hoi An.Furthermore, the costs are reasonable, and the quick and agile service approach entices nearly everyone to visit and experience it
  • A Roi Seafood Restaurant: Among the best seafood restaurants in town is A Roi, which also serves as a weekly meeting spot. The restaurant serves a wide variety of delectable dishes, such as its well-known crispy squid with a robust fish sauce, fiery hotpot, or cool seafood salad. Everyone enjoys delicious foods like oysters, fried rice, fish porridge, and grilled shrimp with salt.
Nha Trang Seafood Street
Hoi an Seafood Restaurant

3.3 Local Restaurant in Hoi An

Restaurants with old buildings filled with traditional culture are one of Hoi An’s highlights. Let’s discover some local restaurants with more delicious dishes in Hoi An.

  • Morning Glory Restaurant: One of the most well-known eating spots in Hoi An is Morning Glory, which serves authentic street food in an upscale setting with original French architecture. Here, guests will enjoy a well-prepared meal in a delightful, romantic, and grand setting, all while taking in the striking historic architecture of Hoi An
  • Mango Rooms: Mango Rooms Restaurant Hoi An, which specializes in serving inventively flavored drinks and dishes that entice travelers, is frequently featured in lists of the “Best Restaurants” in Hoi An. Despite its traditional wooden architecture and distinctive golden light, the restaurant boasts a distinctive Vietnamese culinary style of its own. The fresh food and delectable drinks of Mango Rooms Restaurant Hoi An awaken all senses in this colorful yet classic setting. Other visitors to Hoi An have reported having an amazing experience as a result of these things.

And there are many great restaurants in Hoi An waiting for you to explore, learn more about them with our guide to the Best Restaurants In Hoi An Vietnam

Mango Rooms
Mango Rooms

4. Hoi An Tours

4.1 Hoi An Food Tours

By taking a street food tour, you’ll have the opportunity to try a variety of traditional Vietnamese dishes that you might not otherwise be able to find or try on your own experience. 

Hoi An Market is the first stop on the Hoi An food tour. We are going to get together here and talk about food with the local retailers. Goi Cuon, or fresh spring rolls, are delicious in the market. Then you continue down main streets and side streets to explore the flavors of Hoi An cuisine, including banh mi, rice paper-wrapped grilled pork, rice noodles with barbecued pork, greens and croutons, bloating fern-shaped cakes, white rose dumplings, and Hoi An chicken rice. The ideal place to finish our food tour is a coffee shop in the old town. Vietnamese coffee is enjoyed while discussing various aspects of local life.

hanoi street food tour
Hoi An Food Tours

4.2 Hoi An Bike tour

Travelers not only come to Hoi An to explore and know more the history of Hoi An Ancient town, enjoying Hoi An’s specialties but they also want to know about Hoi An culture. Thus, by taking bike tours,  they can see more of Hoi An countryside and realize how the local people live and do their daily work.

Explore small alleys that are difficult to reach by other means. You can also visit the countryside with many beautiful scenes, green rice fields, beautiful rivers and hazy mountains in the clouds. Further away is a wide coastal road with rows of poplar trees running straight. You can cycle on the dike road close to the sea, or sit on the terrace to enjoy the salty smell. Hoi An Bike tour definitely is an ideal option for you to discover Hoi An old town.

hoi an bike tour
Bike tour Hoi An in Vietnam

4.3 Hoi An Motorbike tours

Motorcycles offer tourists the ideal means of exploring Vietnam. Savor the moment as you travel through breathtaking mountain ranges, gorgeous coastal roads, and off-the-beaten-path locations that are unreachable for a car or bus. You should join a Motorbike tour with a guide who is very knowledgeable about the area and can take you to hidden gems in Hoi An that are difficult to discover or difficult to reach on your own. You can share your ideas, interesting things with your friends during the tour.

Hoi An Motorbike
Motorbike tour Hoi An in Vietnam

4.4 Hoi An Walking tours

Walking tour Hoi An in Vietnam is a fantastic way to see Hoi An, the city of romance and lanterns. You should explore this town with a local tour guide and VM Travel – Vietnam Package Tour highly recommend the Hoi An Walking Tour. When you book this tour, our knowledgeable local guide will lead you to the heart of the Old Town so you can explore the most stunning sights, including the Hoi An central market, Tan Ky Old House, Phuc Kien (Fujian) assembly hall, the Japanese Covered Bridge, and many famous architectures in Hoi An.

hoi an night market
Hoi An Walking tours

4.5 Hoi An Day Trip from Da Nang

Although Da Nang and Hoi An are about 30 km apart, the two appealing attractions in Central Vietnam have a lot of remarkable distinctions. While Da Nang attracts visitors from domestic and foreign countries with its dynamic lifestyle, pristine beaches, luxury hotels and resorts, Hoi An is famous for its ancient beauty, old town, and good traditions that have been kept for hundreds of years.

This interesting contrast always urges tourists to admire the modern and ancient beauty in Mid-Vietnam. After being satisfied on the blue beaches in Da Nang – the most liveable city in Vietnam, do not miss out on a chance to step back in time and explore the bustling trading port in the forgotten time at Hoi An Ancient Town. A Hoi An Day Trip – Private Tour will make your adventure worry-free with tailored experiences and personalized attention. Just relax and enjoy, and Hoi An will be within your reach!

Consider Hoi An Day Trip – Deluxe Group Tour to join on a budget-friendly trip and engage with other travelers with common interests. This tour provides an excellent opportunity to discover the historic charm of Hoi An while connecting with Hoi An lovers.

Cycling countryside in hoian
Hoi An Day Trip from Da Nang

5 Markets in Hoi An Vietnam

Street food, trinkets, and apparel are all for sale at the colorful and bustling Hội An Night Market in central Vietnam. This magical location is like a Disney version of the nation, with its quaint streets and intriguing architecture from the time when Asian occupants lived here. Vibrant lanterns swaying in the breeze from the nearby river illuminate the market.

You can explore Hoi An Central Market which is one of Top 6 Popular Markets in Hoi An Vietnam. It has served as a hub for the purchase of regular foods like meat, vegetables, fish, and other necessities by the locals. The market, which virtually perfectly captures people going about their everyday lives, is the best place in Hoi An to learn about the local way of life and culture.

market central hoian
Hoi An Central Market

6. Nightlife in hoi an vietnam

During the day, Hoi An resembles a sophisticated lacquer painting created by a gifted painter. This place is a fanciful shimmering light display come nightfall. Because of this, tourists find Hoi An to be lovely and alluring year round. 

Nightlife in Hoi An has  a lot of interesting activities. The vibrant displays of colorful lanterns, traditional folk dance performances, street-side stalls, and lit candles floating on the river take over the busy streets of the Ancient Town and the Riverside. Trendy bistros, cafes, live music bars, and artistic lounges come to life. 

If you prefer a quiet atmosphere, watch Hoi An city at night. Going To the cafes in the historic town of Hoi An are always highly popular with visitors. If you can see a virtual living check-in corner from the coffee shop’s view during the day, then this is a great place to stop at night to unwind and take in the old town’s night sky. For those want to learn about the history of Hoi An from the early days, the Hoi An Memory Show is an ideal choice. With the elaborately invested outdoor performances, profound cultural stories, and the harmony combination of lights, sounds, dance, and performance, Hoi An Memory Show is always a must in visitor’s itinerary when come to Hoi An.

hoian memory show
Hoian memory show

7. Transport in Hoi An

7.1 Book a private car with local driver speaking english

Hiring a private vehicle with an English-speaking driver is an additional option for visiting Hoi An from Da Nang. You have the freedom to plan your time and take your own route to see sights or attractions. To ensure that you can both understand and have a conversation while traveling, the drive will introduce and explain everything in English.

vietnam car rental
Private Car with Driver English

7.2 Motorbike

Renting a motorcycle could be the best choice for your trip. You can actively navigate anywhere at your own speed by following the map.  Travel along the picturesque roads, pause at cafes along the way, or grab a street bowl of pho. The Hoi An ancient town is amazing for anyone who loves to get around on motorcycles.

7.3 Bicycle

Riding a bicycle through Hoi You will have a lot of really fascinating experiences in the city. Riding a bicycle also makes it easier to stop anywhere for shopping and more convenient to eat delicious food on the street. You could also just look in the corners of the yellow walls, the vibrant bougainvillea trellises by the side of the road.

8. Shopping in Hoi An Vietnam

The Vietnamese city of Hoi An is a great place to shop because of its lively markets, traditional crafts, and tailor shops. The market is a lively and vibrant place to shop where you can find a range of goods, from souvenirs to fresh produce. 

Additionally, Hoi An is renowned for its superior silk. Silk clothing, scarves, and accessories come in a variety of patterns and hues. And numerous tradition of producing high-quality ceramics such as handcrafted pottery, ceramics, and porcelain items.

markets in hoi an
Shopping in Hoi An Vietnam

9. Massage in Hoi An Vietnam

If you stroll through the streets of Hoi An, you’ll probably see a number of spas offering expert massages. The quality and service of these massages in Hoi An, Vietnam, are excellent, which draws a lot of customers. Among the most notable names are Golden Rose Spa, La Spa, Blue Gift Spa, Ozone Spa, and so on.

10. Hotels in Hoi An Vietnam

In contrast to other locations, Hoi An’s hotels and homestays are primarily constructed in two ways. It is a tiled, traditional home that mimics the architectural design of the old Hoi An homes. The utensils are basic and rustic. Others have a modern yet slightly traditional design. There are some hotel you can refer to

  • The Hoi An Chic Hotel: The Hoi An Chic Hotel features striking modern architecture mixed with traditional elements. Specifically, the red terracotta color of the old town’s typical roof tiles is what makes Chic’s design so distinctive.
  • Green Apple Hotel: Everything here is great! Guests will have free bicycles to walk around and there will always be buses to the old town, especially near the walking street but not too far. Although the rooms are simple, they are decorated very luxuriously and are fully equipped, including a safe. The price of drinks is not as expensive as other places.
  • Long Life Riverside Hotel: With a design inspired by Asian architecture, this hotel is especially suitable for tourists who like nostalgia. But inside the hotel there are still full modern amenities to best serve tourists while staying here.

11. Beach Resorts in Hoi An Vietnam

Due to its distinctive style, cozy interior, and prime location on Cua Dai beach, Hoi An Beach Resort is a favorite among travelers. You will be rewarded for coming here with a gorgeous swimming pool and a clear view over the city. The garden’s scenery and the beach’s vibrant both add to the resort’s aesthetic appeal.
A team of eager and caring employees will make sure you are happy from the moment you arrive at Hoi An Beach Resort, which has all the amenities you could possibly want, including a luxurious spa, gym, and blue swimming pool.

Beach Resorts in Hoi An
Beach Resorts in Hoi An

Hoi An Vietnam Old Town is a unique destination that combines natural beauty with cultural and recreational attractions. Its picturesque landscapes and diverse range of activities make it a must-visit spot for travelers in Vietnam.