Day Trip From Ho Chi Minh – Top 7 Best Day Trips Wonder Await!

Ho Chi Minh (also referred to as Sai Gon) is the largest hub of Vietnam’s economy, culture, education, and tourism. The city is situated along a river in southeast Saigon. With a population of roughly 9.3 million, Ho Chi Minh City is the second most populous city in Southeast Asia. With its abundance of colleges, […]

What To Do In Can Tho – Essential Activities For Traveler

Can Tho is famous as one of the most dynamic cities in Vietnam because of its developed economy and modern  tourism activities. Besides, Can Tho is also worth a visit because it has many special things for visitors to explore and enjoy on their journey. In this article, we will help you take an adventure […]

Mekong Delta In Vietnam – A Guide to Experiencing the Mekong Delta Beauty

The Mekong Delta is the southernmost territory of Vietnam, located southeast of Cambodia, is the most fertile land and has the largest population in Vietnam.The Mekong Delta develops based on rivers. Many villages can only be reached by the waterway instead of by roadway. This region is the cradle of the art of amateur music […]

Is Mekong Delta Worth Visiting? A Comprehensive Guide

Is Mekong Delta Worth Visiting in Vietnam? It is a common question that tourists ask when traveling to Vietnam. It is argued that the Mekong Delta is a vast wetland with little things to discover; however, this area brings many things more enjoyable than expected. Mekong Delta is known for its beautiful natural landscape, tropical […]