Welcome to Hoi An – the most famous ancient town in Vietnam with countless wonderful things about Hoi An at night because this time is the peak of the diversity of entertainment and business activities. Among those wonderful things, we must definitely mention the night Market in Hoi An, which brings you special joy when owning a space that is both ancient, poetic but no less vibrant. Hoi An Night Market is a great opportunity for you to have adorable  experiences during your trip thanks to a series of interesting things such as: vibrant atmosphere, goods, cuisine, and festivals.

hoi an night market
Hoi An night Market

In this article, we will lead you into a paradise called Hoi An night Market with countless special and magical things that you cannot find anywhere else. Check it out !

Lights, Laughter, Lanterns, And Culture: Experiencing the Allure of Hoi An Night Market

1. Hoi An at night

It is a great honor that VM Travel has the opportunity to give you a vivid and surprising picture of Hoi An at night, where everything becomes more amazing than ever. The reason we give such a description is because Hoi An at night has a modern look and also contains many unique traditional features that both domestic and international tourists are keen on . The impressiveness that creates the wonderful atmosphere is not only the excitement and bustle atmosphere , but it  is also the ideal place for you to immerse yourself in a romantic and poetic space thanks to the shimmering and fanciful lights of lanterns .

Moreover, Hoi An at night also brings you a sense of excitement  as  there is countless excitement  for you to entertain , notably: night market, boat trip on Hoai River, art performances, lantern festival or folk games.

Hoi An Lantern Festival River
Hoi An at night

2. What is Hoi An famous for

Having a trip to Hoi An is very worthwhile because with most things in Vietnam and in the world , Hoi An will make your trip perfect beyond your expectations.

  • The first famous thing in Hoi An that VM Travel would like to introduce to you is  the architecture in Hoi An , which is  a combination of artistic masterpieces in Vietnam and some Asian countries. That means this place shows you the simple things with warm tones and artistic designs such as yellow rural houses, peaceful streets, temples or bridges. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the fresh, energetic atmosphere during the day, and when night falls, you will also experience the idyllic and romantic scenery.
  • Besides, Hoi An is also a well-known city with heroic historical relics preserved from ancient times to today. In general, these historical relics still follow the classic architectural style but are not less luxurious and majestic. Outstanding things like Covered Bridge – a characteristic of Hoi An, ancient houses…etc
  • Furthermore, festivals are an attraction to enjoy when coming to Hoi An such as Mid-Autumn Festival, Vu Lan Festival, Lunar New Year, Spring Festival.
  • In addition, Hoi An cuisine is also one of the famous things in Hoi An. The most delicious dishes for you to experience are chicken rice, Quang noodles, mussel rice, grilled meat vermicelli.
lantern in hoian vietnam
Lantern in Hoian Vietnam

3. Best night Market in Hoi An

Hoi An night market opening hours are from 5pm to 11pm, so that’s long enough for you to enjoy the commercial activities and unique cultural features here. Besides that , VM Travel has also selected for you some of the best night markets in Hoi An to visit in the passage below.

3.1 Nguyen Hoang night Market

Nguyen Hoang Night Market is known as the best night Market in Hoi An because of the diversity, modernity as well as the vibrantness that it brings to visitors, giving them unforgettable memories when visiting. Famous and high-quality items at Nguyen Hoang night Market include souvenirs, fabrics, lanterns, and conical hats.

Besides, cuisine is also a feature that many people love at Nguyen Hoang night market with traditional local dishes such as spring rolls, mussel vermicelli, mixed sweet soup. In addition, the most interesting things in Hoi An for you are exploring lantern stalls, listening to hut singing, participating in handmade souvenir activities or releasing lanterns.

markets in hoi an vietnam
Night Markets in Hoi An

Location: Nguyen Hoang Street, Minh An Ward, Hoi An Town, Quang Nam Province

Opening hour: daily from 5p.m to 11p.m

3.2 Cong Nu Ngoc Hoa – Hoi An night Market food

It’s fortunate that when you have a chance to visit the  paradise of Hoi An night market food at Cong Nu Ngoc Hoa night market, which  has  all the culinary quintessence of the ancient town . Coming to this Hoi An night market food , you will be served by enthusiastic chefs and delicious, hygienic dishes. It  includes street food sold by street vendors and  prices ranging  about 10,000 VND to 25,000 VND per plate, so you only need to prepare about 300,000 VND to be able to fully enjoy the culinary quintessence of this place. Some suggested dishes for you include grilled corn, grilled spring rolls, skewered meat, Quang noodles, fish sauce vermicelli, Cao Lau noodle soup, and beef noodles

hoian foods
Hoi An night Market food

Location: Cong Nu Ngoc Hoa Street, Hoi An Town, Quang Nam Province.

Opening hour: 5p.m to 11p.m

3.3 Tran Quy Cap night Market

This is a newly opened night market in Hoi An, so it brings you modernity and convenience when visiting. There is also a full range of items from clothing, jewelry, souvenirs and delicious food. The best things to do here include collecting handicrafts and enjoying the most delicious dishes such as banh mi, vermicelli noodles, Quang noodles and sweet soup dishes.

hoian night market
Tran Quy Cap night Market

Location: Tran Quy Cap Street, Hoi An Town, Quang Nam Province

Opening hour: Daily from 6p.m to 11.30 p.m

4. What to do in Hoi An night Market

4.1 Explore Hoi An night Market foods

Street food is also a cultural quintessence worth experiencing when coming to Hoi An during your trip. That means street food with elaborate preparation but at a  reasonable price will give you an unforgettable delicious taste. You can find street food at Hoi An night market food or you can easily see street food carts on every street. Suggested street foods for you include baked potato cakes, banana cakes, grilled dried squid, fruit sweet soup, mixed vermicelli.

vietnam local food
Explore Hoi An night Market Foods

4.2 Shopping at traditional stores

There will be unique experiences when you have the opportunity to shop at traditional stores, which include specialty dishes, decorations, and souvenirs for family and friends. Visiting and shopping at traditional shops is a great way for you to admire a rare culture that has been carefully preserved to this day. The items here are carefully produced by artisans with the aim of bringing the best experience to customers, so you can be completely assured about the price and quality. Outstanding items in traditional Hoi An shops are green bean cakes, peach wine, lanterns, conical hats, ao dai and wooden statues.

markets in hoi an
Shopping at traditional stores

4.3 Experience Hoai river boat trip

Hoai River is considered the muse of Hoi An Ancient Town because it exudes a gentle and charming beauty, making this place even more worth exploring and visiting. Taking a boat trip  on the Hoai River is like going to see a movie with many emotions, which means you will have the opportunity to admire one surprise after another.

The first will be the romantic scene, the second will be the bustle of recreational activities on the river, followed by the joy and relaxation in the songs of the boatmen. Boating on the river is great at any time of the day, but each time will have its own interesting things. If you take a boat trip on the river early in the morning, it will be a peaceful, fresh scene under the gentle sunrise, but in the evening it will be a vibrant scene with many interesting activities to participate in.

Hoi An Lantern Festival River
Experience Hoai river boat trip

4.4 Play Bai Choi – Intangible Cultural Heritage of Vietnam

Bai Choi is a well-known folk game in Hoi An and  the rules are to choose a card and sing a song containing the keywords written on the card. Furthermore, today, Bai Choi is also combined with opera and  plays in order to bring the best experience to visitors when participating in this game. In addition, taking part in theBai Choi folk game  not only helps you find new excitement during your trip but  also has special gifts if you win this game.

Bai Choi
Play Bai Choi – Intangible Cultural Heritage of Vietnam

4.5 Take Pictures with Vibrant Lanterns

It’s hard to find a place like Hoi An – a town completely lit up by sparkling and colorful lanterns. Therefore, this is definitely the ideal space for taking photos at night , meaning you just need to point the camera lens anywhere in the lantern street to take beautiful photos. Suggestions for you to take beautiful photos and make a difference are local traditional costumes such as ao dai, brocade pants, stone earrings.

lantern festival in hoian
Take Pictures with Vibrant Lanterns

5. What to buy in Hoi An night Market

5.1 Lanterns

If you are wondering what to buy in Hoi An night market, the suggestion of lanterns is the perfect choice for you, which is considered an indispensable symbol when talking about Hoi An. It is truly beautiful because it is completely handmade and has a combination of bamboo sticks and vibrant silk fabric, decorated with many motifs. Moreover, all lanterns at Hoi An night market are affordable and have many choices for you from shape, color, and size. You can see more Lantern festival calendar with VM Travel

lantern festival in hoian
Lantern in Hoi An

5.2 Handicraft Products

Handicrafts are also an beautyful item when you are considering what to buy in Hoi An night market because the items are all unique works of art and have their own style. Handicraft products are often considered objects with high aesthetics, sophisticated lines and carefully made by artisans. Furthermore, the handicrafts at Hoi An night market are also diverse in types and designs for your choice such as lanterns, ceramics, wooden statues, fabrics, silk paintings, lacquer paintings.

Round Straw Bags
Handicraft Products

5.3 Clothes

In order to make your list of what to buy at Hoi An night market to be more interesting, you definitely chose the clothes. In fact, Hoi An is one of the best fabric production areas in Vietnam with high quality products and aesthetic designs. The best options for you at Hoi An night market  are Hoi An silk, ao dai, five-piece dress or you can also go to any tailor shop at the Hoi An night market to buy fabric and design  your outfit as you like.

Tailor Made Clothes
Tailor Made Clothes

5.4 Bamboo and Ceramic items

If you are planning to shop for decorative items or souvenirs, ceramic and bamboo items at Hoi An night market are a perfect choice. These items are also made entirely by hand, have beautiful designs, are durable and reasonably priced. Outstanding products such as ceramic vases, porcelain bowls, bamboo handbags, bamboo trays, bamboo hand fans.

5.5 Straw Bags

You will look much more stylish when wearing a straw bag. In fact, straw bags have become one of the most popular fashion items in the world and are used by many celebrities. Moreover, Straw bags at Hoi An night market are popular, affordable and have many different styles for you.

5.6 Others

In addition to the main categories of what to buy at Hoi An night market mentioned above, there are also some things that are also typical of Hoi An and very nice for you to collect, for example: keychains printed with Hoi An scenery Security, feng shui bracelets, silver jewelry, paintings of the old town.

6. Helpful tips for the best experience at Hoi An Night Market

To have great experiences when visiting the night markets in Hoi An, don’t forget to take advantage of the tips we have prepared for you below, such as:

  • Don’t forget to bargain: if you’re unlucky, you’ll encounter a situation where the seller offers nearly double the price of the actual product, so bargain and check prices at many different stores to avoid being disadvantaged.
  • Exchange Vietnamese currency: most of the shops in Hoi An night Market are local shops and they only use Vietnamese currency, so it will be very difficult for you during the purchasing process when you use national currency there.
  • Wear comfortable and suitable clothes: recommended clothes for you are sneakers or sandals, pants and shirts that are elastic or sweat-absorbent
hoi an boat
Explore Hoi An in Vietnam

To sum up, the night market in Hoi An is like a space in paradise, where countless miracles converge. It includes the romantic, poetic scene of Hoi An at night, bright and sparkling lanterns, festivals on the Hoai river and vibrant trading activities. Therefore, taking a trip to the Hoi An night market is very worthwhile in your journey in order to experience many interesting and new things. Wishing a safe and happy trip!