Van Long Wetland Nature Reserve in Ninh Binh stands out with its peaceful, picturesque landscape. This place is considered the largest wetland nature reserve in the Northern Delta with majestic and magnificent natural scenery. Van Long Wetland Nature Reserve Vietnam has been deployed for tourism since 1998, not only bringing tourism value but also preserving many species. One of them is that this is the place that owns two records of the Vietnam Record Book Center in 2010: “Place with the largest number of white-rumped langurs” and “Place with  the largest natural picture”. In 1999, this place was on the list of special-use forests in Vietnam and recognized as a Ramsar site in the world.

If you are planning to explore this attractive tourist, you must definitely pocket the following experiences to make your trip more interesting

Van Long Wetland
Van Long Wetland Nature Reserve

Van Long Wetland Nature Reserve: A Paradise for Wildlife Enthusiasts

1. Where is Van Long nature reserve Vietnam

Van Long Nature Reserve Vietnam is located in the northeast of Gia Vien district, Ninh Binh province, about 80 km from the center of Hanoi capital. Every year this place attracts many tourists to visit thanks to its charming mountain scenery with majestic limestone mountain system. In addition, the biodiversity has made this place a place not to be missed in the journey to conquer Vietnam’s scenic spots.

vietnam ninh binh
Where is Van Long nature reserve Vietnam

2. What to experience at Van Long wetland nature reserve

2.1 Cruise through tranquil wetlands

Exploring the beauty of Van Long nature reserve Vietnam by cruise through tranquil wetlands will bring visitors many new and interesting experiences. When rowing on the calm, flowing water, visitors will be completely immersed in the cool, fresh air. In addition, you can also admire with your own eyes the beauty of majestic limestone mountains covered with the fresh green color of trees and forests. This experience not only brings visitors visual satisfaction but also brings a sense of peace and gentleness to the soul, making people feel like they have entered another world, separate from the hustle and bustle of life. Boy, hurry outside. Moreover, if you go in the dry season, you can see white-rumped langurs and many other rare creatures.

vanlong in ninh binh
Cruise through tranquil wetlands

Experiencing a Van Long Wetland nature reserve boat ride on the “waveless bay” to see the immense beauty of Van Long is always the perfect choice to help you approach and feel the beauty of this place in the most intimate and authentic way.

2.2 Discover the rich bird population in Van Long

Van Long Wetland nature reserve Vietnam stands out with the diversity of many rare and even endangered creatures. In addition to the white-rumped langur, Van Long nature reserve is also known for having a rich bird population with many different species. Van Long nature reserve has a beautiful bird garden of 100 species with extremely prominent names such as pond herons, white storks, kingfishers,… Coming here, visitors will have the opportunity to see, even get close to birds that you may rarely see.

Van Long nature reserve Vietnam
Rich bird population in Van Long

Discovering the rich bird population in Van Long will bring you interesting knowledge and experiences about the creatures living around us.

2.3 Visit sacred temples

At Van Long Wetland nature reserve Vietnam, you also have the opportunity to visit sacred temples with ancient architecture. These temples were built on hills and mountains and surrounded by majestic mountains and forests, bringing a peaceful, pure yet majestic beauty. Some temples you should visit include: Thanh Mau temple, Thanh Son temple,… so on. These are temples that were built a long time ago and are visited by many tourists every year.

Thuong Temple in Ba Vi National Park
Visit sacred temples

Visiting the sacred pagodas in Van Long nature reserve not only gives visitors the opportunity to learn about the unique architecture of the pagodas but also brings peace of mind when coming here.

2.4 Explore magnificent caves

Van Long Wetland nature reserve Vietnam is likened to “HaLong Bay without waves” because this place not only has a calm and clear lagoon like a giant mirror, but this place also has a system of countless caves. same mystery. Exploring the magnificent caves in Van Long is guaranteed to make you amazed by the wild yet unique beauty bestowed by nature on this place. One of the largest and most beautiful caves to mention is Ca Cave, about 250 meters long. Like other caves outside, Ca Cave is covered with a layer of moss, creating a magical and mysterious natural scene. However, the difference and uniqueness of this cave compared to other caves is that it is half submerged, half dry and there are many fish inside. Besides, if you’re lucky, after leaving the cave you can see extremely rare langurs or cauldrons, storks, etc. You should go in the dry season to be able to experience this valuable event.

Caves Van Long nature reserve
Caves in Van Long nature reserve

Exploring the wilderness in Van Long Wetland nature reserve is an extremely interesting and stimulating activity that makes your journey to discover Van Long more unique and memorable.

2.5 Enjoy local Cuisine

Experiencing a new tourist area and enjoying local cuisine is definitely something that most tourists are very interested in. Coming to Van Long Wetland nature reserve Vietnam, visitors will not be disappointed with the extremely famous delicious specialties in Van Long, even satisfying tourists with the most demanding tastes. It’s a pity if you do not try some of the following dishes when coming to Van Long such as Kim Son raw fish salad, Ninh Binh goat meat and Van Long grilled snakehead fish,…

You can try some famous restaurants visited by many locals and tourists such as:

  • Duy Du Restaurant
  • Nha La Restaurant
seafood in cham island
Enjoy local Cuisine in Van Long

Local culinary specialties in Van Long will truly bring impressive and unforgettable culinary experiences to visitors.

2.6 Experience fishing with local people

With its river terrain, Van Long nature reserve Vietnam is considered an ideal location for fishing activities. The experience of fishing with local people will bring you memorable memories when having close contact with the honest, generous and hospitable people here. If you’re lucky, you can get your own “trophies” of big and fresh fish. You can share it with fellow anglers to have fun and precious moments. But do not be too disappointed if you don’t catch any fish because the people here will share with you. However, with their extensive experience, local people will guide you how to catch fish and areas with many fish to ensure you will catch fish yourself.

Experience fishing with local people
Fishing with local people

This is an extremely interesting activity that requires patience, so you need to consider before participating so as not to waste time on your exploration journey.

3. Best time to visit Van Long wetland nature reserve

At any time of the year, Van Long Wetland nature reserve always brings its own beauty that attracts many visitors. So you can visit the wetlands anytime. Below are some more special times that visitors can consider before deciding to travel to Van Long

  • From May to June every year, at this time Van Long is covered with the pink color of lotus flowers, making the water surface glow pink. That is also the reason that at this time many tourists choose to visit Van Long nature reserve. Going at dawn or dusk you can take extremely poetic photos. Here, Vm travel recommends that you go at sunset to get the best experience.
  • Every dry season (from November to April of the following year), Van Long is a nesting place for many northern waterbirds. If you are passionate about discovering animals, this will be the most ideal time. At this time, the entire Van Long lagoon area is filled with flocks of white birds with up to thousands of white birds flying to reside, creating a poetic scene. To see this eye-catching white row, you should come at sunset. Immersing yourself on a quiet boat and looking at the sky to see flocks of birds and storks flying back to their nests is truly an extremely romantic and peaceful experience
ninhbinh in vietnam
Best time to visit Van Long wetland nature reserve

The best time to visit Van Long wetland nature reserve depends on your exploration preferences. Based on the suggestions above, find for yourself the most suitable time to visit Van Long

4. Van Long nature reserve entrance fee

Van Long Wetland Nature Reserve Vietnam with its wild and majestic natural beauty combined with many fun activities is guaranteed to bring you great experiences at an inexpensive cost. You can refer to the Van Long nature reserve entrance fee below:

If you just want to look around
Adult20.000 Vnd/person
Kid < 1 meter10.000 Vnd/person
If you want to go on a Boat Ride
Adult50.000 Vnd/person
Kid < 1 meter25.000 Vnd/person
Van Long nature reserve entrance fee

This price is extremely reasonable for what you will experience in Van Long nature reserve

5. How to get Van Long nature reserve vietnam

Getting to Van Long nature reserve has become more convenient than ever as Vietnam’s tourism industry is increasingly receiving more attention, attention and development. Below is how to get to Van Long nature reserve Vietnam

5.1 Van Long nature reserve tour

To have a smooth trip with a tour guide with good expertise and knowledge along with a clear activity schedule to help you participate in all the unique and outstanding activities in Van Long nature reserve Vietnam. We encourage you to choose the Van Long nature reserve tour in the tour Ninh Binh day trip from Ha Noi to have great experiences. When participating in this tour, you not only have the opportunity to explore Van Long but also many other attractive tourist destinations in Ninh Binh are waiting for you to explore.

ha noi to ninh binh
Ninh Binh day trip from Ha Noi

5.2 By private car

If you are someone who travels often, a private car will definitely be the top choice chosen by many tourists thanks to its convenience and flexibility. Moving to Van Long Wetland nature reserve Vietnam by Vietnam Car Rental helps you shorten your travel time. In addition, traveling by personal car, you can stop to take virtual photos of the majestic natural beauty on the way to explore Van Long Wetland nature reserve.

private car
Private car with Driver speaking English

5.3 By Bus

Going to Van Long Wetland nature reserve by bus is also not a bad idea. You can see the natural scenery through the window. Moreover, traveling by bus also helps you save some costs. You can use that money to participate in some interesting activities in Van Long conservation area

6. Travel tips

To have a wonderful and trouble-free experience when visiting Van Long nature reserve. Here are some travel tips that VM Travel – Vietnam Package Tours wants to give you:

  • You should bring sun protection items such as a sunscreen jacket, sunscreen, umbrella or hat because you will have to participate in many outdoor activities.
  • A boat can only carry a maximum of 3-4 people. Carrying more than that will not be safe.
  • Bring a camera to record beautiful memories (smartphone sometimes loses signal).
  • You can tip the boatman about 40,000 VND -50,000 VND because they take you to many places.
  • Do not throw trash into the lagoon.
mua cave in ninh binh
When visiting Van Long nature reserve

Van Long Wetland Nature Reserve Vietnam is truly an ideal destination for those who love nature, peace and soul healing. With its wild yet poetic natural beauty, the reserve has attracted many tourists, both domestic and international to visit this place every year. The article above is all about the details about the activities you should participate in, prices and things to keep in mind to make your journey smooth and convenient. What are you waiting for? Pack your backpack and embark on a journey to explore this wild and poetic nature.