Vietnam always focuses on improving the quality of roads and traffic to bring you perfect experiences when visiting our country. It seems that the progress of Vietnam’s traffic is not inferior to modern countries in the world because the roads have good surface and dense distribution of road types such as highways, airports, and rail. Besides, the means of transportation in Vietnam also give you a comfy feeling in both public and private transport services with modern facilities and high professionalism. 

This article is a fantastic tool for you with a series of ideal  suggestions of how to plan a trip to Vietnam and tells you which means of transportation  are suitable for your personal needs and the specific terrain of each area in Vietnam.

Hanoi Airport Terminals
How To Travel In Vietnam

How To Travel In Vietnam – A Traveler’s Guide to Optimal Journeys

1. Best ways to travel in Viet Nam

1.1 Explore Vietnam by Air

Traveling to Vietnam by air is one of the best ways to travel in Vietnam and shorten travel time when you are eager to go to Vietnam or want to have a relaxing time during the trip. Besides, traveling by plane is also a great way for you to experience modern, professional services in the world with high-quality facilities, attentive flight attendants, and professional captains, who are always ready to take care of you at all times during the flight.

Hanoi Airport Terminal 1
How To Travel In Vietnam – Explore Vietnam by Air

In addition, agents also regularly have promotions and ticket discounts with the desire to provide maximum support to make your trip to Vietnam more convenient. You can book air tickets at Airline ticket shops or book online at Vietnam Airline websites directly in your current region.

Airport nameVietnam Airport Code
Can Tho International AirportCan Tho CityVVCTVCA
Da Nang International AirportDa Nang CityVVDNDAD
Cat Bi International AirportHai Phong CityVVCIHPH
Noi Bai International AirportHanoi CityVVNBHAN
Tan Son Nhat International AirportHo Chi Minh CityVVPBHUI
Cam Ranh International AirportKhanh Hoa ProvinceVVCRCXR
Phu Quoc International AirportKien Giang ProvinceVVPQPQC
Van Don International AirportQuang Ninh ProvinceVVVDVDO
Vinh International AirportNghe An ProvinceVVVHVII
Phu Bai International AirportHue CityVVPBHUI
Airport nameDomestic Airport
Dien Bien Phu International AirportDien Bien ProvinceVVDBDIN
Co Ong AirportCon Dao DistrictVVCSVCS
Buon Ma Thuoc AirportBuon Ma Thuoc, Dak Lak ProvinceVVBMBMV
Ca Mau AirportCa Mau, Ca Mau ProvinceVVCSVCS
Phu Cat AirportBinh Dinh ProvinceVVPCUIH
Pleiku AirportGia Lai ProvinceVVPKPXU
Rach Gia AirportKien Giang ProvinceVVRGVKG
Lien Khuong AirportLam Dong ProvinceVVDLDLI

Vietnam International Airport

1.2 Travel in Vietnam by Train

Choosing a train is one of the best ways to travel in Vietnam  for you to enjoy a plethora of special amenities. The foremost advantage to highlight is safety, as trains operate on dedicated tracks, minimizing the likelihood of accidents or delays caused by traffic congestion. Additionally, traveling by train in Vietnam provides a private and modern space, with each compartment designed as a separate unit resembling a small room, equipped with full amenities.

What adds to the allure is that most Vietnamese train routes traverse the country’s most beautiful and romantic natural landscapes, offering an ideal opportunity to capture photos through the window or simply relax and appreciate the picturesque scenery. Moreover, stable ticket prices, absence of baggage restrictions, and straightforward procedures make train travel an exceptionally attractive option for your journey in Vietnam. Booking train tickets is a hassle-free process, whether done at direct ticket sales points or online, requiring only your citizen identification card.

train in vietnam
Travel in Vietnam by Train – How To Travel In Vietnam?

1.3 Have a trip in Vietnam by private car with local drivers fluency in English

A private car service offers the advantage of having your own space and a fully flexible schedule tailored to your requirements when traveling with only you and a professional driver in the vehicle. This ensures a perfect experience, as the driver is well-trained in driving skills, problem-solving, and proficient in English to cater to your needs throughout the journey. The fleet includes modern, clean vehicles with various passenger capacities, ranging from 4 seats to 45 seats, each accompanied by a pre-announced and reasonable price list. With these features, there will be no hesitation in choosing a private car service for your transportation needs.

Vietnam Car Rental
Vietnam Car Rental – How To Travel In Vietnam?

1.4 Enjoy the fascinating life style in Vietnam by Bus

Bus service also is the best way to travel in Vietnam because the bustle and excitement on the bus routes will bring you new energy. Compared to using personal vehicles to travel, taking the bus will have many outstanding advantages such as reducing traffic congestion during rush hour, helping you be more leisurely and have more time to relax or admire the scenery. Besides, bus stops and routes are also arranged consecutively in Vietnam’s city areas, so you will not encounter any interruptions when using bus services to travel in Vietnam.

The announcement of bus ticket prices will surprise you because it is very cheap, only ranging from 5 to 10 thousand VND per trip. What you need to do is check the route number that matches the place you want to go and wait for the car to pick you up at bus stations in cities and towns in Vietnam

Hue City Tour Minibus
Explore Vietnam by Bus

1.5 Take an adventure in Vietnam by Taxi

Taxi services in Vietnam serve as excellent protection against adverse conditions like dust or inclement weather during your travels in the country. The drivers’ interactions and friendliness not only ensure a pleasant journey but also provide you with interesting and useful local knowledge. Additionally, taxi companies in Vietnam often offer various discount policies and gifts, particularly during Vietnamese holidays. The choices available to you are diverse, ranging from well-known technology-based taxi companies like Grab and Gojek to the option of selecting a private taxi company by hailing a cab directly on the street or calling the company’s hotline.

1.6 Level up your trip in Vietnam by Cruises

You will experience luxury on modern, splendid Cruises amidst the majestic bays and islands of Vietnam. This is a remarkable upgrade, with a complete utility system like a miniature 5-star hotel, floating on the water. You can easily organize a party while the journey is taking place, right on the oasis or on the open sea. With a reasonable cost, you have the opportunity to transform into rich tycoons, enjoying luxurious, romantic and new experiences in Vietnam. Therefore, it is exactly  that we recommend a cruise as one of the best ways to travel in Vietnam for you with significant advantages.

things to do in ha long bay
Vietnam Cruises

1.7 Go backpacking in Vietnam by Motorbike

Traveling by motorbike offers a fantastic opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the world of freedom and adventure throughout Vietnam. Simply rent a motorbike, fill it with gas, and you can explore the city, countryside, or the windy plateaus of Vietnam. Traveling to various locations provides self-experience, brings you closer to nature, and expands your sense of discovery. We highly recommend exploring villages, vast green forests, and terraced fields.

Traveling by motorbike is also an excellent way for you to push your limits and step out of your comfort zone, whether through overnight camping or solo journeys through challenging terrain. Currently, motorbike rental services for tourists are quite popular in Vietnam, offering reasonable prices for you to experience and discover something new during your adventures in Vietnam.

Hoi An Motorbike
Discover Vietnam by Motorbike

1.8 Sightseeing in Vietnam by Bicycle

Embarking on a bicycle journey in Vietnam offers a therapeutic escape for both your physical and mental well-being. Pedaling along the picturesque and serene roads in Vietnam becomes a valuable remedy, relieving the stress of a hectic life and mitigating common ailments such as heart disease and high blood pressure. Exploring the natural wonders during daylight bicycle rides allows you to connect with the beauty of the surroundings, while night cycling unveils the enchanting sparkle of Vietnam’s streets adorned with lights.

You have the flexibility to choose between personal expeditions, allowing you to discover intriguing aspects on your own, or opt for guided bicycle tours offered by travel companies. These guided tours provide insights into various facets, including the rich culture, history, and diverse cuisine across different regions of Vietnam

Cycling countryside in hoian
Sightseeing in Vietnam by Bicycle

1.9 Relax in Vietnam by Boat

One of the amazing aspects of a summer cruise in Vietnam is exploring the waterways by boat. This activity not only brings relaxation but also promises to bring you a fascinating experience. As a result,  when floating on the water, you will be immersed in the peaceful and majestic beauty of the Vietnamese river landscape. Some ideal locations for sightseeing by boat include Ha Long Bay, Tam Giang Lagoon, Lan Ha Bay, Van Phong Bay, Bay Mau Coconut Forest and Trang An Ecological Area.

cam thanh coconut village
Relax in Vietnam by Boat

1.10 Ramble in Vietnam by Cyclo

Leisurely travel on cyclos is also one of the best ways to travel in Vietnam and offers a nostalgic glimpse into the classic pace of life from many years ago. Choosing a cyclo makes your emotions more pure than ever when going on short trips in Vietnam because you will not be interrupted by engine noise, which is unique to this mode of transportation. Powered only by cyclo pedals, your driver will guide you through the roads of Vietnam, sharing fascinating stories and valuable travel insights. Without a doubt, this can be considered the most economical and special means of transportation that will surprise you when you come to Vietnam.

Cyclo in Hanoi
Cyclo in Hanoi

2. How to plan a trip to Vietnam

If you’re struggling with how to plan a trip to Vietnam , don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

  • Your first step is to plan your trip expenses, covering expenses such as accommodation, transportation, meals, and incidental purchases.
  • Next, strategic time management, which is extremely important for how to plan a trip in Vietnam. It is essential to research the weather conditions for your planned travel period, ensuring you avoid harsh sunlight, heavy rain or extreme cold at specific times. Plan your daily itinerary by deciding which places to visit in the morning, afternoon and evening.
  • For added convenience, consider booking services like flights and accommodations in advance, and keep an eye out for discounted tickets. Securing these deals will not only save you money but will also ensure you are well prepared, especially during peak travel season.
  • Additionally, familiarize yourself with Vietnam’s diverse regions—north, central, and south—before sketching out your specific destinations. This will help you avoid schedule conflicts and make the most of your itinerary.
  • Finally, equip yourself with basic Vietnamese communication skills, especially useful in emergencies or when finding your way. This proactive approach will contribute to a smoother and more enjoyable travel experience in Vietnam
hue imperial city
How to plan a trip to Vietnam

3. Travel Tips

  • Wear clothes appropriate for the weather conditions to avoid getting sick.
  • Prepare  sunscreen, hat, raincoat and umbrella. 
  • Exchange some money into Vietnamese currency to spend at small stores.
  • Ask the price before dining.
  • Carefully check the ingredients of food and drinks to avoid containing ingredients you are allergic to.