Da Nang is known as one of the 8 livable cities in Vietnam as well as the most developed city in central Vietnam. Da Nang attracts visitors with unique things that exist in parallel between modern and classic styles, which is not found in any modern city in Vietnam. Moreover, Da Nang has an extremely favorable geographical position, can vary many types of tourism as well as beautiful scenery and stable weather are great conditions to make your trip perfect.

What to do in Danang to have a wonderful trip is extremely important. So in this article we will show you the best things to do in Danang to help you have unforgettable experiences when coming to Da Nang.

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Things To Do In Danang – Vietnam

What To Do In Danang? The Best Places Must Visit in Danang Vietnam

1. Top 18 Best Things To Do In Danang

1.1 Discover The Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills is the most famous destination in Danang as well as a place that tourists never miss when coming to Danang. Ba Na Hills is modern and comfortable with many interesting tourist elements and has a full service of dining, resting and entertainment to help visitors save a lot of money but still have a great trip.

  • Travel By Cable Car

Cable car tourism is one of the best things to do in Danang, visitors can get the opportunity to see the entire Ba Na Hills from above. The cable car has a length of 5042.5m and is invested with extremely modern equipment, so it is considered the most beautiful cable car in the world. Cable car travel is divided into different routes so that visitors can have a variety of choices, notably there are 3 main cable car routes.

Route A: Hoi An Station to Marseille station and Le Jardin station to D’amour station, visitors will be able to see a series of outstanding beautiful scenes such as the golden bridge- this is a famous place in the world, the 9-color flower garden representing 9 levels of emotions in love, Debay Wine Cellar with bold French architecture, Linh Ung Pagoda.

Route B: Debay station to Morin station, a few places that you can enjoy: French village with architecture like a miniature Europe with magnificent castles, fantasy entertainment area, wax museum ..etc. 

Route C: L’indochine station to Toc Tien waterfall station, in this part, you will be able to see the most beautiful scenery of Danang at the top of Ba Na mountain as well as watching the Toc Tien stream flowing overhead  into the mist is extremely romantic.

Ba Na Hills and Golden Bridge From Chan May Port
Danang Cable Car
  • Visiting French Village

Coming to the French village in Ba Na Hills tour, visitors not only enjoy the beauty of Da Nang but also have the opportunity to admire a miniature Pari with many interesting things. French village, which has architecture inspired by Pari with sophisticated beauty as well as being extremely warm and romantic. French Village with many places such as squares, churches, hotels therefore not only offers meet your needs but also the wonderful scenery like a fairy world to take pictures. Some prominent places such as: Du Dome Square, the fountain, Brittany Village, Conques Aveyron Village, St Denis Cathedral.

French Village in bana hills
French Village in Bana Hills
  • Discover The Garden Of Love Le Jardin D’Amour

The Garden Of Love Le Jardin D’Amour  is 980m high and has an area of 21000 square meters with thousands of flowers giving visitors a feeling of fluttering by this vastness and full of colors. Just like the French village, it has a romantic look of France as well as the climate here is always cool and the sweet scent of flowers creates a perfect space for your trip. The flower garden is divided into 9 areas representing love and each area will take you to different levels of love, which are: La Rivière De Rêve, Le Jardin Des Secrets, Le Jardin d’Éden, Le Jardin Au Vu, Le Jardin De Mémoires , Le Jardin Des Époux, Le Jardin Historique, Le Bois D’amour, Le Jardin De Vignes.

Le Jardin D'Amour
Le Jardin D’Amour

1.2 Marvel At The Golden Bridge

The Golden Bridge is one of the best bridges in the world, making it an indispensable destination in your trip. Visiting the golden bridge is an activity in the Ba Na hill tour, so you don’t need to spend extra money to buy tickets. The golden bridge has a height of 1400 meters and a length of 150 meters. It is worth noting here that the architecture of the golden bridge is extremely interesting, it is a bridge held by 2 hands as well as a bridge built in a modern way with a wooden platform and railing created by Steel bars that resemble gold to create luxury. Besides the two hands are built very firmly to hold the golden bridge, which is designed to look like a giant rock as well as designed in a classic and unspoiled style, this combined with The modern look of the Golden Bridge creates a rare unique architecture.

explore Golden Bridge
Golden Bridge in Bana Hills

1.3 Relax On My Khe Beach

Experiencing My Khe beach is the best thing to do in Danang as the space here is extremely relaxing.  My Khe beach not only the nature here, is also endowed with the clear crystal-like sea water and pristine white sand . On the seaside stands a range of palm, coconut trees and beach umbrellas, which invites you to enjoy the sun under its shape and give you a peaceful state of mind. Besides, there are also many interesting recreational activities such as Surfing, skiing… will give you an unforgettable experience. One more thing that you can’t miss in My Khe beach is watching the sunrise and sunset on the beach because this is a wonderful thing that nature bestows on visitors with its gentle and unobtrusive light, romantic atmosphere. Cuisine is also worth trying here with a variety from Europe to Asia, but there are a few specialties dishes that you should try: Seafood, Flying fish roe salad, My Khe Nam cake, quang noodles.

My Khe Beach
My Khe Beach

1.4 Explore The Marble Mountains

The Marble Mountains is known as the paradise of caves and mountains. Moreover, it also carries the meaning of precious historical, cultural and spiritual values, along with beautiful landscapes. There are 6 limestone mountains that make the five elements special: Kim Son, Moc Son, Thuy Son, Tho Son, Duong Hoa Son and Am Hoa Son. Each mountain has its own beauty, but the common point of all of them is that they are all very majestic, bringing a wild beauty from primitive times.

In addition, the caves also give the marble mountains a mysterious beauty that attracts the curiosity of visitors. The highlight here is Am Phu cave, which initially scares visitors but then makes visitors unable to take their eyes off of it. Besides, there is also Huyen Khong cave, a magnificent palace with sparkling lights is also a destination worth visiting in Ngu Hanh Son.

Marble Mountains
Marble Mountains

1.5 Visit The Cham Museum

Cham museum is a place to completely recreate the flourishing life of the ancient Cham kingdom with sculptures and this is also the largest Cham museum in Vietnam. So this is a great opportunity for visitors to understand the tradition, history and culture of the Cham people. Cham museum with classical architecture, mossy yellow walls are also combined with pure white to help visitors feel like in ancient Europe. Moreover, this sculpture museum is also very diverse in exhibits with more than 2000 antiques, the most popular being sculptures of gods and ancient objects to best describe to visitors about the cultural life, spirituality and beliefs of the ancient kingdom of Champa. Committed that visitors will not miss any interesting information about Cham museum because it has a very modern automatic narration system and a team of enthusiastic guides to help your tour become more attractive.

cham mesurm
Visit The Cham Museum

1.6 Experience Dragon Bridge’s Fire and Water Show

Dragon Bridge is a place that represents Danang as if it has a modern and unique design and is located in the heart of Danang city next to the famous Han river. Moreover, the dragon bridge has a lot of interesting activities so this is a place worth paying attention to. Coming to the dragon bridge, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the highly artistic architecture of the bridge, which is designed with a dragon winding through the bridge with a length of 568 meters.

The Golden Bridge with the main color is brilliant yellow, which not only makes visitors unable to take their eyes off them, but that color also has feng shui elements to symbolize wealth and luck. The dragon is a symbol of the majesty and heroism of the Vietnamese nation. Moreover, the dragon bridge is also equipped with a series of colorful light bulbs that not only help the dragon bridge become shimmering but also reflect on the Han River creating a great scene. The performance of the fire and water spray is outstanding and is enjoyed by visitors, something only the Golden Bridge can show.

Visitors can directly see water and fire being poured out directly from the dragon’s mouth in the sequence of spraying water first and spitting fire later. For great memories, a few places where you can see the whole event are: Dragon Bridge, Han River Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge, Bach Dang Walking Street.

dragon bridge
dragon bridge

1.7 Indulge in Da Nang’s Local Cuisine

Enjoying Da Nang local cuisine is the best thing with many extremely delicious and attractive dishes. Visitors can enjoy the typical flavors of Danang city as well as of central Vietnam. The deliciousness of cuisine comes from dishes that are seasoned with rich flavors, mainly salty, sweet, sour, spicy, clearly showing the eating culture of the central people. The list of the 5 most famous local dishes in Danang gives you all about the specialties of Danang.

  • Quang noodles: Quang noodles are the most famous dish in Da Nang with noodles made from thinly rolled rice flour and then sliced, combined with broth that is stewed from meat and bones to create a sweet and fragrant taste. In addition, Quang noodles are also served with meat, shrimp, eggs, and rice paper with 7 flavors of herbs including: basil, coriander, green onion, bean sprouts, laksa leaves, and coriander.
  • Seasoned vermicelli noodles: The ingredients of this dish are simple, but with the processing of Da Nang people, it will give you an unforgettable taste. Bun mam seasoning includes: vermicelli, grilled pork belly, boiled pork ears, fried onions, roasted peanuts, herbs along with the seasoning sauce. All are mixed together to make the flavors of the ingredients blend together to create a delicious taste.
  • Spring rolls: Visitors will have the opportunity to try another way of processing pork because the meat is pureed mixed with ingredients such as fish sauce, pepper, and onions, then wrapped in lemongrass and grilled with charcoal. . Nem Lui is served with vermicelli, cucumber, white radish, carrot, herbs and dipping sauce.
  • Khoai cake: This is a cake for kings in the past, so it is not only delicious but also has cultural and historical significance of Vietnam. It has an outer shell of deep-fried rice flour with golden color, inside is meat, shrimp, and herbs.
  • Mussel rice: This is a normal dish of Da Nang because it is extremely simple but popular with tourists. Actually, the simplicity of mussel rice represents the people here with simplicity and honesty, so tourists are very fond of it. It is simply a combination of rice and fried mussels with a little fish sauce, topping, roasted peanuts, herbs .. That flavor will help visitors feel more clearly about Da Nang. It looks gorgeous from the outside but inside is very simple and gentle.
danang local food
Danang local food

1.8 Explore The Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra peninsula is like a gem that nature bestows on Da Nang with fresh and cool air along with a variety of trees and animals, so it is definitely an ideal place to visit. Moreover, Son Tra peninsula is also a famous place with heroic stories of Vietnam in the first world war, so the landscape here is mainly in the wild and natural style. With Son Tra Peninsula, you will be away from the busy space of modern life to enjoy the fresh, cool atmosphere and have the opportunity to be immersed in nature. Son Tra peninsula is full of Resources for you to relax such as: beach, Tien Sa port, Linh Ung pagoda. Some activities that you should not miss are: diving to see corals, discovering wildlife, paragliding as well as enjoying fresh seafood caught in the nearby seas.

Son Tra Peninsula
Son Tra Peninsula

1.9 Take A Day Trip To Hoi An

Da Nang and Hoi An are two well-known destinations in VietNam for domestic and international tourists . Moreover, they are located next to each other so it is very convenient for tourists to visit. That means the roads to travel to both locations are modern and easy to navigate. Furthermore, Da Nang and Hoi An are only 30 km apart, so they can be easily moved by many different means such as motorbikes, buses, trains, and taxis. In Hoi An, you can admire the ancient beauty from the old houses with extremely unique architecture, the shimmering lanterns in the neighborhoods or participate in the lantern festival, rowing boats to watch the moon.

To fully feel the timeless beauty of Hoi An and immerse yourself in the diverse culture of the World Heritage Site, you can consider booking a Hoi An Day Trip from Da Nang to feel peace of mind in Hoi An exploration depart from Da Nang Beach City and engage in exciting activities in the old town.

To meet and interact with new people who share similar interests and have a cost-efficient trip, Hoi An Day Trip from Da Nang – Deluxe Group Tour is highly recommended to explore ancient beauty at Hoi An.

visit hoian
Hoi An day trip from Danang

1.10 Take A Day Trip To Hue city

Taking a day trip to Hue city is well worth doing to make your trip complete with new experiences. Although Danang and Hue are two cities side by side, they have different styles. Hue is the land of the ancient capital, so it has an ancient style and deep history. Different from Da Nang which is a modern city, Hue is a peaceful city with many scenic spots handed down from the time of kings in the past such as mausoleums, palaces ….etc.

The food here is extremely delicious and the price is cheap, not only saving you money but also giving you a great sense of satisfaction by the attentive service from the local people. To move from Da Nang to Hue is extremely easy because the distance is only nearly 100 km and it takes about 2 hours to travel. Visitors can access many different means of transport such as motorbikes, private cars, bus, taxi, trains, planes.

The best way to make your trip a success, booking a private car from Da Nang to Hue  is a perfect choice. With flexible schedules, high quality vehicles and a team of professional local drivers will make your Da Nang to Hue trip more enjoyable than ever. You can see more details here!

Hue City Tour
Hue City Tour

1.11 Visit The Linh Ung Pagoda

Visiting the Linh Ung Pagoda is the best things to do in Danang because this temple represents the spiritual life of the people here, so there are many interesting things to explore. The highlight is the magnificence and vastness with an area of 20 hectares, as well as the statue of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara sitting on a lotus pedestal containing many layers inside, symbolizing the protection of people from bad luck.

Moreover, Linh Ung Pagoda is also an ideal sightseeing place because of the cool and pure space with the sea, mountains and forests. you will be satisfied with the poetic natural picture with clouds, sky, blue sea,far away is the beautiful city of Da Nang. In addition, visitors also have the opportunity to pray for peace for their families and themselves at this sacred temple.

linh ung pagoda
linh ung pagoda

1.12 Explore Non Nuoc Beach

Non Nuoc beach has a beauty that is both poetic and seductive like a silk sheet wrapped around the foot of the mountain, giving visitors a feeling of gentle comfort. The young sea has gentle waves with blue sea water, fresh air and clean golden sand so it will be a destination not to be missed when coming to Da Nang. Some recreational activities such as surfing, skydiving, boating as well as fishing, kite flying on the sand.

cua dai beach
Explore Non Nuoc Beach

1.13 Discover Da Nang Cathedral

Da Nang Cathedral was designed by French architects, so it has a grand and magnificent French style as well as splendid and beautiful decorated motifs. This church especially has a unique style. The chicken is designed to lie on the roof to bring joy to everyone, so it is also known as the rooster church. Visiting the cathedral, visitors not only enjoy the architectural details that are highly artistic, but this is also a great way to better understand the culture of Christians. They flock to church to meet their god, to pray to help them have more peace in life, to sing hymns with content praising the good things in life.

Da Nang Cathedral
Da Nang Cathedral

1.14 Explore The Han Market

Discovering Danang Han market is an extremely interesting thing in Danang, it is also a large market with 28,000 square meters and is the most famous in Danang. Han market in Da Nang is crowded, especially local people Friendly, hospitable places. Moreover, with a variety of items such as clothes, fabrics, souvenirs. Food at the Han market is also an extremely attractive thing for tourists, famous dishes such as: beo cake, pancakes, filter cake, Quang noodles, ginseng tea ..etc.

han market
Han market

1.15 Experience Water Sports At My An Beach

My An Beach is not only famous as a place with beautiful scenery for tourists to take pictures but also a place for visitors to experience water sports. My Khe beach has a very large area and the security staff here are very professional for visitors to relax, so the water sports activities here are extremely reasonable. Sports such as paragliding, windsurfing, canoeing are very popular at My Khe beach which is considered the best thing and deserves to be experienced when coming to My Khe beach.

danang water sport
Danang water sport

1.16 Explore The Ban Co Peak

The Ban Co peak is the highest mountain in Da Nang with an altitude of 700 meters, so it is known as the roof of this city. Standing from the Ban Co peak, you can see all the scenery of Danang city. The Ban Co peak not only makes visitors excited by the height, but it also makes visitors fascinated by the extremely beautiful scenery here. The scenery here is completely from nature, without any artificial elements, so it gives visitors a feeling of being close, immersed in nature, extremely peaceful and relaxing.

The special thing here is that there is a statue and a stone chess board placed in this place. According to legend, this is a picture of a fairy man  sitting and playing chess as well as enjoying the beauty of nature in the human world, so this is a great place for you to take some pictures while playing chess with this fairy man  is also an interesting thing. Moreover, with this ideal height, visitors cannot miss camping as well as catching the sunrise and sunset at the best place of Da Nang city to fully enjoy this place.

ban co
Explore The Ban Co Peak

1.17 Enjoy The Nightlife In Danang

Nightlife in Da Nang is extremely interesting with the hustle and bustle of many entertainment activities taking place in this city. Nightlife is the most vibrant time in Danang because this is when everyone is not busy with work, so they go out a lot creating a longer atmosphere like a festival.Visitors will have many options such as walking around the street, looking for souvenirs in the shops, sipping some beer and watching the street or immersing in the crowded flow of street events. …etc.

Danang at Night
Nightlife In Danang

1.18 Visiting Than Tai Hot Spring Park

Than Tai hot spring park is a great destination to help visitors relax and refresh their body. Moreover, Than Tai hot spring park will surprise visitors because the warm water here is completely natural, flowing continuously and cleanly as well as being very good for the health of visitors. The property is surrounded by many trees and mountains, so it is very fresh and quiet to help visitors have a relaxing time.

There are also food and beverage services such as wine, soft drinks for visitors. Furthermore, there are a variety of bathing services that give you new sensations such as bathing in the middle of a stream with warm water flowing continuously from above and the murmuring sound of extremely flowing water relax bath in Oa – Sen Lake, which has Japanese style with warm water temperature suitable for taking care of visitors’ health.

What’s more, the mud bath experience is also an exciting thing, it’s a great way to detox and beautify your skin, as well as the scent of the mud will give you a sensation extremely comfortable. In addition, visitors also come to the water park to enjoy extremely interesting games and play with the water in this place with many things such as playing slides, swimming,…etc.

Than Tai Hot Spring Park
Than Tai Hot Spring Park

2. Things to do in Danang at Night

Da Nang at night with many wonderful things will definitely help visitors have an unforgettable experience. Let’s make a list of things to do in Danang at night to have a wonderful trip.

  • A place that visitors cannot miss when coming to Da Nang at night is watching the dragon bridge spit fire and water which is unique only in Da Nang
  •  In addition, the thing to do in Danang is visit the Han River Bridge which is a great choice as visitors will have the opportunity to watch this bridge rotate in a circle and its black light shimmers under the Han River. This creates an extremely interesting picture, which is also the only thing in this bridge.
  • Love Bridge is also a place not to be missed when coming to Da Nang, true to its name, this place is a symbol of romantic love of couples with the scene of shimmering heart-shaped temple columns scattered throughout. place. In the bridge, there are many locks engraved with the names of couples with the wish that their love will be stable and also represent their belief in love.
  • Exploring Bach Dang pedestrian street is also a good way for visitors to have the opportunity to experience collective fun activities here and see many beautiful scenes of Danang such as dragon bridge, love bridge, Han river bridge.  Feel the vibrant atmosphere with many things such as: swaying to the lively dance music, participating in street games, and trying the pubs.
  • Walking around the night markets is a thing to do in Da Nang because this place is considered a shopping paradise with a lot of options for you such as food, clothes, personal belongings, souvenirs as well as souvenirs. A great place to take pictures with extremely splendid space. Some markets that you should visit such as: HELIO Night Market, Son Tra Night Market, Thanh Khe Tay Night Market, Le Duan Night Market, …vv
  • Experience the modern Marina cruise service similar to a lavish setting in the west with the highlight here being the design of the fire-breathing engineer and the statue of a carp turning into a dragon. Coming here, visitors not only have the opportunity to take beautiful photos but also have the opportunity to enjoy a luxurious space as well as have a European-style meal at the restaurants here.
  • Walking around the sea at night is also an extremely worthwhile experience and because Da Nang is a coastal city, there are many beaches here to please visitors. The sea at night is a romantic space with gentle waves making pleasant sounds and twinkling lights is a great place for visitors to enjoy the quiet atmosphere or visitors can also go to the beach,plan camping with barbecues with your friends. Some ideal beaches to do this are: My Khe Beach, Pham Van Dong Beach, My An Beach, Nam O Beach, Non Nuoc Beach, etc
bar danang
Night Club – thẻ best things to do in Danang at night

3. What to buy in Danang

What to buy in Danang is an extremely important thing to save great  memories of your trip, so we will give valuable information to help visitors have a perfect trip.

  • Souvenirs are an indispensable item in the collection of what to buy in Da Nang, there are many options for visitors such as: handicrafts engraved with famous places of Da Nang.
  • Handmade embroideries such as embroidered towels, embroidered paintings. 
  • Feng shui objects include stones in the shape of animals such as unicorns, dragons, lions, etc. as well as jewelry products such as rings, jade rings, stone rings that are very elaborately and beautifully produced , so it’s worth buying.
  • Besides, visitors can also buy a picture of the landscape of Da Nang or ao dai and a conical hat as a souvenir is also a great thing.
  • To fill the collection of what to buy in Da Nang, it is definitely indispensable for the specialty food here.
  • Therefore, dried squid and dried shrimp with the flavor of Danang’s sea are the best choices.
  • Sesame dry cake is also good with ingredients like sugar, glutinous rice flour and sesame, giving visitors a sweet, fatty and crispy taste that melts in the mouth.
  • Da Nang beef patty is also an important item with the aroma from the ground beef and the spices that make it a specialty. 
  • My Khe seaweed is a must-try item, which has high nutritional value and is taken from My Khe sea and then processed into attractive food so it is very good for your health.
Danang night market

4. Best time to visit in Danang

Da Nang is considered a place that pleases tourists because of its pleasant climate, which is favorable for tourism activities. The most prominent time to travel is in the summer (including April, June, June). At this time, the weather is cool in the morning and evening, the day is sunny, so it is very suitable for visitors to enjoy many outdoor recreational activities such as sightseeing, going to the beach, camping, etc.

The second great season is spring (during January, February, March) with cool and sometimes slightly chilly weather throughout the day. Moreover, this is also the season of festivals as well as visiting the temple at the beginning of the year, so visitors not only have the opportunity to participate but also understand more about the culture and history of this place.

Golden Bridge in Bana Hills
Best time to visit in Danang

5. Is Danang Worth Visiting?

Da Nang is considered the most livable city in Vietnam with extremely wonderful things. This is a modern style city that best serves the requirements of visitors. Besides, Da Nang is also very fresh and contains traditional and unspoiled beauty with natural tourist attractions that make visitors immerse themselves in nature in the best way. Moreover, the people here are extremely friendly, hospitable and always enthusiastic to help visitors have a perfect trip. The food here is diverse and reasonably priced as well as demonstrating absolute food hygiene and safety. All of these have answered that Da Nang is a great place and is worth visiting.

Da Nang is a great place with a lot of favorable conditions so it is worth the tourists to make a trip to this place. so hurry to this place and create great memories in your journey. We are always here and will do our best to make your visit to danang take place in the best way. Wishing you a safe and happy trip!