Cu Lao Cham island is one of the places that attracts thousands of tourists every year. If you are passionate about wild natural landscapes, you cannot miss this place. With its pristine landscapes, rich flora, diverse coral reefs, and pleasant year-round climate, Cu Lao Cham Island is a true eco-tourism paradise. Immerse yourself in the charming sea and island scenery of Central Vietnam thanks to its many beautiful beaches. Cu Lao Cham’s wild beauty was recognized by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve in 2009. Cu Lao Cham awaits you with its enchanting beauty and diverse ecosystems. Embark on an unforgettable journey to this captivating island paradise and discover the wonders that lie within.

The article below will have useful information to help you have a wonderful travel experience on this island.

Cham Islands Vietnam

Cham Islands Vietnam – Top Things To Do In Cu Lao Cham

1. All about Cham Islands Vietnam

1.1 Location

Cu Lao Cham Island, also known by another name Chiem Bat Lao, is a cluster of islands located in Hoi An City, Quang Nam province, Vietnam, about 15 km from the Cua Dai estuary. With an area of ​​about 15 km2, the island includes 1 main island and 8 other sub-islands. Contiguous location, in the West of the island, about 20 km from Hoi An, 45 km from Da Nang, and about 15 km from the mainland.

Cu Lao Cham in Hoian
Cu Lao Cham in Hoian

1.2 Weather in Cham Island

Cu Lao Cham Island has two distinct seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. From March to August will be the dry season. The weather in these months is usually sunny and warm, rarely rainy and rough seas. It is an ideal time to enjoy island activities. The rainy season lasts from October to February, bringing increased rainfall and many storms. While the weather may not be as continuously sunny as during the dry season, frequent showers often appear, making the atmosphere here quite gloomy. However, this is also the time when many flowers bloom to welcome spring.

cham island from da nang
Weather in Cham Island

1.3 Cham Islands entrance fee

Refer to ticket prices in Cu Lao Cham Island to prepare your budget for the journey:

Entrance fee: 70,000 VND/Person

Ecological fee: 20,000 VND/Person

The above costs do not include transportation and food fees and other incurred costs

2. Ideal tourist activities on Cham Islands Vietnam

2.1 Cham Islands snorkeling

You want to have the experience of watching colorful fish swimming in schools along with beautiful coral reefs under the beautiful beaches here. Cham Island Snorkeling will help you do this. This is a minimalist form of diving, which means using less equipment but still ensuring your safety and helping you dive to see corals or aquatic life at close range, even people who don’t know how to swim can still dive.

Immersing yourself in the cool water under the hot summer sun and watching the lively movements of sea creatures will be a wonderful and unforgettable experience in your journey to explore Cu Lao Cham Island. If you want to dive deeper and increase the challenge, you can try Cham Island diving.

cham island snockerling
Cham Islands Snorkeling

2.2 Visit Hai Tang Temple

Hai Tang Temple is located at the foot of the mountain of Hon Lao island in Quang Nam province, Vietnam. This temple was determined to be built in 1758 with bold Buddhist architecture. This place was built for Buddhists or simply tourists from all over the country or even foreigners to come to worship or pray for luck and good things to come in life or their job. Being an extremely sacred place, it also attracts a large number of tourists every year, especially on holidays or spring. Although it has undergone many destructions due to natural disasters and wars, the temple  still stands tall to this day and still has an ancient and solemn beauty. There is no charge to visit this place. Reception time starts at 8am and closes at 5pm

Hai Tang Temple
Visit Hai Tang Temple

2.3 Walking Under the Sea of Cham Island

As a famous place with many beautiful beaches, walking under the sea of Cham Island Vietnam is also an activity loved  by many tourists. For this activity, you will have the opportunity to walk around in the deep blue sea to freely see and even directly touch sea creatures along with beautiful coral reefs. There will be a device to help you breathe underwater, a helmet to provide oxygen. Besides, there will be a tour guide to assist you throughout the tour .Even people who don’t know how to swim can try this activity.

Walking Under the Sea of Cham Islands Vietnam

The cost for this experience is about 950 thousand vnd/1 person within 20 minutes. You should choose to go in the summer to experience this interesting activity

2.4 Visit ancient wells of Champa people

Cu Lao Cham Island is a place that preserves many cultural values and traces of the Cham people. One of the symbols that must be mentioned is the ancient wells of Champa people. This is the oldest historical relic on Cu Lao Cham island , built about 200 years ago and located in the Cam village residential area. This well has been providing fresh water to people for a long time and is known to never run out even during the hottest and driest season of the year. 

One of the reasons why this ancient well is known and visited by many people is because of spiritual legends about the well water being able to help cure seasickness, escape from loneliness, give birth or even do anything that you desire. If you want to determine whether these things are true or not you can come to experience its accuracy

Ancient Well in Cham Island
Ancient Well in Cham Island

2.5 Enjoy fresh seafood

Cu Lao Cham Island is home to many large and beautiful beaches. These beaches not only bring tourism value but also bring a lot of economic value thanks to fresh seafood.Coming to this location, in addition to enjoying the cool breezes and majestic natural landscapes, you will have the opportunity to enjoy fresh seafood from popular species such as shrimp, crabs, snails  to rare species such as lobsters, “Vu nang” snail and  stone crabs at reasonable prices. Fresh seafood combined with the beautiful scenery of the beaches will stimulate your taste buds like never before.

seafood in cham island
Seafood in Cham Island Vietnam

Imagine yourself sitting in front of the majestic sea with the people you love, enjoying fresh seafood and sipping some wine after hard days of work will be precious moments and relax your spirit.

2.6 Fishing with local people

If you are patient and like to immerse yourself in fresh air, fishing with local people on the Cu Lao Cham Island is the suitable activity for you. This activity helps you immerse yourself in daily life with the fishermen, sit on the boat with them to catch fish, talk together, and quietly watch the rolling waves. If you’re lucky, you can enjoy fresh seafood you caught yourself, but if you’re unlucky and don’t catch any fish, don’t worry, the fishermen will support you or even share their fish that they caught for you thanks to their hospitality and kindness

Fishing with local people
Fishing with local people

2.7 Take a walk on the beaches

Two times when you should take a walk on the beaches on Cu Lao Cham Island are sunrise and sunset. Because at these times you will be able to admire the sun most clearly and see the activities of the fishermen here. This is also a great time to create beautiful photos to preserve beautiful memories with your friends or relatives. Moreover, you can pick up unique seashells and snail shells when walking on the beach. 

Cu Lao Cham in Hoian
Cu Lao Cham in Vietnam

Walking on the beach will be an extremely romantic activity for couples. Even many tourists have chosen to take wedding photos at these beaches.

2.8 Camping in Cham Island Hoi An

When staying overnight in the hotels or homestays is very similar, camping will be an interesting experience for you. Camping in Cham Island Hoi An is a quite popular activity. You can bring your own tent but this is quite inconvenient during travel, so I recommend renting a tent from the people living here for convenience. Tent rental prices will depend on the season. When camping, you can enjoy the fresh air, watch the starry sky, sit around with relatives and friends beside the campfire  to eat ,talk and sing. In addition, this is also an opportunity for you to exchange and expand relationships

camping in cham island vietnam
Camping in Cham Island Hoi An

2.9 Visit Yen Village

Yen Village is located in Bai Huong, Tan Hiep commune, Hoi An city, built around the 19th century. True to its name, the Yen village is a place to raise and produce bird’s nests – a food with high nutritional value and good for human health. Coming here, you will know some information about bird’s nests and visit caves where bird nests nest.

You should visit on the 10th of the 3rd lunar month to participate in the unique Bird’s Nest Ceremony and the rich identity of the people here.

2.10 Tan Hiep Market

Tan Hiep Market also known as Cham Seafood market is located next to Bai Lang fishing wharf, a place specializing in selling products from both the forest and the sea. In addition, they also sell souvenirs typical of Cu Lao Cham Island. Therefore, if you want to know or buy the specialties of this place, you cannot miss this market

3. What to buy in Cham Island Hoi An?

3.1 Fresh seafood

Cham Island Vietnam is famous for fresh seafood. They are sold in many places, including fresh seafood just caught by freshmen  or processed seafood (dried seafood) . These seafood are not only fresh and delicious but also have reasonable prices. You can buy seafood as gifts for your loved ones at the markets. Tan Hiep market is the most suitable suggestion because there are many types of seafood and reasonable prices for you.

Nha Trang Seafood Street
Fresh seafood

3.2 Cu Lao Cham thorn-leaf cake

Thorn-leaf cake is a traditional cake of Cu Lao Cham Island. Made from a type of leaf called Thorn, so it is called “thorn leaf” cake by people who live here. The appearance of the cake is not too eye-catching  with the dark brown color of banana leaves after steaming, but its flavor is something you cannot find in other cakes. The black outer shell is made of tough hemp leaves mixed with the light sweetness of the green bean filling inside to give you an unforgettable flavor. The price to pay for this flavor is only about 2k/1 piece

3.3 Souvenir in Cham Island

Souvenirs will be indispensable after a trip to Cu Lao Cham Island. Some suggested souvenirs you can buy such a seafood, bird’s nests, traditional cakes, decorations such as snail shells, seashells, etc…

4. Best time to visit Cham Island?

The best time to visit Cham Island  falls from March to August every year. Because this is the time, the weather is quite good, warm sunshine and little rain. It is the ideal time to participate in outdoor activities  such as swimming, diving, and so on…In the remaining months, this island cluster often has storms, the sea is rough and the waves are quite big, many activities will be limited and there are usually no boats to take tourists to the island during this time.

tour cham insland from hoian
Best time to visit Cham Island

A small reminder for you around March-April. There will be times when the sea is rough so you should consider before deciding to take a trip at this time.

5. How to get Cham Island?

5.1 Join tour Cham Island

Thanks to its majestic and mysterious beauty, Cham Island has attracted a large number of tourists to  join the Cham Island tour every year. You can refer to popular Cham Island tour below:

cham island from da nang
Join tour Cham Island

5.2 how to get to Cham Island from Hoi An

Cu Lao Cham Island is 20 km west of Hoi An so you can choose a Cu Lao Cham Island tour from Hoi An. When booking this tour, visitors will be able to choose how to get to Cham island from Hoi An. In addition, you will also receive other services such as food and fun activities on the island. All you need to prepare yourself is good health and spirit to enjoy this trip. Additionally, you can travel by yourself but this will be quite difficult if you do not master the terrain of Cu Lao Cham Island.

5.3 Cham Island from Da Nang

From Da Nang to Cham island is about 45 km. We encourage  you to choose a Cham Island from Da Nang to explore all the key areas of this island without missing any important places. With a specific schedule and a flexible guide will make your journey easier.

5.4 Renting Motorbikes or Bicycles

Renting Motorbikes or Bicycles brings more convenience throughout the journey. You can go anywhere you want thanks to the small vehicle configuration that is very suitable for the mountainous terrain on Cu Lao Cham island

5.5 Book Private Car

To ensure your journey does not have any problems, you should book a private car. Booking a private car is the right choice because it helps you conveniently travel to remote locations you want to visit. It also saves time on the journey and helps you explore more places on Cu Lao Cham Island.

team vm car
Book Private Car

5.6 By Speedboat

You can also travel by Speedboat . This is also one of the most used means of transport when visiting Cu Lao Cham Island. Going by speedboat  you can see the surrounding seascapes.

However if you are easily seasick or have never been on a speedboat before, we still encourage you to travel by motorbike, bicycle or private car.

snorkeling cham island
Traveling to Cham Islands Vietnam

Traveling to Cu Lao Cham island is a wonderful experience as you can not only see the beautiful islands and beaches but also it is a place to relax. Not only that, this island is also home to many ancient relics of the Champa people – bearing traces of the life of the Champa people. Come to this place, enjoy it to the fullest but remember that you should never litter here because your actions may degrade this beautiful and pure ecological area.