Hoi An Ancient Town is a small town with timeless beauty in Quang Nam Province. Hoi An dubbes one of the most charming towns in the world, attracting millions of tourists from domestic and international yearly to explore the ancient beauty and long-standing cultural heritage. Visit Hoi An to step back in time by wandering through ancient small alleys and admire the unique blending architecture from Japan, China, and Vietnam. 

Apart from being famous for the ancient beauty that reflects through yellowed old buildings, Hoi An is a paradise for tourists who want to enjoy and delve into the richness of Hoi An and Vietnam cuisine as a whole. Hoi An cuisine is the great combination between fresh local ingredients with the local’s passion to put in every dish. 

Make your culinary experience in Hoi An more delicious and fulfilling with our guide to the best restaurants in Hoi An.  Bon appetit, my friends!

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Explore Hoi An Local Foods

From Street Eats to Fine Dining – Hoi An’s Diverse Restaurant Scene

1. Overview Hoi An In Vietnam

Hoi An is a city in Quang Nam province with many old towns built in the 16th century and still existing almost intact to this day. In Hoi An, where life is so tranquil, the involuntary flow of time looks incapable of burying the ancient atmosphere. The moss-covered tiled roofs, lanes lined with red lanterns, and elegantly carved horizontal panels all seem to take us to another era. That’s only a small part of the historic town of Hoi An, yet it’s enough to make anyone fall in love.

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Hoian famous food

1.1 Welcome to Hoian

Haven’t you planned your upcoming trip yet? Then welcome to Hoi An, where you can enjoy an ancient neighborhood in the heart of a modern city with many architectural features that harmoniously combine the past and present. In addition, Hoi An is also famous for its traditional festivals. Specialties include the village tutelary festival; the commemoration of the patriarchs of the profession; the celebration of religious saints; and folk games such as drill chants, rice-pounding chants, hut cards, etc. Come to Hoi An with your family and experience interesting things here!

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Join a Boad in Hoian

1.2 Historical Roots of Hoi An Cuisine

Cuisine is an important part of the Hoi An people’s cultural life. It was previously the busiest port town in Vietnam, originating from the historical cradle of trade. As a result, Hoi An food is a fusion and modification of numerous flavors and nuances based on traditional Vietnamese cuisine. And, of course, in the process of blending and blending the cuisines of other countries as a result of merchants coming to trade, the Hoi An people have used their distinctive inventiveness to develop distinct and unique cultural values.

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Hoi An Cuisine

2. Best Food in Hoi An

The cuisine here is incredibly diversified, combining numerous cultures to create delicacies that are unique to Hoi An. Let’s have a look at the best food in Hoi An to try when visiting here with your family!

2.1 My Quang

People everywhere in Quang Nam see images of stone mills grinding flour and rice paper ovens—essential instruments for manufacturing noodles. With veggies from the garden, broth made from chicken bones, shrimp, crab, fish, and so on, the people of Hoi An have created delightful, rustic bowls of Quang noodles. Mi Quang Hoi An are available in a variety of “versions,” including crab noodles, shrimp noodles, beef noodles, fish noodles, chicken noodles, jellyfish noodles, duck noodles, and so on. The ivory-white noodles add to the attractiveness of this country noodle meal. Soft and chewy, with a sweetness from the broth and a rich flavor from the toppings. As a result, no gourmet can resist the allure of Quang noodles.

my quang
Quang noodles

2.2 Cao Lau

When discussing meals that are synonymous with the people of Quang, it is impossible not to mention Cao Lau Hoi An. This is an ancient specialty meal related to the local culinary tradition that has become a Hoi An specialty that draws many tourists when they visit. Cao Lau delights diners with its sweet pork flavor, the crispy scent of grilled rice paper, chewy Cao Lau fibers, and so on. Despite its simplicity, the dish creates a lasting effect on guests. This meal is known as cao lau because it is frequently served. Restaurants in Hoi An sell them on the second floor and on the terrace. As a result, you may enjoy both the high floor and the panoramic view of the ancient city.

cao lau
Cao Lau in Hoian

2.3 Hoi An Chicken Rice

Hoi An chicken rice is attractive because of the golden color of the chicken pieces, the delicious rice dish, and a variety of accompanying ingredients. With creativity and skillful hands, Hoi An people have taken advantage of the source of fresh chicken from Tam Ky and fragrant sticky rice grown by the Thu Bon river to create a famous and delicious chicken rice dish. Previously, chicken rice was sold by street vendors throughout the streets and alleys of Hoi An, an ancient town. Gradually, chicken rice was sold in large restaurants and became more and more popular. This is a familiar dish among Hoi An residents and tourists.

Hoian Chickent Rice
Hoian Chickent Rice

2.4 Fresh Seafood by the Riverside

The Thu Bon River is like a silk strip running across Quang Nam province. With the advantage of a large basin, every year the Thu Bon River deposits alluvium in this sunny and windy Central region, creating an abundance of seafood. It is diversified in species and size, thanks to a great source of fresh seafood supplied by nature to the waters of Thu Bon river. When visiting Hoi An, tourists should not miss out on the fresh seafood. The freshness of the seafood here will undoubtedly explode your taste senses and fill your hungry tummy, from basic grilled and steamed dishes to intricately prepared meals.

Hoian Seafood
Hoian Seafood

2.5 Banh Mi

Everyone knows that banh mi is a traditional Vietnamese dish and is present on every street. However, banh mi Hoi An still has something special that makes it considered one of the most delicious sandwiches in the world and the pride of Quang people. Hoi An bread, a street food loved by many people, is made from thick bread with a hot, crispy exterior. The cake is baked with butter in the oven, so it has a shiny golden color that is extremely eye-catching. The filling is made up of sauce, minced meat, pate, sausage, cheese, and raw vegetables. The meat is marinated according to a secret recipe, so it’s cooked to perfection, soft, and has an attractive, sweet taste. To keep people from getting bored, it is often sandwiched with some green vegetables and papaya salad.

banh mi
Hoi An bread

2.6 White Rose Dumplings

White rose dumplings have long been a Hoi An delicacy. Cake first existed for more than a century ago, and it is considered a “family heirloom” by the residents of Hoi An. Dumplings and cauldron cakes are examples of white rose cakes. Originally known as white rose cakes due to their small size, pink meat within, a thin white rice shell wrapped around the outside, and plumpness resembling roses. White rose dumplings from Hoi An are spherical and somewhat smaller than conventional dumplings. The dumpling’s mouth is extended wide to resemble a flower. The dumpling has a “very old town” flavor with a hint of tradition and makes people feel attached. The crust is made from soft, fragrant white rice, filled with sweet and rich shrimp and meat, blends together, and melts in the mouth, making every diner nod and praise its deliciousness.

White Rose Dumplings
White Rose Dumplings

3. Best Restaurants in Hoi An Vietnam

After reviewing the dishes you should try when traveling to Hoi An, we will reveal to you the best restaurants in Hoi An Vietnam. Surely you will be visually satisfied by the unique features of the restaurant’s architectural construction, but moreover, you will satisfy your taste buds with the dishes prepared by professional chefs here. Let’s take a look and save these addresses to visit when you come to Hoi An!

3.1 Morning Glory Restaurant

Restaurants with old buildings filled with traditional culture are one of Hoi An’s highlights. What could be more romantic than taking the opportunity to experience and enjoy a romantic dinner at one of the restaurants surrounded by the majestic, ancient architecture of Hoi Street? Morning Glory is one of Hoi An’s most famous dining establishments, serving traditional street food in the manner of a fancy restaurant with historic French architecture. Visitors will have wonderful moments here while enjoying a thoughtfully cooked meal at a restaurant with the bold historic architecture of Hoi An in a pleasant, romantic, and magnificent space.

Morning Glory Restaurant in Hoian
Morning Glory Restaurant in Hoian

Address: 106 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Minh An Ward, Hoi An, Quang Nam

Opening hour: 11:00AM – 22:00PM

3.2 Ms. Vy’s Kitchen

Vy’s Kitchen is located on Nguyen Phuc Chu, overlooking the Thu Bon River and directly across from Hoi An’s major Japanese Ground. Popular European and Western particulars on the menu include pizza( from our wood-fired pizza roaster), pasta, burgers, epicure sandwiches, salads, afters , and galettes. We’ve an expert barista who’ll make your coffee, as well as an onsite chef who creates all of our fresh chuck regularly. The sibling eatery, Vy’s Market, serves a comprehensive Vietnamese menu. The Vy’s Kitchen also sells a variety of vegetables and has one of the stylish wine basements in Hoi An.

Ms. Vy's Kitchen
Ms. Vy’s Kitchen

Address: 41 Nguyen Phuc Chu, Minh An Ward, Hoi An

Opening hour: 9:00AM – 22:00PM

3.3 Mango Rooms

Mango Rooms Restaurant Hoi An is regularly included in the list of “Best Restaurants” in Hoi An, specializing in serving drinks and dishes with creative flavors that captivate travel addicts. Welcoming you with Hoi An’s traditional wooden architecture and characteristic golden light, however, the restaurant has its own unique feature in Vietnamese culinary style. The colorful yet classic space awakens all senses with Mango Rooms Restaurant Hoi An’s fresh dishes and delicious drinks. These things have created an unforgettable feeling for other tourists when coming to Hoi An.

Mango Rooms
Mango Rooms

Address: 37 Phan Boi Chau Street, Cam Chau, Hoi An, Quang Nam

Opening hour: 08:00AM – 23:00PM

3.4 Red Bridge Cooking School

Red Bridge Restaurant, a stylish eatery on the banks of the Hoi An River, offers a high-quality Vietnamese dining experience with personalized service and unique flair, meeting the growing demand from both local and international travelers.

Set in two acres of lush tropical gardens with three open-air pavilion-style buildings, Red Bridge is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxed meal or casual event. Traditional and contemporary Vietnamese cuisine, friendly staff, and passionate chefs have made Red Bridge a popular destination for visitors to Hoi An.

The restaurant uses fresh herbs from its own garden, seafood from the nearby sea, and fruits and vegetables from local growers, ensuring that its dishes are always fresh and flavorful.

Red Bridge Cooking School
Red Bridge Cooking School

Address: Village 4, Cam Thanh, Hoi An, Quang Nam

Opening hour: 08:00AM – 17:00PM

3.5 Miss Ly Cafeteria

Miss Ly Cafeteria should be on your list of places to visit. It is a legendary dining establishment that is highly known among both locals and visitors from other countries. Miss Ly’s mother has lived in this house since 1949, and the restaurant has been in operation since 1993. This restaurant is worth a visit because it has over 20 years of experience. Miss Ly Cafeteria is stunningly beautiful, with the architecture of a historic Hoi An house. It is a little space with only 17 tables, but it is often busy, especially during rush hour. It offers a modest layout with wooden furnishings, ceiling fans, and soft lighting, surrounded by antique shophouses.

While eating, visitors may enjoy the relaxing environment and attractive furnishings of the restaurant, which features antique wall prints and vintage paintings. Miss Ly Cafeteria’s unique construction and design make it a great stop for getting away from the rush and bustle of the city center while yet enjoying the wonderful view of the neighboring historical buildings.

Red Bridge Cooking School
Red Bridge Cooking School

Address: 22 Nguyen Hue, Cam Chau, Hoi An, Quang Nam

Opening hour: 11:00AM – 21:00PM

3.6 Little Faifo Restaurant

Little Faifo Restaurant Hoi An provides a calm environment, allowing you to slow down and leave all of your cares behind in order to completely enjoy the peace in a miniature Hoi An in the heart of the Old Town. This restaurant has captured the hearts of travelers who have visited it once, thanks to the exquisite dishes created by expert chefs and the friendliness and enthusiasm of the service.

Little Faifo Restaurant, regarded as a little Hoi An, gives visitors an antique and unique atmosphere in an old house over 200 years old, with exquisite cuisine made and presented in an exceptionally elegant manner. This place will surely create for you a wonderful experience to understand more not only about Vietnamese culinary culture but also the history and nostalgic memories of ancient Hoi An.

Red Bridge Cooking School
Little Faifo Restaurant

Address: 66 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hoi An, Quang Nam

Opening hour: 09:00AM – 22:00PM

3.7 Hoa Hiên Restaurant

The Hoa Hien restaurant is an excellent choice for foodies; you will be able to fill your plate with foods that, while basic, are difficult to find “just right” in terms of deliciousness. The vast space and vintage design typical of Hoi An attract guests to Hoa Hien Hoi An restaurant. Furthermore, from this Hoi An restaurant, you may enjoy a gorgeous view of the Thu Bon River. In their eye-catching blue Ao Dai uniforms, the restaurant crew is eager, happy, and professional. Hoa Hien Hoi An Restaurant specializes in authentic Vietnamese cuisine, the most famous of which is the Am Phu rice dish.

Little Faifo Restaurant
Hoa Hiên Restaurant

Address: No. 35 Tran Quang Khai Street, Cam Chau, Hoi An

Opening hour: 09:00AM – 20:30PM

3.8 Home Restaurant

Home Hoi An Restaurant is famous with travelers due to its refined yet magnificent classic setting. The hue of the wall paint, the tables and chairs, the wooden screens and lanterns all harken back to a more old Hoi An. This restaurant specializes in family meals featuring traditional Hoi An delicacies. Not only is the food wonderful, but the presentation is sophisticated and gorgeous, leaving diners happy. In a pleasant, attractive room of local Hoi An architecture, you will have the opportunity to savor exquisite pure Vietnamese flavors blended with frugal vegetarian food.

Home Restaurant
Home Restaurant

Address: 112 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hoi An

Opening hour: 11:30AM – 22:30PM

4. Street Food Adventures

If you come to Hoi An but still do not have a schedule to enjoy all of Hoi An Street food, we hope the following information will be useful for your upcoming trip:

  • Morning: Start your day with a hearty breakfast of bánh mì from one of the many street vendors in the Ancient Town. You can visit Banh Mi Phuong; this can be considered the most famous banh mi shop known to many domestic and foreign tourists. It is made with a crispy baguette, grilled pork, pate, and pickled vegetables. After buying the bread, go buy yourself a cup of Mot herbal tea, which carries the essence of a century-old traditional Chinese pharmacy with blended formulas. After breakfast, take a walk around the ancient town and explore the many food stalls. Be sure to try some of the local snacks, such as “loc” cake and “beo” cake, etc,…
  • Lunch: For lunch, go to one of the many restaurants selling delicious Quang noodles and Cao Lau in the old town. If you don’t feel full after eating Quang noodles or Cao Lau, you can go to a nearby rice shop to enjoy Hoi An’s famous chicken rice dish. Fragrant, chewy boiled chicken with rice grains cooked in chicken broth gives it a golden color that will make you feel delicious when enjoying it.
  • Afternoon: After lunch, take a break from eating and explore some of the other attractions in the ancient town, such as the Japanese-covered bridge and the Chinese temples. Besides, you can have a suit or ao dai sewn for yourself at tailor shops in the old town. You can buy them ready-made or have them sewn according to your measurements. Arrangements of fabrics of all colors stacked on top of each other and ready-made suits of all sizes hanging in front of the store will hold you back.
  • Evening: For dinner, head to the Night Market for a feast of Hoi An street food. Here you can find a wide variety of dishes to choose from, including banh xeo, grilled pork noodles, and sweet soups. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also try some of the other street food dishes in Hoi An, such as grilled pork skewers, fried banana spring rolls, grilled rice paper,etc.
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Street Food Adventures

5. Hoi An Cooking Class

Do you want to explore Vietnamese cuisine in general and Hoi An cuisine in particular? Do you want to cook the old town’s specialties yourself? Then Hoi An Cooking Class is for you. Many Hoi An restaurants now have cooking classes for interested tourists. Our tour guide will accompany you to the market to purchase the ingredients for the recipe. This will be an opportunity for you to enjoy the cultural atmosphere of the market here. Following that, a local chef will guide you through the preparation and cooking of the finished dish. It’s great when you make your own xeo cake, cao lau, Quang noodles, and other traditional foods of Hoi An to enjoy with family and friends in a cozy space.

cooking in mekong delta
Hoian cooking Class

If you and your family want to discover more interesting activities in Hoi An and more restaurants here, quickly book a Hoi An tours according to the information we have above!