Bach Ma National Park Vietnam is known as one of the 30 largest primeval forests in the charming S-shaped country. Bach Ma National  Park Vietnam is located in Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue province, about 40 km from Hue city. The national park was established in 1991 but was explored by a French engineer in 1932 and then chosen by King Bao Dai to build many resorts that attract many tourists to this day. With an extremely large area of 37,487 hectares, it is famous for being a conservation area with many rare animals and plants, even some species are on the red list with nearly 2,400 species of plants and over 1,700 animals. Species such as saola, pheasant, pheasant,… are all rare animals listed on the red list. The name of this national park is also an interesting point that stimulates the curiosity of many tourists to visit.

bach ma nation park full day
Bach Ma National Park Vietnam

There are many ways to explain this unique name, but most of the time when asked about the origin of the name, local people will tell a legendary story about 3 fairies riding white horses down Bach Ma mountain to play chess. While the fairies were enthusiastically competing, the white horses were attracted by the scenery and the lush green grasses of Bach Ma Mountain, so they got lost.

After waiting too long and not seeing the white horses return, the fairies flew back to heaven, leaving the white horses alone and lost on this spacious land. These horses then turned into clouds in the shape of a horse and waited for its owner at Bach Ma Mountain.

Bach Ma National Park  will be an interesting and attractive tourist destination for those who love nature and like to experience and explore activities in the forest. What are you waiting for? Join VM travel – Vietnam Packagr Tours to explore this wild and poetic natural land

bach ma national park
Bach Ma National Park

Discover Bach Ma National Park – A Journey Into The Wilderness Of Vietnam

1. Best things to do in Bach Ma National Park Vietnam

1.1 Animals in Bach Ma National Park

Famous as a conservation area for many rare animals, even many animals listed in the Red Book, Bach Ma National Park will be an extremely great place for animal lovers or those who love animals like to see animals they have never had the chance to see before. Animals in Bach Ma are extremely diverse with many different species. Some of the typical species are earth dragons, pig-tailed macaques, pangolins, long-billed babblers, hornbills… Especially for children who have a passion for animals is also an opportunity to help them develop more knowledge about the behavior and life of animals. Besides, you also have the opportunity to interact and feed animals such as monkeys, etc…. and hear the singing of many different types of birds. In addition, it also helps tourists become more responsible in preserving the lives of animals.

Cuc Phuong National Park
Animals in Bach Ma National Park

1.2 Trekking Bach Ma National Park

Bach Ma National Park Vietnam will be an ideal place for those who are  passionate about or want to conquer the sport of trekking to participate. This is not a strange subject for those who are passionate about exploring steep mountain terrain. With an altitude of nearly 1,450 km, it will definitely be a tough challenge for many trekkers. However, if you have enough strength and perseverance, the result you will get when you walk to the top of the mountain is to admire the entire majestic landscape of this national park and have for yourself many cool photos.

Below are some things you need to pay attention to when participating in Trekking Bach Ma National Park:

  • To be able to execute trekking Bach Ma National Park, you need to be in good health, without underlying diseases such as heart disease, lung disease, etc,…
  • Besides, walking to the top of the mountain will take a lot of time, so there is a possibility that you will spend the night in the forest. You should bring essential items for camping in the forest such as tents, sleeping bags, water, food, and lighters.
  • In addition, at night the temperature in the forest will drop quickly, so you should bring warm shirts, pants or jackets.
  • Lastly, The weather during the rainy season will not be favorable for this activity
bach ma national park in vietnam
Trekking Bach Ma National Park

The experience of resting in the middle of the forest will help you see the beautiful starry sky and enjoy the fresh air. In addition, it would be great if you could enjoy warm time with your loved one next to a flickering fire in the chilly  wind.

1.3 Do Quyen Waterfall

Do Quyen Waterfall is one of the destinations that many tourists say is like a landscape painting combining harmonious colors of nature. The waterfall is named Do Quyen because on both sides of the waterfall there are many branches of azalea flowers growing from March to April every year. The unique combination of white waterfall and bright colors of azalea flowers blooming on green branches along with soft golden sunlight surrounded by the green of the mountains has  created an extremely beautiful and ecstatic natural scene. Listening to the sound of the flowing stream and the chirping of birds on the flower branches also makes your soul extremely relaxed and pleasant. To see this beauty with your own eyes, you need to climb 689 steps. It sounds extremely difficult, but one thing is guaranteed that the result of your efforts are extremely worthy.

Bach Ma National Park Tour
Do Quyen Waterfall in Bach Ma

Do Quyen Waterfall will be an ideal place for those who like to check in and take photos on the journey to explore Bach Ma National Park Vietnam. In addition, it is also a place for people who like to picnic outdoors with family and friends to have fun moments or when you are too stressed with work and need to rest.

1.4 Hai Vong Dai

Hai Vong Dai will definitely be the next place on the journey to visit Bach Ma National Park Vietnam. Built in high mountains, when you go to Hai Vong Dai, you will be able to see the entire majestic beauty of the mountains and the poetic beauty of the rivers in Hue in your sights. Vong Hai Dai has bold European architecture with an octagonal shape divided into 2 floors. You can stand on the 2nd floor to have the best view. In addition, you also have the opportunity to hunt clouds and watch the sunset from a very close distance. This is also a place sought after by many young people to take beautiful virtual photos.

Visiting Vong Hai Dai Bach Ma will definitely please those who have a passion for natural scenery.

Trekking Bach Ma National Park From Chan May Port
Hai Vong Dai in Bach Ma

1.5 Ngu Ho – Five Lakes

Ngu Ho – Five Lakes is also one of the famous tourist attractions in Bach Ma National Park Vietnam. That unique name comes from the fact that there are 5 small lakes next to each other and forming a large stream, so it is called Five Lakes. Ngu Ho is located quite far in the forest, so if you want to get to this place, you absolutely have to trek because the terrain is extremely dangerous. After all the efforts of crossing the forest and streams, you will be immersed in the cool natural air, watching the waterfall with the sound of gurgling stream water in your ears and swimming in the cool blue water.

Five Lakes is truly a quite challenging destination, but if you want to clearly feel the flavor of nature, this is definitely a place you should not miss.

Five Lakes in bach ma
Five Lakes in Bach Ma

1.6 Truc Lam Zen Monastery

Truc Lam Zen Monastery is hidden in white clouds amidst majestic natural space, creating an extremely dim and magical scene. This is a place where many believers who believe in Buddhism will make pilgrimages, make merit or even come here just to have peace and leisure in their souls. The monastery has an ancient architecture in harmony with the majestic natural landscape, attracting thousands of domestic and foreign tourists to visit when they have the opportunity to visit Bach Ma National Park Vietnam.

Truc Lam Zen Monastery
Truc Lam Zen Monastery

If you are looking for a truly quiet place and want to temporarily get away from noisy life or heal your soul after life’s events and difficulties, Truc Lam Zen Monastery will definitely be the best choice for you. In addition, if you visit Truc Lam Zen Monastery, you can visit Truoi Lake

2. Bach Ma National Park tour

Bach Ma National Park tour will be useful information you should not miss to  know the most convenient starting point to Bach Ma National Park Vietnam.  Normally, to visit Bach Ma, tourists will choose 3 Bach Ma National Park tours starting from Hue, Da Nang and Hoi An.

2.1 Bach Ma National Park tour from Hue

The road from Hue city center to Bach Ma National Park Vietnam is only 40 km, so it won’t take too much of your time to explore Hue. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to visit the romantic land of Hue, please take some time to visit Bach Ma National Park Vietnam. This trip will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural atmosphere, away from the dust and noise of life out there. Joining the Bach Ma National Park tour from Hue with dedicated care service will help you experience all the interesting activities and challenge yourself when climbing mountains. This will definitely be an extremely unforgettable journey in your journey to conquer Hue

bach ma national park tour
Bach Ma National Park tour

2.2 Da Nang to Bach Ma National Park

The road from Da Nang to Bach Ma National Park will take you more than 1 hour. Choosing the Da Nang to Bach Ma National Park tour will give you the opportunity to see vast rice fields – one of the rustic images associated with rural Vietnam. In addition, you will also admire the Hai Van pass. Here you can stop to hunt clouds or watch the extremely sparkling sunset. This tour will bring you moments of admiration at the natural beauty of Vietnam’s mountains and forests

tour bachma
From Da Nang to Bach Ma National Park

2.3 Hoi An to Bach Ma National Park

The tour from Hoi An to Bach Ma National Park is also of interest to many tourists. From Hoi An to Bach Ma park will take nearly 2 hours. With a team of professional guides, door-to-door shuttle service when participating in the Bach Ma Trekking Tour from Hoian 2-days will help you have a convenient trip to explore this wild nature.

bach ma trekking tour
Bach Ma Trekking tour

3. Bach Ma National Park entrance fee?

Bach Ma National Park Entrance fee you can refer to below:

  • Adults : 60.000 vnd/ticket
  • Children/Students:  20.000vnd/ticket

4. How to get it?

Currently, to ensure that all tourists everywhere can have the opportunity to explore Bach Ma National Park Vietnam, many means of transport are chosen to satisfy the sightseeing needs of domestic and foreign tourists. In this article, we encourage you to choose the following two means of transportation to have a smooth and memorable journey.

  • Private Car will always be the best choice for first-time visitors to Bach Ma National Park Vietnam because the mountain passes to Bach Ma Mountain will be tough challenges for those who are just visiting for the first time or even visiting Bach Ma Park for the first time, even for those who have visited two to three times, it is still not easy. Renting a private car ensures that you will never worry about getting lost because the car has a state-of-the-art navigation system. In addition, you can also hire a driver with an extremely friendly and enthusiastic service attitude, guaranteed not to disappoint you. In addition, a private car also helps you save a lot of travel time so your exploration journey lasts longer. With the benefits that personal cars bring, the slight difference in price compared to other vehicles is insignificant.
  • Motorbike is  one of the other proposed vehicles. For tourists who are passionate about backpacking, riding a motorbike on the roads to Bach Ma Mountain will be an extremely wonderful and interesting experience. You will have the opportunity to admire the sunrise or sunset on this majestic mountain top and take photos with friends or loved ones or stop to enjoy a cup of coffee and admire the scenery is also a good idea.
bachma tour
Getting Bach Ma National Park by Private Car with Vm Travel

Both means of transport have their own advantages depending on your preferences, so choose the suitable means of transport to have an adventure to conquer this Bach Ma National Park Vietnam.

5. When is the best time to visit Bach Ma National Park Vietnam?

Thua Thien Hue is located in the center of central Vietnam, so the climate is divided into two distinct seasons: rainy season and dry season.The dry season lasts from December to July, the rainy season starts from the last month of August to the beginning of December. So when is the best time to visit Bach Ma? The ideal time to visit Bach Ma National Park is the dry season ranging from December to April because at this time the weather is warm, sunny and almost no rain which is very suitable for sightseeing, exploring and participating in many  outdoor activities such as picnics….

During the rainy season, from late August to early December, there may still be sunshine but it can easily have rains or colder weather so it is not suitable for sightseeing, exploring places in the forest, especially outdoor activities are also limited.

best time visit bach ma
Best time visit Bach Ma in Vietnam

You can visit Bach Ma forest at any time of the year because each time it will bring you different beauty. However, if you want to explore interesting activities, the dry season is still the best time to visit Bach Ma National Park Vietnam.

6. Travel Tips

Put the following tips in your pocket now to experience the most majestic Bach Ma National Park Vietnam.

  • The ideal time to visit is the dry season from December to April, avoid August to early December because it rains heavily.
  • Do not litter indiscriminately, be conscious of protecting a green, clean and beautiful ecosystem.
  • Make sure you are in good health because you may have to do a lot of climbing and walking
bach ma national park group tour
Bach Ma National Park Group tour

Bring personal items below:

  • Hiking shoes or sneakers for ease of movement.
  • Hat for sun protection or light drizzle
  • Travel bag/backpack.
  • Camp ( if you intend to participate in a picnic or you can hire)
  • Suncream, insect spray.
  • Light jacket with comfortable clothes
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Bring a first- aid kit  in case you get injured while climbing.
  • Camera and smartphone to save memorable memories at Bach Ma Mountain(Sometimes the smartphone connection is unstable because the terrain is mountainous, so you should bring both.)

In the journey to explore the natural beauty of the Central region of Vietnam, Bach Ma National Park Vietnam is truly a wonderful destination. The natural picture here will make you feel extremely surprised because you can not only see the majestic mountain nature but also the poetic scenery of clouds floating in the sky… In addition, you can also explore many scenic spots in this primeval conservation area. Moreover, this will be a new journey of experience because you will be the one to directly explore every corner of Bach Ma National Park Vietnam.

Immersing yourself in the atmosphere and wild natural scenery will definitely be a travel journey you will never forget.