The Da Nang International Fireworks Festival is an annual event hosted in Da Nang, Vietnam. This is a tourist festival that draws a large number of visitors to Da Nang to watch the perfectly produced fireworks displays from competing teams.

Come to Da Nang and discover what’s special about the Da Nang International Fireworks Festival 2024

Da Nang International Fireworks Festival
Da Nang International Fireworks Festival 2024Source: wallpaperflare

Da Nang International Fireworks Festival 2024 Time

Previously, the festival was held every two years and drew a large number of domestic and foreign visitors. Da Nang will organize a fireworks festival once a year to assist in promoting the city’s image to tourists from all over the world and to increase local tourism.

Da Nang International Fireworks Festival 2024 will be held in June and will feature five shows, identical to DIFF 2023. The five events are anticipated to comprise four qualifying competition evenings from June 8 to June 29, 2024. Teams will get 20 minutes each night to perform fireworks displays based on the topic agreed upon by the organizers. There will be a one-week gap between qualifying nights, with the final night two weeks later (the schedule is still being finalized).

Fireworks show schedule (estimated time)Team participation
8/6/2024Qualifying Round
15/6/2024Qualifying Round
22/6/2024Qualifying Round
29/6/2024Qualifying Round
13/7/2024Final Round

In DIFF 2024, the Da Nang team will continue to represent Vietnam as the home team in DIFF 2024. The seven international teams are France, Italy, Poland, Finland, America, Germany, and China. In addition to the known faces from previous DIFFs, the German team, American team, and China team are participating for the first time this year. The teams aim to present numerous innovative performances to DIFF 2024. 

Danang International Fireworks Festival
Da nang International Fireworks Festival

The estimated budget to carry out the contest is about 150 billion VND (more than 6 million US dollars). Besides the fireworks festival, there will be accompanying event activities to serve tourists visiting Da Nang City that will take place on both banks of the Han River. Along with other prominent locations such as Bach Dang Street, My Khe Beach, Vo Nguyen Giap Street,… The festival will be when the city changes into a new, splendid outfit to welcome summer.

The DIFF will be hosted in Da Nang for the 12th time in 2024. The basic theme of DIFF 2024 is being developed, however, Da Nang City leaders have stated that DIFF 2024 would focus on the message of a peaceful, just, harmonious, and humanitarian society.

Where to watch DIFF 2024?

The venue for DIFF 2024 will be the same as in 2023, including the Han River Port area (shooting ground) and the sidewalk area of Tran Hung Dao Street (art performance organization). So where to watch the DIFF 2024?

Da Nang International Fireworks Festival 2024
Danang International Fireworks Festival 2024

To fully admire the top performances from the participating teams, here are some locations that will have the best views to enjoy the performances.

  • Grandstand: This is the most attractive place to see fireworks and is popular with tourists. The grandstand, which has a capacity of approximately 17,000 seats, was built directly opposite the banks of the Han River. Visitors may fully appreciate the fireworks display from the stands, which provide a wide, uninterrupted view. You will have to pay a ticket fee to sit in the stands. Currently, there is still information about ticket prices for each class of spectators.
  • Bridges across the Han River: Fireworks can be seen from the Han River bridges such as the Dragon Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge, and Thuan Phuoc Bridge. Visitors can see the fireworks spectacular from the bridge or bars and restaurants on the bridge
  • Han River Sidewalk: This is a free fireworks viewing area with plenty of open space. Visitors are encouraged to bring chairs or a tarpaulin to observe the fireworks. However, because this place is frequently congested, tourists should arrive early to get a decent spot.

Don’t forget to come to Da Nang in the summer to enjoy DIFF 2024 and immerse in the dynamic atmosphere here.