One Pillar Pagoda In Hanoi – Thousand Year Cultural Symbol

One Pillar Pagoda in Hanoi also has other names such as Nhat Tru Thap, Mat Pagoda, Lien Hoa Dai, etc. Not only is it considered a temple with unique architecture, but also a spiritual destination, attracting a large number of tourists and Buddhists to visit and worship. One Pillar Pagoda is located on a street […]

Hanoi Train Street – A Unique Experience Place For Tourists

Hanoi Train Street (also called Phung Hung Street), is a tiny lane in the Old Quarter of Hanoi with buildings pressed up against a single railway track running down the middle.  It combined the lifestyles of the locals and the railway following several houses to create gorgeous locations, attracting large numbers of tourists from all […]

Hanoi Water Puppet Show – Schedule, Tickets, and Tips For Travelers

Hanoi is where many cultural and artistic features of the Vietnamese people are preserved. One of them is the art of water puppetry, which is a unique artistic activity of Vietnamese people. The unique feature of Hanoi water puppet show is that the puppets will be controlled by artisans with strings and performed on a […]

Hanoi Vietnam Reached The Top 20 Most Popular Cities With Tourists

Hanoi Vietnam reached the top 20 most popular cities with tourists, it passed Bangkok (Thailand) and is evaluated by users on Tripadvisor. Hanoi Vietnam – Top 20 Most Popular Tourist City Tripadvisor is one of the most famous platforms for evaluating tourism destinations around the world, it has announced Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best […]

Best time To Visit Hanoi – Planning The Perfect Visit For You

Hanoi is Vietnam’s capital and the second largest city in Vietnam, attracting millions of domestic and international tourists each year for its charming beauty between ancientness and modernity. Come to beautiful Hanoi to explore the bustling Old Quarter, visit the historical relics, and bask in the diverse Hanoi cuisine. Hanoi is always beautiful at any […]

Hanoi Airport – A Comprehensive Guide for Your Journey

Hanoi Airport is one of the three largest airports in Vietnam. It is the significant gateway in the North of Vietnam that welcomes millions of domestic and international passengers every year.  This article below will introduce essential information you need to know about Hanoi Airport and helpful travel tips for your smooth flight. Hanoi Airport […]

Things To Do In Hanoi – The Ultimate Guide to Unique Experiences

Hanoi, the captivating capital of Vietnam, is situated in the northern part of the country.  With a more than a thousand-year history, diverse cultural traditions, and a rich identity, Hanoi has become a unique tourist destination that visitors cannot confuse with other capitals throughout the world. In this article, VM Travel will take you on […]

Hanoi Night Markets – Your Guide to the Best Night Markets

Hanoi night markets are a traditional cultural feature with bustling trade that contributes to the excitement of Hanoi at night. Nowaday, Hanoi night markets are increasingly developing to bring a special and vibrant atmosphere.Not only the variety of goods but also the excellence of the food as well as the hospitality and friendliness of the […]

Attractions In Hanoi – 15 Best Places To Visit In Ha Noi

Hanoi-the capital of Vietnam is one of the most ancient cities in the world.  This place is associated with the history of the capital- thousands of years of civilization, Hanoi has become a very interesting tourist spot for visitors to explore and sightseeing about this ancient city. A famous destination has many historical sites and […]