Vietnam has a 3,260-km-long coastline stretching from north to south and bordering the East Sea, so the sea can be considered a factor contributing to economic development in Vietnam. It will come as no surprise that there are countless seaports to serve the transportation of goods along the coast of Vietnam. However, many of the seaports here, in addition to serving economic development and transportation, also welcome tourists to have interesting travel experiences.

In this article, visitors will discover some famous seaports that serve tourists in Vietnam. If you are bored with experiencing travel on land, then join us to explore Vietnam Sea Ports and have travel experiences on ships!

tien sa port
Sea Port in Vietnam

Sea Ports In Vietnam – A Traveler’s Tale of Vietnam’s Sea Port Paradises

1. TOP 7 Famous Vietnam Sea Ports for Cruise Ships

Along the S-shaped strip of land, from north to south, there are a total of 34 seaports, many of which have important geographical locations. However, we will introduce to you the seaports in Vietnam that have tourism services for tourists from North to South so that tourists can find out where they want to go and board. Plan to prepare for a perfect trip!

1.1 Cai Lan Port: Quang Ninh – Vietnam

  • Location:

Cai Lan Port is located in the southeast of Ha Long Bay, in Bai Chay ward, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province. The port has a favorable geographical location, located right at the gateway to Ha Long Bay, about 10 km from Ha Long city center.

Cai Lan Port has an area of about 74 hectares, including the seaport and port logistics areas. The port is built on a hard geological foundation with a natural depth of 13–18 m, ensuring large-tonnage ships can anchor and receive goods.

cai lan port
Cai Lan Port
  • Tourist Destination:

Cai Lan Port is a famous tourist attraction as well as an essential seaport for the region’s economic development.

Tourists can explore Cai Lan Port in a variety of ways, including visiting the seaport area. Visitors will have a chance to witness massive contemporary machinery used to transport containers weighing tens of tons in this location. The port’s logistics sector, where you can observe how the port’s factories and warehouses work, is also worth a visit. A coastal tourist area with a dense network of green trees and flowers is a unique experience at Cai Lan Port. Visitors will enjoy the fresh air and gorgeous beach here.

Furthermore, because Cai Lan Port is the entryway to Ha Long Bay, visitors can travel by boat or kayak to explore or swim in one of the world’s seven wonders. When visiting Cai Lan Port, you may also visit adjacent tourist spots such as Bai Chay, Tuan Chau Island, and others.

best things to do in halong bay
Relax at Ha Long Bay

1.2 Chan May Port: Hue – Vietnam

  • Location:

Chan May Port is a type 1 major general seaport in Vietnam, located in the south of Thua Thien Hue province, in Loc Vinh commune, Phu Loc district. The port has a favorable geographical location, located right at the gateway to the East Sea, about 40 km from Hue city center.

Because of its convenient location in the center of the Central region and between the two biggest urban areas in the region, Da Nang and Hue, Chan May Port is called the “heart” of the Chan May-Lang Co special economic zone. Furthermore, Hoi An Ancient Town, My Son Sanctuary, Hue Monuments Complex, and significant national tourism destinations (Canh Duong, Lang Co, Hai Van, and Bach Ma National Park) are close to Chan May Harbor.

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Chan May Port in Hue
  • Tourist Destination:

Thanks to its favorable location, tourism exploitation in Chan May Port has enormous potential. When traveling here, you will be able to travel by cruise ship to famous tourist destinations in the Central Coast region. Hue is a great place to visit if you enjoy learning about Vietnam’s feudal past and its old features. It has a lot to offer visitors, including the Hue Imperial Citadel, Dong Ba Market, Khai Dinh Tomb, and more.

As for tourists who love dynamism and modernity, they can choose to move from Chan May port to Da Nang to immerse themselves in the wild beauty of the Son Tra peninsula and man-made masterpieces such as Ba Na Hills, Fantasy Park, and French Village.

In addition, if you like charming, ancient, and quiet beauty, Hoi An is the destination for you and your family. The ancient roofs and moss-covered walls of Hoi An ancient town and My Son Sanctuary evoke the beauty of an ancient city that was once a busy trading port.

Hue Imperial Palace From Chan May Port
Hue Imperial Palace From Chan May Port

1.3 Tien Sa Port: Da Nang – Vietnam

  • Location:

Tien Sa Port is a general seaport in Da Nang City, Vietnam. The port is located in the southeast of Da Nang Bay, about 6 km from Da Nang city center. This is one of the two largest ports in Da Nang City, with an area of about 22 hectares and a natural depth of 12–18 m. Large-tonnage ships and boats can comfortably anchor and receive goods.

Tien Sa, a name with an intriguing story connected to its location, was given to the harbor. According to mythology, the golden sands in this area were once thought to be the location where fairies fell to earth, and activities like singing, dancing, and playing the fairies’ guitar were common. Perhaps it is why this location is known as Tien Sa Port. Today, Tien Sa port is transforming into a Tien Sa eco-tourism area with numerous tourist attractions.

In addition to being a seaport serving economic purposes, this is also a diverse nature conservation area, home to many rare animals such as monkeys, deer, douc langurs, orangutans, and chickens. red, along with rich flora.

da nang shore excursions
Tien Sa Port: Da Nang – Vietnam
  • Tourist Destination:

Similar to Chan May Port, there are numerous possibilities for sea travel for visitors due to the port’s handy location. All of the Central Coast’s well-known tourist attractions have routes that leave from Tien Sa Port. Hue and Hoi An are two additional locations that you can select as perfect cruise trip destinations in addition to Da Nang’s tourist attractions. It was a really enjoyable experience!

Ba Na Hills and Golden Bridge From Chan May Port
Ba Na Hills and Golden Bridge From Tien Sa Port

1.4 Cau Da Port: Nha Trang – Vietnam

  • Location:

Cau Da Port in Vietnam is a category I general seaport located south of Nha Trang City in Khanh Hoa province. The port is at a good geographical location, right at the entrance to Nha Trang Bay, about 5 kilometers from the city center. Cau Da Port is a bustling harbor with large and small boats coming in and out since it is located in a protected area and the depth in front of the dock is not silted up.

Nha Trang Shore Excursions From Cau Da Port
Cau Da Port: Nha Trang – Vietnam
  • Tourist Destination:

When you visit Cau Da Port, you won’t be confused about where to go because it is the most gorgeous seaside city in the country. Aside from savoring excellent cuisine prepared from the bountiful seafood offered by nature here, there are numerous intriguing tourist activities that you can participate in when visiting, such as renting boats to visit the islands. In Nha Trang (Hon Mieu, Hon Tre, Hon Mun), or dive to observe coral reefs, visit the Tri Nguyen Aquarium and the Nha Trang Oceanographic Institute,…

vinpearl nha trang
Nha Trang Shore Excursions From Cau Da Port

1.5 Phu My Port: Vung Tau – Vietnam

  • Location:

Phu My Port is a type I national major general seaport, located in the southeast of Ba Ria-Vung Tau province, in Tan Phuoc commune, Phu My town. The port has a favorable geographical location, located right at the gateway to the East Sea, about 60 km from Ho Chi Minh City. As a seaport considered by many experts, few places in Vietnam possess many perfect ‘advantages’ to become the leading ‘Port city’ in Southeast Asia, such as Phu My, Ba Ria, and Vung Tau…

da nang tour from tien sa port
Phu My Port: Vung Tau – Vietnam
  • Tourist Destination:

Visitors do not need to ponder whether Phu My Port can be visited because tourism is one of the five development-oriented industries at the port. To have a memorable trip here, choose Ho Chi Minh City as your destination for a 60-kilometer journey floating on the sea, and then tour Ho Chi Minh City’s numerous lovely spots. Cities named after Uncle Ho include the Independence Palace and Notre Dame Cathedral, as well as historical sites such as the Cu Chi Tunnels and shopping at Ben Thanh Market.

cu chi from hcm
Sai Gon Shore Excursions From Phu My Port

1.6 Hai Phong Port: Hai Phong – Vietnam

  • Location:

Hai Phong Port is a national-level general seaport cluster, the second largest in Vietnam after Saigon Port and the largest in the North. Regarding geographical location, Hai Phong Port is located at the end of the Cam River, in the Gulf of Tonkin, about 5 km east of Hai Phong city center. The port has a favorable geographical location, is located on the North-South international maritime route, and is an important international goods trade gateway of Vietnam.

tien sa port
Hai Phong Port: Hai Phong – Vietnam
  • Tourist Destination:

Many tourists choose Hai Phong Port as a tourist destination for their upcoming vacations because there is an extremely rich natural ecosystem here. Many natural tourist destinations, such as Cat Ba Island, Hon Dau Island, or Cat Ba National Park, will be ideal destinations for your trip. In addition, you can go to the city center to visit Hai Phong Opera House, Hang Kenh Pagoda, etc. There are many places in Hai Phong waiting for you to explore.

explore ninh binh with english driver
Ninh Binh day tour from Hai Phong Port

1.7 Ha Long Port: Quang Ninh – Vietnam

  • Location:

Ha Long Cruise Port is Vietnam’s first cruise port capable of receiving the world’s largest and most advanced cruise ships. Bai Chay Moi Beach Road, Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province is where the port is located. The Ha Long International Passenger Port is located on the beach of Ha Long Bay in the Bai Chay tourism area. Ha Long International Port has 6 berths: four for yachts, and cruise ships, and a dock with two wharves for receiving large-tonnage international passenger ships.

ha long port
Ha Long Port: Quang Ninh – Vietnam
  • Tourist Destination:

Thanks to its convenient location combined with a rich natural tourism “heritage,” Ha Long International Port will be an ideal stop for all tourists. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience floating on the blue water, admiring the heritage that nature bestows on this place, or soaking in the cool water at Bai Chay Beach and visiting the Yen Tu area, known as the ancestral land of Vietnamese Buddhism.

cruise in halong bay
Explore Cruise in Halong Bay

2. Useful Travel Tips

Preparing for a trip on the ship is important because, to have a great trip, the trip will depend on many factors, such as weather, health conditions, and the beach’s waves. We hope these travel tips will help you have a perfect trip during your upcoming holiday with your family and friends!

2.1 Avoid days with the big waves

Before arranging to travel by boat, ask the tour operator about the weather on the day you will go as well as the chance of rough seas because bad weather or stormy seas will impair your experience. When you travel at sea, you will see that it causes large waves that cause ships and boats to waver. These items are not recommended for persons who are seasick. To participate in cruise travel, you should choose days with wonderful weather, mild waves, and no strong rain or storms. This will keep you and your traveling companions from feeling seasick, headaches, or dizziness.

2.2 Read the rules carefully before boarding the ship

Unlike other modes of transportation, cruise ships have clearer and stronger restrictions than the others, and each type of boat utilized for tourism has its own set of regulations. The organizer will give you a copy of the rules to read carefully before boarding the train. Many tourists will be too enthused about their vacation to read the restrictions. As a result, reading the rules is critical in order to prevent being asked to exit the train by the train officials.

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Vietnam Shore Excursions

2.3 Keep the room lock carefully

When traveling by ship, you need to keep your room key with you to ensure safety. If you lose your key, you can easily get into a lot of trouble. Therefore, a room lock is an extremely important item on your trip, helping you handle many different activities while on a cruise. Normally, room locks on ships will be integrated with boarding passes at each port stop. At the same time, you can use the room key to replace other functions when you travel by ship, such as identification documents, replacing credit cards on the ship, etc.Therefore, keep the key carefully if accidentally If you lose it, immediately notify the department in charge for appropriate solutions.

2.4 Follow the track of trip schedule

When traveling by ship, please adhere to the schedule so that you do not miss out on any memorable events. Take special note of the boat activities, parties, pauses, future destinations, and a variety of other exciting things that await you when you choose to travel on our cruise ship.

If you are looking for a new experience for your travel trip, we believe that exploring beautiful Vietnam on giant ships and floating in the blue ocean will be an invaluable experience for you and your family. You can get more information on Vietnam Shore Excursions.