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Vietnam is a peaceful country in the Indochina Peninsula, belonging to Southeast Asia. When visiting Vietnam, you can move backward in time and explore the ancient features, including the Ha Noi Old Quarter, Hoi An Ancient Town, or Hue Citadel. Apart from its rich history, this land has plenty of beautiful sights. Favored by nature, Vietnam is the convergence of breathtaking natural scenery from mountains to sea. Nowadays, Vietnam is a friendly and peaceful place for travelers discovering the charming beauty of Vietnam.

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All about Viet Nam

Weather in Vietnam

  • The weather in Vietnam has a tropical monsoon climate
  • With hot, humid summers and cool, dry winters, with various regional climates.

Getting to Vietnam

  • Access Vietnam via direct flights from major cities worldwide.
  • Vietnam has many major international airports in Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Da Nang.

Travel Tips

  • Respect local customs, try street food, and be cautious with traffic.
  • Learn about and be well-prepared before going to Vietnam.

Ticket & Visa

  • Book your flight in advance to have a smoother journey.
  • E-visa is available now for 80 countries eligible.

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Trip ideas

  • Check out Vietnam Travel Guide for more helpful tips and renowned destinations in Vietnam.
  • Check out Vietnam Travel Guide for more renowned destinations in Vietnam.

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