The largest celebration of the year for Vietnamese people, Vietnam Tet Holiday 2024 is in just two weeks. This is a must-read article if you are considering a trip to Vietnam in general or Hue in particular during this Hue Tet Holiday 2024.

1. Free entrance ticket in Hue Tet Holiday 2024

Hue Vietnam also plays big this year, as it does every year, with free admission to all sites in Hue, including the Hue Imperial Citadel, Khai Dinh Tomb, Minh Mang Tomb, Tu Duc Tomb, An Dinh Palace, and so on, for three days at the start of the lunar new year (1st, 2nd, and 3rd). Locals and Vietnam visitors can snap gorgeous check-in photos at Hue Imperial Citadel to publish on their social media profiles and show off to friends, as well as experience the unique architecture of the Nguyen dynasty’s royal tombs without paying for entrance. As for foreign tourists who want to visit Hue sites on Hue Tet Holiday 2024, we will provide you with a price quote for you to know and refer to:

NumberTourist AttractionsAdultChild (7-12 years old)
1Hue Imperial Citadel200.000 VND40.000 VND
2Khai Dinh Tomb150.000 VND30.000 VND
3Minh Mang Tomb150.000 VND30.000 VND
4Tu Duc Tomb150.000 VND30.000 VND
5An Dinh Palace50.000 VNDFree

List of tourist attractions in Hue with free entrance tickets for Hue Tet Holiday 2024:

  • Hue Imperial Citadel
  • Khai Dinh Tomb
  • Minh Mang Tomb
  • Tu Duc Tomb
  • An Dinh Place
Hue Imperial City
Hue Imperial Citadel

2. Fireworks Displays

Furthermore, the Tet festival activities and the New Year’s Eve fireworks spectacular make Hue Vietnam this year a worthwhile site to visit during this Tet vacation. The province of Thua Thien Hue will host three high-altitude fireworks displays on New Year’s Eve in 2024 to honor the Party and the Year of the Dragon (according to the 12 zodiac animals of Vietnam and some Eastern countries). These displays will usher in the New Year of the Dragon in the center, the districts of Quang Dien and Phu Vang. Huong Thuy town will also organize a low-level fireworks display at Thanh Toan Bridge in the art program to welcome the new year at 0:00 on February 10.

Hue tet holiday
Hue Tet Holiday 2024

Moreover, on February 9 at 10:00 p.m., the Hue Monuments Conservation Center will host low-level fireworks show at the Ngo Mon flagpole location as part of a performance program to celebrate the arrival of the Giap Thin year. On this occasion, from February 10 to 12, the Hue Monuments Conservation Center will have a free ticket opening to welcome locals and visitors to see Hue treasures.

3. Diverse festivals during Tet Holiday

In addition to the amazing information provided above, before, during, and after Tet, Hue Vietnam offers a variety of activities, festivals, and programs for tourists to enjoy. Many festivities will occur in the province before, during, and following the Hue Tet Holiday 2024 to commemorate the Party’s glory and Spring 2024. As a result, from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on February 9, there will be a cultural program to kick off the new year. The City People’s Committee created a new space in front of the National Hoc High School for the Gifted.

hue citadel festival
Hue Citadel festival

People and tourists can engage in cultural activities, folk games, and sports at the Hue Citadel, including the Thuong Tieu Ceremony on February 2 and the Imperial Palace Tet program from February 3–4.

On this occasion, the Hue City Party Committee organized a Hue Tet Holiday 2024 program from February 1–5 at Hue Ngo Mon Square with activities such as a traditional jam and cake-making contest; a contest of wrapping and cooking banh chung and banh tet; a space to introduce, promote, and display Hue products, souvenirs, handicrafts, specialties, typical local products, and businesses in the area; a spring market space; a culinary space; performing Hue New Year’s Eve offering trays, displaying five-fruit trays, Hue traditional cake trays, and a procession of local products…

hue imperial festival
Diverse festivals during Tet Holiday

In addition, traditional festivities such as the Hoang Mai festival, the Huyen Tran Temple festival, the Thu Le village traditional wrestling festival, the Sinh village traditional wrestling festival, and poetry night are held in the province during the early spring. Nguyen Tieu wants to meet the demands of locals and tourists during the traditional Tet festival.

This will be an opportunity for you and your family to experience Hue culture in particular as well as other unique cultural features of Vietnam in general these days. If you find it interesting and want to experience Hue, then come to Hue Vietnam this Hue Tet holiday 2024 now!! You can also visit Da Nang through the Hue Tour from Da Nang.