The Bich Dong Pagoda Vietnam is situated in Ninh Binh Province, Vietnam. Rebuilt in the fifteenth century, it is regarded as Vietnam’s most exquisite pagoda. The pagoda was situated within a limestone mountain and encompassed three caves, each with a unique pagoda. Numerous trails and staircases connect the various areas of the cave.

The well-known pagodas provide breathtaking natural scenery and distinctive architecture. Buddha statues and other statues adorn caves. There are rice fields and limestone mountains in the serene area surrounding the pagoda.

The Bich Dong Pagoda Vietnam is the ideal place to visit and learn about its ideal culture and religion. As a result, the location draws a large number of visitors from over the globe. Do you know where you want to visit? Enjoying and taking in the surroundings

Bich Dong Pagoda Vietnam
Bich Dong Pagoda Vietnam

Bich Dong Pagoda Ninh Binh – A Journey into Tranquility and Spiritual Marvels

1. About Bich Dong Pagoda Vietnam

The Bich Dong Pagoda Vietnam is part of the Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The pagoda became the national heritage of culture and history in 1993 by the ministry of culture, sports and tourism of Vietnam.

In Giap Ngo 1774, Trinh Sam King visited the temple and watched the mountain, cave, river, and paddy field which converged on the green background of the temple; thus, the temple is named Bich Dong. So what is some information about the Bich Dong Pagoda’s history  to find out the process structure and the reason why it existed until now and one of the world heritage sites.

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About Bich Dong Pagoda Vietnam

2. Bich Dong Pagoda history

The Bich Dong Pagoda history is extensive and connected to numerous phases of the nation. Here are some details regarding the Bich Dong Pagoda Vietnam.

The first stage:

  • In the 15th century: The pagoda was built first in the Le Thai To King (1428 – 1433) which was named Dong Thien Tu.
  • In the 17th century: The pagoda was restored and expanded by Tri Kien and Tri The monk.
  • In 1774: Trinh Sam Lords visited the temple and renamed it “Bich Dong”.

The French colonial period:

  • At the end of the 19th century: The temple was badly damaged by the war.
  • On the first of the 20th: The temple was restored by Nguyen Manh monk

The Bich Dong Pagoda Vietnam is a significant cultural and historical legacy in Ninh Binh province. The pagoda retains many aspects of its original artistic values, architecture, and culture. The pagoda is a well-known tourist attraction that draws visitors from both domestic and foreign countries.

Bich Dong Pagoda history
Bich Dong Pagoda history

3. Unique architecture of Bich Dong Pagoda

The architecture of the Bich Dong Pagoda was built with the Chinese “Tam” typeface, the three buildings are not contiguous and lay in limestone mountains from low to high: Ha, Trung, and Thuong. Ha Pagoda is the place where tourists buy tickets and start climbing. Trung Pagoda has lots of Buddha statues and worship. Thuong Pagoda is the most beautiful of the Trang An charm monuments.

Bich Dong
Unique architecture of Bich Dong Pagoda

3.1 Lower Pagoda (Ha Pagoda)

When tourists want to visit the Lower Pagoda, tourists will follow the stone bridge made of green stone slabs leading to the Tam Quan gate of Bich Dong Pagoda. There is a paved road at the foot of the mountain about 55m long and is the only way to get to Ha Pagoda.

The Ha Pagoda was built with five small houses which are connected by a house. The pagoda architecture was designed in Dinh font (Chinese characters). When tourists enter the pagoda, high up in the middle of the Tien Duong hall, there hangs the great Chinese character “Mao Co Than Thanh”. This sentence means that the appearance of this ancient temple is very sacred. Inside the upper palace is the place to worship Buddha. 

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Lower Pagoda in Bich Dong Pagoda

Hopefully, tourists have a great trip when tourists visit the Lower Pagoda and many places in the temple such as Trung, Thuong Pagoda, and the dark cave of Bich Dong Pagoda Vietnam.

3.2 Middle Pagoda (Trung Pagoda)

After tourists visit the Ha Pagoda, you go to the North and have a path that includes 80 stairs around the mountainsides. This is the road to the middle of the mountain and is located in the Trung Pagoda. With the Lower Pagoda, Middle Pagoda has a semi-roofed architecture on the outside.

There is a unique pagoda that only has the appearance of a door and roof, the other architecture lies in the cave. The Middle Pagoda was built with three compartments to worship Buddha. Above the pagoda roof are two Chinese characters “Bich Dong” placed by order of Lord Trinh Sam. On the left side of Trung Pagoda is the Saint worship space.

Middle Pagoda in Bich Dong
Middle Pagoda in Bich Dong

3.3 Upper Pagoda (Thuong Pagoda)

When tourists go to the Upper Pagoda, you must add 40 steps along the mountainsides. The Thuong Pagoda is small on the mountainsides and lies on the highest point near the peak of Bich Dong. The Thuong Pagoda was built in the Southeast and worships Ba Quan Am. There are two temples on both sides of the pagoda: the temple worshiping Tho Dia and worshiping Duc Son Than. Next to the pagoda, there is also a water tank called the “Cam Lo water tank” of Bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara.

The Thuong Pagoda, you can see 5 independent mountains flanking Bich Dong Mountain, looking like 5 lotus petals. That is Ngu Nhac Son, which also includes the mountains of Gia Dinh, Tam Sang, Con Lon, Dau Cau, and Hang Ba.

Upper Pagoda
Upper Pagoda in Bich Dong

3.4 Dark Cave Bich Dongs

Dark Cave Bich Dong is one of the Trang An charm monuments, in Ninh Binh province, Vietnam. The caves are known as the 8th wonder of Trang An with wild, mysterious, and magical beauty.

The caves are roughly 250 meters long, 20 meters high, and 10 meters wide. The main branch, the left branch, and the right branch are the three divisions within the caverns. The main branch is the longest and the most exquisite.

Dark Cave Bich Dong Pagoda Vietnam is a draw destination from all over the world. Visitors can explore the beauty of the wild, the mysterious caves, and the harmony of the nature of Trang An.

Dark Cave Bich Dongs
Dark Cave Bich Dongs

Here are some suggestions when arriving in Dark Cave Bich Dong:

  • The idea is to go from November to April next year.
  • Should wear polite clothes
  • Should bring a lamp and a flash lamp
  • Should with everyone to safety

4. Bich Dong Pagoda entrance fee & opening hours

Bich Dong Pagoda Vietnam is located on the Tam Coc – Bich Dong Landscape Complex tour which does have an entrance fee. So, when you want to visit Bich Dong Pagoda, you purchase the tickets.

Entrance fee:

  • Adult: 20.000 VND (per person)
  • Children ( 6 -12 years old): 10.000 VND
  • Children under 6 years old: free

Opening hours: 

  • Summer ( April – October): 7. am – 6. pm
  • Winter ( November – March): 7. am – 5. pm


  • The pagoda closed on the Tet holiday.
  • Tourists should wear polite clothes when arriving in the pagoda.

5. How to get Bich Dong Pagoda from Hanoi

When you want to visit the Bich Dong Pagoda Vietnam, the first thing that arrives in Hanoi. Tourists can book an airplane and then you can rent a private car,  motorbike, taxi or bus. If you want to have a free trip and explore the landscape when coming to the place, you can rent a motorbike or private car. Here are some suggestions to help you how to get the Bich Dong Ninh Binh from Hanoi.

5.1 Private Car

Renting a private car is the best option for you. The first thing is freedom and comfort. In the private car, you have a private space and your family can chat together without worrying about being disturbed or influenced by other people. Your family can listen to music, watch movies, and enjoy the beautiful landscape. So, one of the best options for tourists, you read an article to find out ways of booking and enjoying the stunning scenery.

private car
Private car

5.2 Join Ninh Binh day trip from Hanoi

 If you have a trip alone, you can join in the Ninh Binh day trip from Hanoi. The trip has lots of destinations, one of which is the Bich Dong Pagoda Vietnam from all over the world. Every trip has a tour guide to provide information for tourists about the Bich Dong story such as culture, art, and history. Besides, the fun atmosphere, without how to go if you do not know the road, is an ideal option, and tourists can visit many destinations on the trip. So, one of the ways of going to the pagoda.

ninh binh from hanoi
Ninh Binh day trip from Hanoi

5.3 By Motorbike

If you want to feel backpacking, exploring the stunning landscape, and especially saving the memory with your friend. Renting a motorbike is ideal for a trip, tourists can discuss the place and check in anywhere that comes through. Tourists can relax their minds, and being in harmony with nature, forests, and the sea helps you temporarily forget fatigue and sadness. Additionally, tourists look at the landscapes and check in the beauty along the road.

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Hanoi to Ninh Binh by Motorbike

6. Travel Tips

When you arrive anywhere, the weather is one of the travel tips that is not lacking in any trip. Tourists should go in Autumn or Spring which have the best weather. Next, tourists should go on weekdays to avoid crowds. 

The Bich Dong Pagoda Vietnam is a well-known spirituality in Ninh Binh Province. Travelers come to pray for luck, peace, and happiness or to relax and enjoy the peaceful scenery. Travelers should note the above things to have a fun and meaningful trip.

Hopefully, some suggestions in the article will help you have a great trip with a rich culture, diverse landscape, and interesting history in the place. This is an unforgettable memory when coming to the ancient destination and friendly local people. A place brings several years which always existed in the heart and keeps lots of the history stages. Bich Dong Pagoda Vietnam is a worthy destination to explore and find out its history, and culture.