Ho Chi Minh City is located in the South of Vietnam. It is referred to as the “Pearl of the Far East” and is the nation’s busiest tourism hub and gateway. It has a liberal, peaceful lifestyle and long-standing cultural customs and traditions. The system adapted to a life of land reclamation in a river delta, and soon interacted with regional and Western cultures.With the purpose of helping visitors find information about Best time to visit Ho Chi Minh.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the beauty and highlight the best time of year to visit Ho Chi Minh city to consult and plan with your friends and family

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Best time to visit Ho Chi Minh

Planning a Trip to Ho Chi Minh? Here’s the Insider’s Guide to Optimal Timing!

1. Ho Chi Minh City: A Vibrant Destination

Ho Chi Minh City has left a deep impression of being the largest, busiest and most dynamic metropolis in the country. The streets are glistening light, activities and entertainment last until late at night. The rush of traffic on all roads seems to never end. Rows of shops with rich and colorful goods of all kinds contribute to the reputation of “Saigon – shopping paradise”. The labels of eateries, shops, and restaurants with very diverse menus make cuisine an indispensable pleasure for visitors to this place.

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Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam

2. Weather in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City’s climate is characterized by an equatorial climate, so the temperature is high and stable throughout the year and there are only two distinct rainy and dry seasons. In general, Ho Chi Minh City is hot all year round, with high temperatures and steady rain in both seasons. The city’s climate is relatively mild, with no cold winter days or heavy floods or storms.

2.1 Dry season – the best time to visit Ho Chi Minh

The warmest months are known to be during the dry season, which lasts from December to April. Temperatures during this period can fall as low as 17°C (62°F) in the morning and then average 24–26°C (75–78°F) in the afternoons and evenings.

But Saigon’s climate is defined by hot days and always-cool, windy nights that are ideal for strolling around the city and taking part in nighttime activities.The humidity is moderate in December and begins to decrease in January through April,March, April, and May are the three hottest months of the year, with average highs of 38°C

2.2 Rainy season in Ho Chi Minh city

In the South, it’s frequently humid and rainy, while the North experiences hot, dry weather from May to November. While the dry seasons are generally considered to be the best time to visit Ho Chi Minh City, the rainy season still offers advantages. 

Sometimes it’s sunny and suddenly it rains heavily, or sometimes it’s pouring rain and suddenly it’s sunny. Saigon’s rain does not last from day to day, it just suddenly comes and then goes, so visitors can completely have fun and visit five scenic spots

3. Ho Chi Minh weather by month

Saigon has two distinct seasons: Rainy season from May to November, dry season from December to April. If you come here during the rainy season, you should bring an umbrella or raincoat when going out because Saigon is famous for many sudden rains.

MonthWeather PatternsEvents & Festivals
JanuaryCool, Dry (21°C – 32°C)
  • Visit Ben Thanh Market
  • Visit Cu Chi Tunnels
FebruaryCrispy, Sunny (22°C – 32°C)
  • Enjoy Lunar New Year
  • Savor the fireworks displays
  • Taste Vietnamese foods in Tet Holiday
  • Experience Ong Dia Temple Festival
MarchClear, Fair (23°C – 33°C)
  • Participating Ao Dai Festival
  • Visit City Theater, Nha Rong Port
AprilRainy, a bit cold (23°C – 34°C)
  • Visit The Reunification Palace
  • Explore Chinatown at Ho Chi Minh City
MaySunny, Humid (25°C – 35°C)
  • Enjoy rowing boat at mangrove forests
  • Going to the crocodile farm
  • Swimming in the saltwater pool
JuneRainy, Humid (24°C – 34°C)
  • Participating fruit festival
  • Walking Nguyen Hue Street
JulyQuite a high temperature (24°C – 33°C)
  • Try the tropical specialty fruits
  • Visit Mekong Delta
AugustRainy, Crispy (24°C – 33°C)
  • Playing and swimming at Dam Sen Water Park
  • Visit Saigon Botanical Garden
SeptemberHumid Peak (24°C – 33°C)
  • Take part in the lantern procession
  • Enjoy The Mid-Autumn Festival
OctoberHigh temperature and humid (28°C – 33°C)
  • Visit Duc Ba Cathedral
  • Explore Cu Chi Tunnels
NovemberLess rainfall and low humidity (28°C – 32°C)
  • Sightseeing Saigon Opera House
  • Explore Landmark 81
DecemberFine & warm (22°C – 33°C)
  • Visit Thien Hau Temple
  • Explore Rooftop Bars
Weather in Ho Chi Minh City – list of Event & Places to visit by month

3.1 January

Saigon’s temperature in January ranges from 21 to 32°C, with very little rain. One of the greatest months to visit the city is said to be January. Discover every inch of the 300-year-old city, Ho Chi Minh.

When visiting Ho Chi Minh City this month, visitors should visit locations like Ben Thanh market and Cho Lon to take part in the vibrant shopping scene and prepare for the upcoming Lunar New Year with the local people.

ho chi minh city tour
Ho Chi Minh city tour

3.2 February

February is the driest month in the city. The average high temperature is about 32°C, the average low temperature is 22°C, and the humidity is 70%. 

This is a great opportunity to immerse in the festive atmosphere of Tet, enjoy spectacular fireworks displays and taste traditional Vietnamese foods in Vietnam’s traditional New Year holiday.

3.3 March

This month is ideal for tourists to visit and enjoy the fresh, cool air in the green space. The temperature during the day ranges from 23-33 °C, quite comfortable. Coming to Saigon, visitors can visit famous attractions such as: Notre Dame Cathedral, City Theater and Nha Rong port.

3.4 April

In this month, rainfall increased significantly and the dryness of the weather also decreased. The average high temperature is about 34°C.These days, visitors should bring umbrellas and raincoats to avoid getting wet from frequent rain. 

Visitors should go to the Cu Chi Tunnels and the Reunification Palace. In addition, it’s the last month of the dry season, making it a great time for visitors to explore Ho Chi Minh City. Explore the hidden wonders beneath Vietnam’s surface and gain insights into the country’s rich past with Cu Chi Tunnels tour from Ho Chi Minh city

cu chi tunnel in vietnam
Cu Chi Tunnel in Vietnam

3.5 May

The weather in May is quite hot with average temperatures ranging from 25 – 35°C. Furthermore, high relative humidity (79%) makes the weather hotter. There are often sudden rains in hot weather that can easily make people sick.

When traveling to ecotourism destinations in Saigon, tourists can enjoy the cool fresh air under the rows of green trees in the suburban areas. Can Gio district, for example, travelers can enjoy leisurely times while row boats through the mangrove forests. In addition, there are engaging activities like going to the crocodile farm, feeding the reptiles, swimming in the saltwater pool, and savoring a delectable hotpot with freshwater fish.

3.6 June

The rain in June is intense with rainfall as high as 325 mm, and some flooding is common, so umbrellas and raincoats are always your companions. The average high temperature is about 34°C, the average low temperature is about 24°C.

The biggest fruit festival in Vietnam is taking place this month at Suoi Tien, drawing lots of visitors. If you’re fortunate enough to take part in this yearly occasion, you’ll get to sample a wide range of fresh tropical fruits that are grown in Vietnam’s southern region.

3.7 July

The temperature range for July is 24-33°C. This month has quite a high temperature, but it also has roughly 13 days of consistent rain. Therefore, on dry days, visitors should wear long sleeves and apply sunscreen to protect their skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Currently, travelers should sample some tropical specialties like mangosteen, rambutan, dragon fruit, and durian. To experience the flavors of the tropics, you should spend a lot of time in fruit markets or visiting orchards in nearby provinces.

3.8 August

The average temperature in August is about 28°C and sudden downpours often last just a few minutes. Furthermore, the high humidity (84%) raises the temperature and creates an oppressive atmosphere, especially during the day. In order to avoid the intense heat and sunlight at noon, visitors should dress in long sleeves. On hot days, playing and swimming at Dam Sen Water Park is a great option for you.

3.9 September

Temperatures in September still fluctuate between 24 – 33°C. However, humidity is high at 85% (the highest of the year) and rainfall is heavy.

When visiting Ho Chi Minh City on this particular day, guests will have the chance to take part in the lantern procession, witness fascinating lion dances, savor freshly baked cakes, and socialize with locals in the lively atmosphere. The Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated in the area. Visitors can also take in the festive atmosphere of National Day.

3.10 October

October is considered one of the good months in the summer months to plan a visit to Ho Chi Minh City with an average temperature of about 28°C and relative humidity of about 85%.

Every September or October, Vietnam celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Mooncake Festival. Keep an eye out for the deliciously dense mooncakes that are being sold. According to the lunar calendar, the festival takes place on the fifteenth day of the eighth month.

3.11 November

In November, the weather is more pleasant than in the previous few months with less rainfall and low humidity. The average monthly temperature is 28°C.

The perfect setting for taking in the glistening, enchanted beauty of the city’s lights and having a delicious dinner on the serene Saigon River is the cool weather at night. In addition, guests can take a stroll in Bach Dang Park, which is situated beside the Saigon River, to take in the fresh air.

3.12 December

December is the first month of the dry season as well as the best time to visit Ho Chi Minh City. The weather is warm with temperatures ranging from 22 – 33°C and rainfall is also sharply reduced.

This is the time to celebrate Christmas with decorations, music, and specials, shopping centers and certain eateries pay homage to Christmas in a non-religious way.

On December 31, Gregorian New Year’s Eve is observed with surprisingly much fervor and noise. Savor the festivities, the city’s fireworks at midnight, and the nightlife. That evening, there are special events hosted by rooftop and hotel bars.

4. Best time to go to Ho Chi Minh

Unlike Central or Northern Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City has a cool climate all year round and is less susceptible to natural disasters, storms or floods. Therefore, any time of the year is considered a great time to visit Ho Chi Minh City. There are some suggestions for you to choose which is the best time to go to Ho Chi Minh city.

4.1 The Dry Season (December to April)

Ho Chi Minh City’s dry season normally lasts from December to April. The weather is usually more comfortable during this time of year, with lower humidity and less precipitation. During the dry season, we recommended that December through February are the ideal months for you to visit Ho Chi Minh City because of the lower temperatures.

It is a great time to freely explore Saigon without worrying that exciting plans will be derailed by unexpected showers.You can explore the hundreds of years-old French architecture, stroll through the bustling downtown streets, or enjoy outdoor amusement parks.

War Remnants Museum
Best time to visit Ho Chi Minh

4.2 The Wet Season (May to November)

In Ho Chi Minh City, the rainy season normally lasts from May to November, with June through September seeing the most rainfall. Because of the intense rains, some travelers may find the wet season to be less than ideal, but if you prepare ahead of time, it can still be a viable and fascinating time to visit.

You should prepare an umbrella and raincoats to explore the city and just be aware of potential travel disruption due to flooding because from June to August often experience the highest rainfall that can lead to flooding in certain areas.

However, September to November: rainfall usually decreases as the wet season comes to an end. November is usually a transitional month when the rain stops. Travelers who wish to experience a little bit of the wet season without going through the height of the heavy rainy season might find that this time of year is more ideal.

5. Special Events and Festivals

During the months of December, January, and February, major festivals and public holidays like Christmas, New Year’s, and the Vietnamese Lunar New Year (also called Tet Holiday in the local dialect) can be experienced if you come to this city during the dry season. The busy city will appear even more beautiful during this time of year thanks to the profusion of sparkling lights and holiday decorations.

6. Activities and Attractions

Discover the lively city of Ho Chi Minh with its many exciting activities and attractions. From tasting street food at local markets to immersing yourself in the youthful atmosphere on vibrant walking streets filled with entertainment activities, other top 22 things to do in Ho Chi Minh are waiting for you to enjoy the most dynamic city in Vietnam to the fullest

6.1 Ben Thanh Market

One of the most well-known tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh City is Ben Thanh Market, which is situated in the heart of the city and is constantly busy with people coming and going and tourists passing through on a daily basis.

Ben Thanh Market offers a wide range of products, including food, clothing, textiles, appliances, Saigon specialties, and, most importantly, an incredibly appealing food section and check-in areas. You’ll want to hang out here for a while after seeing the statue.

Ben Thanh Market
Ben Thanh Market

6.2 Nguyen Hue Walking Street

Both residents and visitors to Saigon have long found Nguyen Hue Walking Street to be a fascinating place to visit. This is one of the District 1 entertainment venues that a lot of people frequent, particularly on the weekends and in the evenings.

You will have the chance to take part in events like fashion shows, street art, entertainment, dining, and more at Nguyen Hue Walking Street, which is quite unique. You must not miss this, the trendiest check-in location in Saigon, when visiting the city.

Nguyen Hue walking stress
Nguyen Hue walking stress

6.3 Enjoy a coffee break

Vietnamese coffee and hanging out at a cafe are popular activities for both locals and tourists. No matter the time of day or whether it’s raining, people must have their condensed milk-flavored iced Vietnamese coffee.

6.4 Duc Ba Cathedral

You should definitely visit this Ho Chi Minh City tourist attraction. Located in Saigon, Notre Dame Cathedral is a distinctive European-style building that serves as both a residence and a place of worship for Catholics.

hochiminh tour
Duc Ba Cathedral

7. Explore Historical Sites

7.1 Independence Palace

Independence Palace is a building that was constructed by the French during their colonial era. It represents peace and territorial integrity to the people of Saigon as a historical relic.

Independence Palace is a location where priceless pictures and antiques from the 19th century are displayed and conserved in accordance with various themes. Specifically, significant rooms like the cabinet room and stateroom still have their original interiors

Things to do in Ho Chi Minh
Independence Palace

7.2 Vietnam History Museum

Constructed in the early 1900s, the Vietnam History Museum serves as a repository for antiquities and photographs spanning historical periods. Most visitors who are interested in history and architecture that combines two distinct Asian and European styles are drawn to the Vietnam History Museum.

7.3 Cu Chi Tunnels

The Cu Chi Tunnels are a historical relic situated approximately 70 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City’s downtown in the suburbs. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Saigon, particularly for visitors from overseas.

This location is a unique national monument connected to the Vietnam War’s history. It was once a major base and a common area for living that included a kitchen, an infirmary, a workplace, etc.

Additionally, their lives are reenacted inside the Cu Chi tunnels through strikingly lifelike models of humans and animals. One of the popular stops on Ho Chi Minh tours is this location, which you shouldn’t miss while traveling.

cu chi tunnels group tour
Cu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam

8. Enjoy Local Cuisine

The delicious and distinctive dishes of the Southern region are the result of the fusion of numerous cultures such as France, the US, China, Cambodia, Thailand, and others, which is known as Saigon cuisine. Sai Gon has an abundance of fruits, vegetables, and herbs, including mint, basil, green onions, ginger, and turmeric, which can be used as side ingredients so that people can create hundreds of different dishes with new flavors using just a few ingredients.

Joining a food tour (at night) is one of the best ways to fully immerse yourself in the local way of life. Your tour guide will take you to various interesting locations throughout the city so you can sample a wide variety of cuisine.

Morning Glory Restaurant
Ho Chi Minh Cuisines

9. Visit the Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta Day Trip From Ho Chi Minh is a captivating excursion that transports you to Vietnam’s colorful river region. Vietnam’s southern region is home to the Mekong Delta. This area is highly recognized for its lush, wet rice fields, sensual channels, tropical orchard gardens, and kind residents. When you visit the Mekong Delta, you will have the opportunity to experience local culture firsthand, take in the daily activities of the locals on the boat, and explore the vibrant floating market. You can refer to the Mekong Delta Day Trip From Ho Chi Minh – Deluxe Group Tour  to find more information for your trip.

mekong delta boat
Visit the Mekong Delta

10. Is Ho Chi Minh city worth visiting?

Yes, Ho Chi Minh City is definitely worth- destination to explore in Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City has seen tremendous economic growth in recent years, which has sparked the creation of contemporary shopping centers, infrastructure, and a bustling urban scene. Visitors can enjoy a variety of experiences thanks to this fusion of modernity and history.

Furthermore, Ho Chi Minh City offers more than just historical sites; it also offers cultural experiences like traditional performances, neighborhood markets like Ben Thanh Market, and chances to interact with the amiable locals.In here, travelers have great opportunities to explore  Vietnamese cuisine that is well-known throughout the world for its flavorful, fresh ingredients. 

If you enjoy exploring diverse cultures, trying new foods, and delving into history, Ho Chi Minh City could be a rewarding destination for you.

We hope that with more detailed information about the weather of Ho Chi Minh city will help you decide when to visit Ho Chi Minh and then have a meaningful trip with your family and friends. Besides the lively Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam has thousands of charming destinations with rich history, diverse culture, and breathtaking natural landscapes. If you want to discover beautiful Vietnam with the curated itinerary for a no-worries trip in the S-shaped country, let VM Travel make your dream trip come true with the Vietnam Pack Tour – a perfect blend of culture, landscape, and memorable experience in our Vietnam.