Hanoi night markets are a traditional cultural feature with bustling trade that contributes to the excitement of Hanoi at night. Nowaday, Hanoi night markets are increasingly developing to bring a special and vibrant atmosphere.Not only the variety of goods but also the excellence of the food as well as the hospitality and friendliness of the local people will help visitors get an unforgettable experience when visiting this place.

Hanoi night markets are located in the main streets of Hanoi with shimmering lights and exciting sounds, so it is very convenient for traveling . Hanoi night markets, which are known as a shopping paradise, will be the ideal destination to help you satisfy your passion for discovery and shopping.

If you are wondering how interesting  Hanoi night markets are, the answer is that Hanoi night markets are great in every way. In this article, we will show you the great things about Hanoi night markets with a lot of fascinating information.

shopping in hanoi
Hanoi Night Markets

1. Nightlife Hanoi Vietnam

Nightlife Hanoi Vietnam is very pleasing to visitors because it converges all the beauty of the capital land with a gentle rhythm of life mixing the bustle and modernity. Nightlife Hanoi Vietnam gently with quiet roads along the banks of Hoan Kiem Lake and West Lake. You will have the opportunity to sip ice cream, walk on lakeside to enjoy the cool and fresh air here and discover a poetic Nightlife Hanoi Vietnam with ancient scents and scenes that only particularly in Hanoi, such as: the sweet scent of milk flowers gently falling on the lake or road surface also creates an extremely romantic scene.

Moreover, the image of lotus flowers appearing to represent the beauty of Vietnamese women will make you unable to take your eyes off them because it is so gentle, pure and timid just like her. Besides, there is also the scene of selling nuggets of street vendors, you will have the opportunity to experience Hanoi’s gifts made from young rice imbued with the long-standing culture of Hanoi people. Nightlife Hanoi Vietnam cannot lack the bustling crowd to entertain visitors who like to mingle with the crowd of people, the bustling sound of music.

You can sit and sip a few beers and great food at Ta Hien Street to watch the excitement of Hanoi as well as explore the food culture of Vietnam.. Hanoi nightlife in Vietnam is most prominent with night markets. Each night market has its own unique products so you will be delighted to discover and collect a lot of interesting items.

hanoi night life
Nightlife Hanoi in Vietnam

2. The 5 Best Night Market in Hanoi

2.1 Night Market In Hanoi Old Quarter – the best Hanoi Night Markets

Hanoi Old Quarter Night Market is a market imbued with the cultural identity of old Hanoians and with a convenient location in the big street over 3km long and has a wonderful port. Moreover, Hanoi Old Quarter Night Market is also known as the best night market in Vietnam with its grandeur and variety of items. Therefore, Hanoi Old Quarter Night Market is an ideal place that you cannot miss on your  trip when coming to Hanoi.

Hanoi Old Quarter night market is very diverse with more than 4000 stalls selling a lot of items such as: clothes, jewelry, handicrafts with extremely cheap prices so it is a night market that many people visit in Hanoi at night. Hanoi Old Quarter Night Market where  also close to the sparkling sword lake  is an attractive destination for you to discover the ancient cultural features that have existed for a long time in Hanoi with an art show on Saturday night only at the marke with traditional music such as Ca Tru singing, quan ho singing will give you unforgettable emotions

Night Market In Hanoi Old Quarter
Night Market In Hanoi Old Quarter

Location: from Hang Dao Street to Hang Giay Street.

Opening hour: 8pm to 12pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings

2.2 Nha Xanh Night Market

Nha Xanh night market is the market most popular with students because the items here are mainly clothes and shoes as well as snacks such as grilled rice paper, fried corn with butter, bean milk. In addition,  Nha Xanh night market is also near famous universities with unique architecture such as Hanoi National University of Education, Academy of Journalism and Communication, very suitable for you to visit and take some souvenir photos.

Nha Xanh Market in hanoi
Nha Xanh Market in hanoi

Location: Phan Van Truong street, Cau Giay district, Hanoi city

Opening hour: daily from 8am to 10pm

2.3 Long Bien Night Market

Long Bien night market is the largest wholesale market of agricultural products in Hanoi, with a special location right under the Long Bien Bridge. At the long Bien night market you will feel the beauty of the labor of Vietnamese people who are hard-working to make a living with the sweat drops on their foreheads. You will easily catch the moments when they are so tired that they fall asleep for a while on the handlebars of the car or they have a quick meal of bread to have enough energy to work. Besides, there is also the lively life of the people here, the sound of motorcycle engines carrying agricultural products, the cheers of the people in the market .Coming to Long Bien night market, you can buy very fresh agricultural products because it has just been harvested. Moreover, some types of food such as Hanoi pho, crab noodles, and spring rolls. These are the things that make up the characteristics of the long Bien night market.

Long Bien Night Market
Long Bien Night Market

Location: Long Bien Bridge, Cau Giay District, Hanoi City

Opening hour: daily from 10pm to 5am

2.4 Linh Nam Night Market

Linh Nam night market is very vibrant and bustling, with a variety of goods such as clothes, shoes, souvenirs with many designs. The food is also something quite special here, the hot pot dishes, grilled foods are extremely delicious and cheap.

2.5 Phung Khoang Night Market

Phung Khoang night market is the largest student market in Hanoi. This is a place to sell young people’s clothes, shoes, accessories and jewelry, so it’s not only cheap but also trendy, youthful, and has a variety of designs imported mainly from Guangzhou, China. Phung Khoang night is also famous for its snacks, especially rice paper mixed.

Phung Khoang Night Market
Phung Khoang Night Market

Location: Phung Khoang Street, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi City

Opening hour: daily from 6pm to 12pm

3. Hanoi Weekend Night Market

Hanoi’s weekend night market is like the festival of the capital. Hanoi weekend night market has many  street performing arts activities with many different styles and forms such as Vietnamese folk, youth music, hip hop, latin dances bring to Hanoi a new twist. The fragrant smell of grilled squid from the food carts is also a feature of Hanoi’s weekend night market, it will make you extremely excited when sitting on the street corner sipping dried squid with beer. In addition, the souvenir vendors have also prepared wonderful souvenirs bearing the symbol of Vietnam and unique with a very cheap price so that you can make gifts for your loved ones or keep as a souvenir. Hanoi weekend  night market always welcomes you with excitement and lots of new things for you to unleash your passion to explore in the capital land.

hanoi night life
Hanoi Weekend Night Market

4. What to buy in Hanoi Night Market

4.1 Hanoi Night Market Food-A Culinary Adventure

Hanoi night market food will take you through many endless adventures with irresistible flavors. Hanoi night market food has a lot of food, dishes from Europe to Asia. You will be mesmerized by extremely attractive street foods such as grilled spring rolls, grilled skewers, kimbap, tokbokki, sipping with a cool and nutritious smoothie is extremely interesting. If you want to immerse yourself in Vietnamese street food culture, boiled snails dipped in garlic chili sauce or a plate of spicy stir-fried snails sipping with coca cola is a perfect choice. Or if you want to return to the frugal and elegant taste of Hanoi, Hanoi vermicelli with mild sour broth and grilled meat combined with hot and supple noodles will give you a special nostalgic feeling about Hanoi.

Hanoi Night Market Food
Hanoi Night Market Food

4.2 Local Crafts And Artisans: Showcasing Vietnamese Talents

Local crafts and artisans have been an important part of creating the soul of Vietnam since ancient times and also honoring the industrious and ingenious virtues of Vietnamese people. It’s a smart choice for Do paper because those are sheets made entirely of natural bark material, so they are very soft, difficult to tear and do not contain chemicals like popular papers today. Owning them is not only safe for your health, but you also have the talent and ingenuity of Vietnamese artisans. Another item at Hanoi night market  is also worth collecting is ceramics, which converge a lot of the beauty of the people who create ceramic products, they must be careful, meticulous and skillful people.In additions bamboo and rattan crafts are also popular local crafts because of their diversity and high aesthetics,from rattan and bamboo trees are straight and sturdy, but thanks to the skillful and flexible hands of the craftsmen, they have molded them into very cute objects.

Local Crafts And Artisans
Local Crafts And Artisans

4.3 Shopping Delights: A Treasure Trove Of Souvenirs

Shopping delights will be very convenient at the Hanoi night market because Hanoi is known as the land of many favorite specialties. What is more wonderful than owning a Ha Dong silk, a specialty that exudes the luxurious and fragile beauty of the capital girls in Ha Dong silk ao dai with cool, thin, soft , light and less wrinkles nature . Another option is West Lake lotus tea, which is carefully processed and selected from the best lotus buds, the best tea to produce. Besides, hand-embroidered products are also very famous in Hanoi, a handkerchief embroidered with beautiful small shapes will be extremely attractive to you. Moreover, in Hanoi, there is a street called Hang Bac, so the jewelry made from silver is also very unique, which will help the owner have a very unique style.

Hanoi Weekend Night Market
Shopping Delights in Hanoi night market

5. Experience The Night Markets: Tip For Visitors

  • Know how to bargain: The sellers often increase the price very high, maybe even double the original price, so keep this in mind to save your money.
  • Wear suitable clothes: Do not wear high heels and tight clothes because the space here is quite crowded, it will make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Change money into Vietnam dong: In small shops  in Hanoi night market, most of them only use Vietnamese dong so it won’t be possible if you want to buy something here.

Hanoi night market has a beautiful location, extremely diverse products, delicious food, and cheap prices. Hanoi night market is a great destination worth experiencing on your trip. We hope you will have a great time. safe and fun trip.We hope that you will have a pleasant and safe trip. We are always there for you when you need help.