Can Tho is famous as one of the most dynamic cities in Vietnam because of its developed economy and modern  tourism activities. Besides, Can Tho is also worth a visit because it has many special things for visitors to explore and enjoy on their journey.

In this article, we will help you take an adventure to Can Tho – a destination  known as the land of miracles along with the best things to do in Can Tho. Let’s get started!

cai rang floating market
What to do in Can Tho?

What To Do In Can Tho – A Comprehensive Guide To Unforgettable Experiences

1. Can Tho – Mekong Delta Overview

Nestled along the winding bank of Hau River, Can Tho is the most bustling city in the Mekong Delta and the fourth-largest city in Vietnam. Can Tho is famous for the vibrant river region’s life with floating markets, tropical orchard gardens, diverse cuisine, and hospitable locals. Come to vibrant Can Tho to explore the narrow canals, greeny rice paddies, and idyllic life. Can Tho welcome visitors with warm hospitality and the diverse cuisine of the Mekong Delta, making it a must-visit in Vietnam for tourists seeking an authentic cultural experience. Immerse in the charm of Mekong Delta with Mekong Delta day trip from Ho Chi Minh. Discover local culture, scenic landscapes, and vibrant markets

mekong delta boat
Can Tho – Mekong Delta Overview

2. Top 9 amazing what to do in Can Tho

2.1 Take a boat to Cai Rang floating market

Cai Rang floating market is known as the treasure of Can Tho because this place has many special things. First, the most unique market is held right on the river and goods are displayed on large boats. That means you will use the boat as a means of transportation to explore interesting things in this market. The most ideal time to visit Cai Rang floating market is around 5a.m to 6a.m because this is the time with the most beautiful scenery and vibrant business activities like festivals.

Best things to do at Cai Rang floating market that you should not miss such as: go early to catch the romantic sunrise on the river, try having breakfast on the boat with a new feeling of floating, enjoy floating coffee on the boat, listen to music amateurs and don’t forget to take photos of this unique scene that can only be found at Cai Rang floating market in Can Tho.

Last but not least, remember to equip yourself with a life jacket to ensure safety. Because this is a market held on the river, although it is extremely interesting and worth a try, you should also remember to ensure safety to have a perfect adventure.

mekong delta in vietnam
Cai Rang floating market

2.2 Relax at fruit gardens

The next outstanding  thing that only Can Tho has is fresh fruit gardens , which will surprise you when you visit. Here there are all kinds of typical tropical fruits of Can Tho such as durian, jackfruit, mango, star apple, grapes… etc. and many other common fruits such as oranges, apples, longans, plums.

Furthermore, It is amazing  for you is that the fruit garden addresses we provide below are completely free for you to visit and eat

Can Tho Fruit Garden
Can Tho Fruit Garden

2.3 Explore Cacao Farm

Visiting the cocoa farms  is one of the best things to do in Can Tho that you should not miss. Cocoa farms are considered a long-standing civilization in Can Tho, so this is a place with many interesting elements waiting for you to explore. That means you can both admire the beauty of colorful cocoa farms and directly participate in the cocoa harvesting and processing activities of local people. Furthermore, coming to the cocoa garden, you also have the opportunity to collect for yourself a lot of products such as cocoa beans, cocoa powder or cocoa coffee made entirely from pure cocoa, and guaranteed to be safe for your health.

Cacoa farm
Explore Cacao Farm

2.4 Excursions at Ninh Kieu Wharf

Ninh Kieu Wharf in Can Tho gives you a refreshing feeling when visiting thanks to the special states that exist during the day. Ninh Kieu wharf appears on the Can Tho river with peaceful beauty and a gentle atmosphere every early morning. However, when night falls, Ninh Kieu wharf puts on brilliant, sparkling colors that make many people fascinated. That means that at night, Ninh Kieu wharf is lit up by bright lights, also shining down on the river, creating an extremely mysterious and romantic effect. Best things to do in Ninh Kieu wharf  if you want a perfect trip include: exploring the bustling Ninh Kieu night market (open from 5pm to 10pm every day), viewing Can Tho river by cruise, Walk around Ninh Kieu wharf park or relax with Can Tho Love Bridge

Ninh Kieu Wharf
Ninh Kieu Wharf

2.5 Admire the Can Tho Grand Prison- The largest prison in western Vietnam

The Can Tho Grand Prison is known as one of the best places to visit in Can Tho . It’s a great way for you to broaden your experience about really interesting things in the world. The grand  prison in Can Tho will take you back to Vietnam’s previous world war period, helping you gain real-life experiences about the hardships of the Vietnamese people when colonized by enemies . Although it is a prison, it is no less majestic and has many interesting artistic details for you to explore.

In particular, you will admire a unique architectural work built by the French at that period. The overall architecture here includes walls and large rooms with the main colors being yellow and orange. Inside there will be many areas for you to explore such as prison cells, kitchens, prisoner interrogation areas, a large fortress, and especially a large church behind the prison.

Can Tho Grand Prison
Can Tho Grand Prison

2.6 Have great moments at homestay

Staying at homestay is also one of the  best things to do in Can Tho because it is guaranteed to bring you a new feeling about accommodation during your trip to Can Tho. While in the past hotels were the main accommodation service for tourists, recently they tend to prefer homestay accommodation because of some of the benefits that homestay accommodation brings. That means this is the type of accommodation that gives you the feeling of being completely immersed in the daily lives of the locals. It is designed like a house or room with spacious space, close to nature and a poetic space that makes you absolutely relax. Enjoying this wonderful atmosphere alone or with friends to organize a small meal with vibrant music is also extremely interesting. Furthermore, most homestays have reasonable prices, modern facilities, full amenities as well as near famous tourist destinations in Can Tho so you can easily find and identify them

mekong homestay
Mekong Homestay

2.7 Join a day trip Mekong Delta tour

Can Tho is one of the dynamic cities in the Mekong Delta, so it has many favorable natural conditions for tourism development such as favorable geographical location, stable climate, and rich natural resources. This also affects all provinces in the Mekong Delta such as Dong Thap, Long An, Ben Tre, Soc Trang, etc. However, each province has its own interesting things and specialties that many people want to discover such as culture, cuisine, destinations, services.

Besides, the tourist destinations in the Mekong Delta tour are very close to each other as well as convenient transportation. Therefore, combining a tour to explore the Mekong Delta when you have a trip to Can Tho is extremely reasonable to save  wonderful and unforgettable experiences. You can click here for more details

mekong tours
Join a day trip Mekong Delta tour

2.8 Have new experience at Bang Lang Stork Sanctuary

If you are looking for a peaceful place to visit, close to nature, Bang Lang stork garden is the best place to visit in Can Tho to meet your expectations. A space that is completely connected to nature and brings you to the fresh atmosphere  of Vietnam. That includes the greenness of  plants and the chirping of birds. In particular, the sound of storks flapping their wings or sometimes flying in the sky has created a great highlight and turned this place into one of the best places to visit in Can Tho

The best time to visit Bang Lang stork sanctuary is during the stork breeding season (from September to December), when you can enjoy the sight of flocks of storks chirping and calling each other along with lively sounds.

The best thing about coming to Bang Lang stork sanctuary is to enjoy the sight of storks flying back to their nests at sunset, watching storks flying in the early morning or enjoying the peaceful scenery in the afternoon. 

Furthermore, there are also specialty dishes here that you should try such as palm palm cake, palm sweet soup, grilled snakehead fish, snakehead fish porridge, and Can Tho grapefruit sweet soup.

Bang Lang Stork Sanctuary
Bang Lang Stork Sanctuary

2.9 Immerse yourself in Can Tho night market

It’s great if you intend to try one of the best things to do in Can Tho like exploring the night market because there are many interesting and unique things worth your attention. First of all, Can Tho night market appears like a paradise with sparkling lights and filled with goods that make you excited to visit. There are almost all collectible items here such as clothes, jewelry, souvenirs, specialty gifts, etc. Besides, the vibrant atmosphere and hospitality of the people here are also extremely satisfying, guaranteeing you will be welcomed in the most thoughtful and enthusiastic way.

In addition, Can Tho market cuisine is also an important factor that you should try. They have most kinds of foods, such as traditional dishes, street food, and snacks at affordable prices.

Can Tho night market
Can Tho night market

3. How to get to Can Tho

Can Tho is worth a visit not only for its many great features but also for its extremely convenient transportation. Thanks to that, you  do not need to worry about how to get to Can Tho because there are many high-quality transportation options for you.

The popular means that tourists can use to get to Nha Trang are: plane, train, bus, taxi… Most especially, private car service will make tourists more satisfied than ever. This is a great way for visitors to experience a type of transportation service with a flexible schedule as desired and be served enthusiastically by a team of professional drivers with standard English proficiency. Click here for more details

4. Best time to visit Can Tho

In fact, with favorable natural conditions, almost any time of the year is the best time to visit Can Tho with a lot of great things for you to enjoy. However, at different times of the year, Can Tho has its own interesting features. For that reason, we have listed the characteristics of Can Tho depending on the time, so please refer to our suggestions to choose for yourself the best time to visit Can Tho.

  • April to July: the best time to visit Can Tho with the local people’s ripe fruit season. That means this is the time of the year when Can Tho local agriculture is the busiest, so you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the life of garden farmers and enjoy the most unique fruits here . Besides, the climate at this time in Can Tho is also quite pleasant, the temperature ranges from 27°C to 29 °C so it is also very convenient for sightseeing and relaxation activities.
  • From September to November is the best time to visit Can Tho and experience the flood season in the West. This is a great time to admire the uniqueness of local people’s activities with fishing and seafood trading activities on the river. Furthermore, at this time in Can Tho, you also have the opportunity to experience a vast, poetic space full of white water, something that can only be found in Can Tho or the Mekong Delta provinces
  • From December to February next year is the best time to visit Can Tho with activities such as admiring the brilliant flower season and immersing yourself in the bustling atmosphere of Lunar New Year with many major festivals.
mekong delta in vietnam
Best time to visit Can Tho

5. Is Can Tho Worth visiting?

Honestly, it is very difficult to find a special place like Can Tho because it has extremely favorable conditions to serve your travel needs. The important factor that proves Can Tho is worth visiting is the modernity of this city, which means Can Tho is one of the cities with a developed economy and the most modern infrastructure in Vietnam. Therefore, you will be provided with the most thoughtful services such as accommodation, meals, relaxation, and sightseeing at reasonable prices.

Second, huge tourism resources will ensure Can Tho is worth visiting. You can experience interesting and diverse types of tourism such as lagoons, marinas, ecological gardens, temples, and villages. Next, the thoughtfulness and hospitality of local people are also core factors that make Can Tho worth visiting.

Cai Rang Floating Market
Is Can Tho Worth visiting?

Can Tho is definitely an ideal tourist destination in the Mekong Delta Vietnam. Visit the busiest city in Southwest Vietnam to explore the unique beauty of the river region and immerse yourself in the special cultural experience you only have in Can Tho. Let’s enjoy to the fullest and do not forget our helpful tips with the best things to do in Can Tho.