Hoi An in Vietnam is a destination located in Quang Nam province, Central Vietnam and also is one of the best places in Vietnam that many domestic and international tourists want to visit. Hoi An is more special than other cities because it is a unique combination of culture and architecture of Asian countries such as Vietnam, Japan, and China, so if you come to Hoi An, you can also admire most great things in these regions. In particular, Hoi An is famous as the only ancient town in Vietnam because it was formerly one of the busiest and richest urban areas in Vietnam, and now, it has become a place with a nostalgic but equally modern, so it can captivates many tourists when they visit

When is the best time to visit Hoi An? This article will help you to make the smartest choices for your trip to Vietnam’s ancient town in the future, so don’t forget to follow our useful tips about Hoi An weather below. Let’s get started !

Lanterns in hoian
Lanterns in Hoian Vietnam

Discover The Best Time To Visit Hoi An For An Unforgettable Experience!

1. Introduce weather in Hoi An

According to research, weather often determines about 50% of the outcome of your trip. That means if you find an ideal travel destination but the weather there is not favorable, it means your trip is unlikely to be perfect. Especially when coming to Hoi An, you should also have a clear understanding of the weather here to have a perfect trip as expected. In general, the climate in Hoi An is quite pleasant with temperatures that are neither too hot nor too cold, suitable for sightseeing and relaxation activities. However, at different times of the year, Hoi An’s weather has its own characteristics, so determining for each individual the best time to travel Hoi An is really necessary.

thu bon market
Best time to visit Hoi An

2. Hoi An weather by month

Hoi An weather by month is considered a precious gift that nature has bestowed on this place as well as those who intend to travel to Hoi An because the weather here always brings you new feelings thanks to weather state changes each month. So how did that miracle happen? Please follow our statistics table below about Hoi An weather by month to find out the best time to travel to Hoi An.

MonthWeather PatternsEvents & Festivals
Januarycool, chilly (18°C – 23°C)
  • Take a cruise on the Hoai river
  • Visit traditional craft villages (Tam Thanh mural village, Thanh Ha pottery village, Kim Bong carpentry village)
FebruaryDry, cloudy (19°C – 24°C)
  • Walk around Hoi An ancient town
  • Enjoy the Vietnamese Lunar New Year festival
  • Immerse yourself in the lantern festival
Marchsunshine and breeze (21°C – 25°C)
  • Sightseeing at the pagodas
  • Collect souvenirs at markets
  • Explore local cuisine
AprilFine and warm (26°C – 30°C)
  • Visit Phuc Kien Assembly Hall, Tan Ky ancient house
  • Enjoy Cua Dai beach, Admire Hoi An Bridge Pagoda
MaySunny and hot (27°C – 31°C)
  • Traveling to Cu Lao Cham Island
  • Explore My Son Sanctuary
  • Relax at An Bang beach
JuneHot peak (27°C – 33°C)
  • Snokerling Cham Island
  • Enjoy the display of lanterns on the street
JulyThe temperature drops (26°C – 28°C)
  • Enjoy the bustling atmosphere at the night market
  • Visit seven acres coconut forest
AugustOccasionally drizzle, chilly at night (24°C – 26°C)
  • Be ecstatic by the lantern festivals
  • Pray for luck at Ong Pagoda
SeptemberTemperatures are a bit colder and still raining (22°C – 24°C)
  • Visit Hoi An Museum of History and Culture
  • Explore Hoi An market
OctoberLots of rain and cold all day (21°C – 24°C)
  • Sightseeing at Ba Mu Pagoda
  • Admire Hoi An ceramics museum
NovemberWettest months with occasional rain (20°C – 25°C)
  • Have romantic feeling in these cafes
  • Visit Hoi An Folk Culture Museum
DecemberOccasional drizzle, cool temperatures (19°C – 27°C)
  • Enjoy the Christmas atmosphere
  • Take a walk in Hoi An ancient town
Weather in Hoi An – list of Event & Places to visit by month

3. Best time to visit Hoi An in Vietnam

3.1 Dry Season

The dry season, which lasts from February to August, is definitely the best time to travel to Hoi An with countless wonderful things for you to experience. At this time in Hoi An , the weather  is almost dry and warm with temperatures fluctuating between 30 – 33 degrees Celsius. This is very suitable for sightseeing activities, outdoor picnics or enjoying a vibrant atmosphere at night. Furthermore, under favorable weather conditions at this time, there are also many  great festivals that take place to  completely satisfy your travel needs. Some experience for you when coming to Hoi An at this time is to remember to bring sunscreen, a jacket and book air tickets and hotels in advance to enjoy preferential prices and promotions.

visit hoian
Dry Season – the best time to visit Hoi An

3.2 Wet Season

In contrast to the excitement of the dry season, the period from September to January of the following year is when Hoi An is in the wet season, which will bring you a poetic and romantic space when the weather is cold and scattered with drizzle during the day . The wet season in Hoi An has pleasant, cool temperatures, always fluctuating between 23 – 25 degrees Celsius, so this is a great time for you to fully enjoy the ancient and peaceful features of Hoi An with many amazing  things to do .

Besides, the wet season in Hoi An has few tourists, so it will be a favorable condition for you if you do not like the noise and bustle like the dry season. The best thing to do this season is walking around the old town, sipping drinks and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere in cafes, visiting museums or ancient houses. There are some tips for you when traveling to Hoi An this season such as remembering to prepare warm clothes, raincoats and some necessary medicines or regularly update the weather forecasts to have perfect plants  during the trip.

walking in hoian
Walking in Hoian Old Town

4. Festival and Special events

In addition to providing you information about the best time to visit Hoi An, Vm travel also gives you a special gift that is suggestions about outstanding festivals and events in Hoi An that you should try when coming to Hoi An. Please follow the news below 

The reason why Hoi An is popular with many people to travel is not only the pleasant weather, beautiful scenery or delicious cuisine, but what stands out here are the festivals and events that take place all year round. That brings cultural and historical values as well as creates a new atmosphere for domestic and international tourists. Festivals and events in Hoi An are often distributed according to the time of year and at each time there will be differ

markets in hoi an vietnam
Fesstival in Hoi An Vietnam

4.1 Lunar new year celebrations

This is also one of the best time to visit Hoi An for you because the Lunar New Year celebration is the biggest festival in Vietnam, taking place every year on the first 3 days of the first lunar month. Coming to Hoi An at this time, you will have the opportunity to discover many interesting things such as culture, festivals, and cuisine that are only available on this occasion. Besides, this is also the only time for you to have the opportunity to enjoy New Year’s Eve with brilliant fireworks displays. Furthermore, on Tet days there are also many traditional Vietnamese activities for you to participate in such as going to temples and spring trips.

Hoi An Lantern Festival River
Lunar new year celebrations

4.2 Hoi An lantern festival

One of the best times to visit Hoi An Ancient Town is in the Hoi An Lantern Festival. This festival is held on the 14th day of every lunar month. On this day, from 05:00 p.m., when all the electric lights are turned off, only the shimmering light of lanterns of all shapes and sizes remains swaying on the water. You can immerse yourself in the party of lights and colours when Old Town is covered in a warm and vibrant lantern glow. Visit Hoian Lantern Festival 2024 to admire the sparkling scenery of the ancient town, enjoy art performances on the river and savour a taste of Hoi An in the breathaking lantern glow. 

lantern market
Hoi An lantern festival

4.3 Mid-Autumn Festival

It’s perfect when you have the opportunity to witness the bustle and sparkle of the Mid-Autumn Festival taking place in Hoi An ancient town, which takes place on the full moon day of the 8th lunar month. During the Mid-Autumn Festival in Hoi An, locals will surprise you because their ancient houses are brightly decorated with sparkling lanterns. Especially on the night of the festival, it will bring you wonderful and unforgettable experiences with fun activities such as watching lion dances, participating in folk games, rowing boats to float lights on the river and taking photos when the  street is beautifully decorated. Besides, another cultural feature of Hoi An that you must definitely try on this occasion is enjoying moon cakes with a sip of cool lotus tea to fully enjoy the mid-autumn season in this land.

Mid-Autumn Festival
Mid-Autumn Festival

4.4 Ba Thien Hau ceremony

As VM travel mentioned in the previous section, Hoi An is a convergence of many cultures of Asian countries and that is partly shown through the worshiping ceremony of Ba Thien Hau. This custom originated from the Chinese, when they came to Vietnam to do business and live,so  they brought this belief to Vietnam. As a result,  it also became a spiritual symbol and was maintained in Vietnam. This festival takes place on the 22nd to 23rd of the third lunar month with many outstanding activities such as processions, incense offerings, and offerings.

Ba Thien Hau ceremony
Ba Thien Hau ceremony

5. What to do in Hoi An – Experiences for a Unique Hoi An Getaway!

There are many must-do activities in Hoi An to experience the best of Hoi An throughout four seasons. The guidelines below offer you some of the famous tourist attractions and interesting experiences in the Old Town. For more comprehensive information, you can click on the list of things to do in HoiAn to make your exploration here wonderful.

5.1 Hoi An Ancient Towns

One of the attractive things in Hoi An is definitely the ancient town with many things that make you curious. The bright spot here is the one-story houses arranged neatly next to the riverbank with sparkling lanterns everywhere. This creates a cozy and homely atmosphere and is the best place for you to relax during your journey.

Japanese Covered Bridge
Japanese Covered Bridge

5.2 Coconut Village – Finding Serenity in Cam Thanh Coconut Village

Coconut Village is also one of the best places to visit Hoi An when it gives you a new feeling and immersion in nature. The best things to do here are traveling to the coconut forest by basket boat, enjoying basketry performances on the river, participating in folk games or going fishing in the coconut forest.

tour coconut
Cam Thanh Coconut Village

5.3 My Son Sanctuary- Architectural Wonders of Champa

My Son Sanctuary is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that houses a complex of Cham cultural temples. The historical site is situated in the middle of a tropical jungle, about an hour from the centre of Hoi An Ancient Town. My Son Sanctuary was built between the 4th and 14th centuries and is the gathering of spiritual temples for Cham people who follow Shavai Hindu.  You can join My Son Tour from Hoi An to discover the Champa Ancient Kingdom’s architecture, history, and culture. That is why do not miss out on adding My Son Sanctuary to your itinerary in Central Vietnam to explore the glorious golden bygone era of the Cham Kingdom.

sunset at my son sanctuary
My Son Sanctuary

5.4 Cu Lao Cham Island

Cham Island, located off the coast of Hoi An in Vietnam, is a pristine archipelago renowned for its natural beauty and cultural significance. Designated as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, the islands have blue waters, vibrant coral reefs, and lush green landscapes. Visitors are captivated by the diverse marine life, making it a popular destination for snorkelling and diving enthusiasts. Sustainable tourism initiatives are in place to preserve the ecosystem, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a harmonious blend of nature, and tranquillity.

vietnam snorkeling
Cham Island Snorkeling

5.5 Thanh Ha Pottery Village

Thanh Ha Pottery Village also deserves to be the best place for you when coming to Hoi An because this includes the greatest traditional values ​​in Hoi An . Besides, there are also many attractions for you such as making your own ceramic products or watching artisans demonstrate pottery making activities.

Visit craft villages
Thanh Ha Pottery Village

5.6 Join Bana Hill Day Tour from Hoi An

Away 60km from Hoi An, you can join the Bana Hills Day Tour from Hoi An to conquer the Road to Wonderland. Bana Hills is a hill station and resort located at a height of 1,487 meters (4,879 ft) above sea level.  Coming to Ba Na Hills, you can experience the 4-season climate in just one day with many festivals, carnivals, entertainment and cuisine activities. Bana Hills is also home to the iconic Golden Bridge, the ancient French village, the dreamy Flower Garden, the largest indoor park in the world, and a thousand interesting activities await you!

bana hill group tour
Join Bana hill group tour

5.7 Join Hue City Full Day Tour

From the ancient Hoi An, it just takes around 126 kilometres to visit the City of Heritages and Festivals – Hue. Join Hue City Tour from Hoi An is an ideal choice to explore the timeless beauty of the ancient capital Hue. On the way to Hue, you can conquer Hai Van Pass – one of the most impressive coastal roads in the world, and Lang Co Bay – one of the most beautiful bays in the world. The enchanting tour also offers a golden chance to step back in time and visit the Hue Imperial Citadel and Khai Dinh Tomb or uncover the spiritual lives of Hue locals. Be a part of the Hue City Tour from Hoi An today!

Hue City Tour
Join Hue City Tour

5.8 Shopping in Hoi An Ancient Town

Shopaholics, get ready to be amazed in Hoi An Ancient Town! Wander through its ancient streets and find lovely shops and local markets. Imagine getting your own special clothes made by skilled tailors. Look out for beautiful lanterns, soft silk stuff, and cool local crafts that you can take home as awesome souvenirs for your loved ones. Don’t miss the Central Market – it’s full of Hoi An specialities and cool things to buy. Hoi An’s shopping scene is like a melting pot with a unique blend of culture, and lifestyle.

6. Is Hoi An worth visiting?

In order to help you make the right choices, we have researched if Hoi An is worth visiting. It is great that the answer for you is that Hoi An is  worth visiting because it has countless interesting things. Outstanding with peaceful, poetic scenery, high-class services, and diverse sightseeing models. Furthermore, this is also a place recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage, so definitely Hoi An is worth visiting for you

To sum up, with a series of advantages that Hoi An possesses such as climate, tourism resources, and facilities, all are perfect for a trip. Besides, VM Travel has also provided you with the best time to travel to Hoi An, so you just need to take a trip to Hoi An as soon as possible. Wishing you a safe and happy trip !


1. How many days to spend in Hoi An?

The most reasonable time to stay in Hoi An when traveling is 2 days and one night to fully enjoy the list of things worth trying here. You should arrange your schedule properly, for example on the first day visit historical sites, then in the evening there will be places such as the night market, old town, restaurants, pubs or resorts ; The next day will end the trip with nature discovery activities such as going to the island or going to the beach

2. How many days in Da Nang and Hoi An?

With a duration of 3 days and 2 nights, it’s perfect for your schedule in Da Nang and Hoi An. This is the perfect time for you to visit most of the great destinations as well as enjoy many specialties dishes

3. When to visit Hoi An?

Actually, any time in Hoi An is also wonderful and suitable for you to travel. Notably, the best time to go to Hoi An is the dry season, which is from February to August because the weather conditions at this time are most favorable such as warm temperatures and no rain.