Ba Vi National Park is considered an ideal place to experience natural tourism. Established in 1991, with a large area of more than 10,815 hectares, this place is not only an attractive tourist destination but also a place to preserve many rare plants and animals. Bringing in the beauty of wild nature with majestic mountains and forests, diverse ecosystems and cool, fresh air, Ba Vi National Park has quickly become a super hot eco-tourism destination in the journey to explore ancient Hanoi. Besides the opportunity to admire firsthand the mysterious and magical beauty of the lush green forest under the mist, traveling to Ba Vi National Park also has interesting activities that are guaranteed to bring an unforgettable journey. 

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Exploring Ba Vi National Park: A Journey Through Vietnam’s Untouched Wilderness

1. Ba Vi National Park location

Ba Vi National Park location is in Tan Linh commune, Ba Vi district and is located about 60 km from the center of Hanoi capital. The national park stretches from Hanoi district to Hoa Binh city. Nestled in a vast but wild and deserted land, Ba Vi National Park Vietnam becomes a great tourist destination for those who love peaceful tourist destinations to relax.

2. Ba Vi National Park Vietnam Entrance Fees

2.1 Entrance fee

Entrance fee  to enter Ba Vi National Park you can refer to below:

ObjectEntrance fee
Adult60.000 VND/ticket
College student20.000 VND/ticket
Pupil10.000 VND/ticket
Elderly or disabled people30.000 VND/ticket

2.2 Park fee

In addition to the park fee in Ba Vi National Park, you should also consider parking fees:

VehiclesParking timePark Fee
BicycleAll day3.000 VND/bike
MotorbikeDay5.000 VND/motorbike
Night8.000 VND/motorbike
Car (<10 Seats & <2 Floors)1 HoursFree
2-3 Hours25.000 VND/Car
3-4 Hours35.000 VND/Car
>5 Hours45.000 VND/Car
Car ( >10 Seats & >2 Floors)1 HoursFree
2-3 Hours35.000 VND/Car
3-4 Hours45.000 VND/Car
>5 Hours55.000 VND/Car

2.3 Services fee

If you have the opportunity to visit Ba Vi National Park, in addition to sightseeing, you should participate in other activities to make the trip more interesting. These activities will incur additional costs, but the prices are extremely reasonable and will not disappoint you. You can refer to the services fee below to choose the activities you want to participate in.

ServiceService fee
Filming, photography600.000 VND – 800.000 VND
Tour guide rental fee300,000 VND – 500,000 VND
Campfire rental700.000 VND – 1.500.000 VND
Tent120.000 VND – 200.000 VND

Ticket prices may vary depending on the time of year, and there may be additional fees for each activity if passengers go on a crowded tour.

3. What to do at Ba Vi National Park

3.1 Ba Vi National Forest

Coming to Ba Vi National Park, the first place you should explore is the vast Ba Vi National forest covered with mist, creating a natural scene that is both mysterious and wild. This place has a system of walking trails along forest roads so you can explore nature here on your own. With the unique pine forest landscape, this is guaranteed to be a great place for you to take great photos or videos with the background of a soaring pine forest and the sound of chirping birds.

Especially if you visit this forest in the fall, which is the season of falling leaves, the forest will become bright with the golden light of the layers of leaves falling on the road, creating an extremely romantic natural scene. An opportunity for you to learn for yourself about the creatures that live in the forest, such as beetles with strange shapes that you have probably never seen before, butterflies of all colors and even unique birds, tree  will certainly bring extremely unique experiences to you

Ba Vi National Forest
Ba Vi National Forest

The experience of walking along the trail to explore nature not only gives you relaxing moments while immersing yourself in the fresh air of nature here but also gives you interesting knowledge about the kind of creatures exist here

3.2 Mysterious Ancient Church

The mysterious ancient church is certainly no longer a strange place for many tourists who are passionate about exploring mysterious places in Hanoi. This church has unique European architecture. Built a long time ago, the ancient church is a relic left over from years of war and natural disasters but still stands tall to this day. Even though the altar roof has been lost and there are many cracks on the walls and moss, there are still traces of patterns on the statue. All create a wild and magical beauty that attracts many tourists to come here to check in and visit.

Ba Vi National Forest
Mysterious Ancient Church

This is an opportunity for you to learn more about the artistic and cultural architecture of ancient Europe and is a place you should not miss when visiting Ba Vi National Park

3.3 Wildflower Hill

It is not difficult to find wildflower hills in Ba Vi National Park. The most colorful and typical flower that can be mentioned is the wild sunflower hill. Wild sunflowers are considered a symbol of this place. In Vietnam, although there are many places with this flower such as Da Lat, etc., wild sunflowers in Ba Vi are considered to have darker colors and larger petals. Yellow wild sunflower bushes grow side by side to form a brilliant yellow carpet nestled on both sides of the brick and stone road, creating a brilliant and beautiful natural picture.

This is truly a paradise for virtual life believers because just standing in these flower bushes is enough to take beautiful photos. To be able to see this shimmering hill of wild sunflowers, you should go to site 700. This is considered the most beautiful spot to view wild sunflowers because the flowers here bloom the most and are the largest. A small note, wild sunflowers usually bloom around October to November, so if you want to admire this beautiful scene with your own eyes, you should schedule an exploration of Ba Vi National Park during these months.

Wildflower Hill in Ba Vi
Wildflower Hill in Ba Vi

Wild sunflower hill is a very suitable place for walking and taking photos. In particular, this is also where couples often choose to go

3.4 Pine Forest

Ba Vi National Park is also notable for its vast pine forest landscape. From outside the gate, follow the path, the pine forest will appear majestically before you. The pine trees growing on both sides of the road stretch straight up to catch the sunlight, creating a picture of wild and majestic nature. Ba Vi pine forest on sunny days will have a bright beauty because of the bright sunlight shining down but is softened by the large pine tree branches creating golden streaks and sparkling rays of light shining on the ground. . This brings an extremely comfortable feeling and is very suitable for picnics or relaxing walks.

On a rainy day, the Pine Forest has a sad and quiet beauty. No matter what the weather is like, the pine forest has beauty that touches people’s hearts. In addition, this is also an ideal area to organize outdoor fun activities such as team building, camping, etc. In addition, if you have the opportunity to go to this place in the fall, you can easily see many couples taking wedding photos because this is the season when pine leaves fall, creating a brilliant and extremely romantic scene.

Pine Forest in Ba Vi National Park
Pine Forest in Ba Vi National Park

This is truly an extremely ideal place for you to visit and experience, guaranteed not to disappoint you. What are you waiting for? Add the Ba Vi pine forest location to have valuable experiences in your journey to explore Ba Vi National Park.

3.5 Cactus Greenhouse

An extremely interesting and unique place to visit in Ba Vi National Park that you must definitely visit is the cactus greenhouse. Built with a greenhouse model, this place has about 1,200 species of cactus with all attractive and strange colors and different types. This place is not only a place where you can freely check in, take many beautiful photos, but it also helps you gain more knowledge about cactus such as types of cactus, habitat, care, etc. It’s extremely useful knowledge for you

Cactus Greenhouse in Ba Vi National Park
Cactus Greenhouse in Ba Vi National Park

This greenhouse is the only cactus dew conservation greenhouse in Ba Vi National Park. For that reason, every year this place attracts many tourists to visit and enjoy the fresh air here.

3.6 Thien Son Suoi Nga ecotourism area

Always in the top places that tourists love to visit, Thien Son Nui Nga ecotourism area has become a great tourist destination. From the entrance to Ba Vi National Park, turn left about 5km and you will reach the land of Thien Son Nui Nga – a place known as a fairyland on earth with majestic mountain and forest beauty and fresh and clean streams. When you come here, you can capture memorable moments with important people amidst the majestic natural mountains and forests. Besides, you can participate in some other fun activities such as swimming, camping,…. or you can even climb high hills to admire the entire beauty of the Ba Vi  national Park.

Thien Son Suoi Nga ecotourism area
Thien Son Suoi Nga ecotourism area

True to the name Thien Son Nui Nga, this is truly a place with extremely majestic natural mountains and forests, very suitable for sightseeing and exploring nature.

3.7 Thuong Temple

Not only outstanding with its pristine and majestic natural beauty, this place is also considered a spiritual land with the location being Thuong Pagoda. Thuong Pagoda is the place to worship Saint Tan Vien Son. Built on the top of Tan Vien rocky mountain, you need to climb more than 500 steps to reach this holy place. The temple has extremely unique and solemn ancient architecture. If you are looking for a place that brings serenity, this is a place you should not miss. In addition, you also have the opportunity to experience and admire the entire surrounding landscape thanks to the prime location of the temple.

Thuong Temple in Ba Vi National Park
Thuong Temple in Ba Vi National Park

The ancient beauty of the ancient temple in the cold flavor of dew, clouds, wind and forest will certainly leave you with extremely deep impressions during your trip to Ba Vi National Park.

3.8 Bao Thien Tower

Bao Thien Tower, also known as Bao Thien Bao Thap, was built on top of a mountain near President Ho Chi Minh Temple. Considered an extremely unique architecture with 13 floors and at the top of the tower is a large bronze gourd. Looking down from the top of the tower, you can see the entire space of plains surrounded by mountains. Bao Thien Tower is an ideal place for believers and nature lovers or those exploring ancient architecture in Ba Vi National Park.

ba vi in hanoi
Bao Thien Tower

3.9 Ho Chi Minh Temple

Ho Chi Minh Temple was built at King’s Peak. The temple was built with the purpose of expressing gratitude and deep respect to the great leader of the Vietnamese people. In addition to visiting this unique and ancient temple architecture, you can learn more about the life and career of President Ho Chi Minh through a system of paintings, artifacts and related documents.

This is truly a place you must visit if you have the opportunity to visit Ba Vi National Park Vietnam which is guaranteed to make you amazed at what President Ho Chi Minh did for the S-shaped country.

3.10 Ao Vua tourism area

If you are looking for a place to relax and have fun in Ba Vi National Park, Ao Vua tourism area will be the best choice for you. Located right at the foot of Tan Vien mountain, this is an ideal resort paradise for many tourists when they have the opportunity to enjoy the fresh and clean relaxation here along with traditional health care services. The solution is consistent with modern facilities and equipment. In addition, visitors can also participate in many folk games such as throwing darts, rowing boats, throwing rings, lighting campfires as well as many interesting singing and dancing activities.

Ao Vua tourism area
Ao Vua tourism area

Ao Vua tourism area has become a place that attracts many tourists thanks to its cool, airy space and many convenient services.

3.11 Ngoc Hoa Spring

Ngoc Hoa Spring is a famous tourist destination thanks to the natural beauty of the mountains and forests combined with a clear and cool stream surrounded by bamboo structures, creating an unusual feeling of peace and closeness. One of the favorite activities  is trekking, with a path not too long, about 2km, bringing many unforgettable experiences to visitors.

Ngoc Hoa Spring
Ngoc Hoa Spring

Ngoc Hoa Spring in Ba Vi National Park will give you the feeling of truly immersing yourself in nature and temporarily putting aside the worries and worries of life.

3.12 Political Prison Ruin

A mysterious place discovered in Ba Vi National Park is a political prison  ruin built by the French during the colonial period of Vietnam. From the time it was built until now, despite many events, the relic still retains its ruins to help visitors better understand the years of arduous struggle and the indomitable spirit of the Vietnamese people.

This is an expensive tourist destination in Ba Vi National Park. It not only carries with it tourism value but also the heroic historical value of the Vietnamese people

4. How to get It?

The journey to explore Ba Vi National Park can be done in many ways. Below are a few means of transport you can use to get to the national park. The journey to explore Ba Vi National Park can be done in many ways. Below are a few means of transport you can use to get to the national park

  • Motorbike: The journey of discovery will become more interesting when you drive your motorbike on the roads to conquer Ba Vi National Park. With this means of transport, you can control your own time and can explore a few stops to check in virtually or delicious cafes all the way up the mountain pass. This will definitely be an extremely interesting experience and full of challenges, but if you achieve it you will find it extremely worth it.
  • Private car: For those who do not know the way to Ba Vi National Park, they are encouraged to use the Private Car Rental Service because this is considered the safest means of travel to visit and explore the forest. Join the Ba Vi National Park tour from Hanoi with an enthusiastic and professional tour guide as well as a professional and funny driver, guaranteed to make your journey more convenient and smooth. The winding mountain passes will not be a problem thanks to the professional and humorous driver who is guaranteed to make your journey more convenient and smooth.
private car
Hanoi to Ba Vi Natioanl Park by Private Car

Depending on your preferences and needs, choose one of the two means above to go to Ba Vi National Park.

5. Ba Vi National Park Vietnam Tips

To have a smooth and hassle-free travel experience in Ba Vi National Park, you can refer to some of the following tips

  • The terrain is quite dangerous, so you need to consider your means of transportation and make sure it is always in the best condition to ensure your safety.
  • You should limit travel arrangements during the rainy season or season with dense fog because it can be dangerous for you to travel
  • 45-seat cars are only allowed up to 400m. From 400m or more, 30-seat vehicles are not allowed to operate
  • When participating in camping activities or in the forest, you need to pay attention to fire because the forest terrain can easily spread fires, causing serious consequences.
  • Do not throw trash indiscriminately in forests, ponds and streams to ensure ecological hygiene
  • You should prepare long-sleeved clothes, mosquito repellant, etc. if you participate in camping activities
explore ba vi national park
Explore Ba Vi National Park

Ba Vi National Park Vietnam is an ideal destination for those who love nature tourism or want to get close and immerse themselves in the wild mountains and forests. In addition to the tourism value created by the charming landscapes, there are also places that preserve many unique cultural and religious values from ancient times to the present. Moreover, there are also unique specialties that you should try at least once in your life when you have the opportunity to visit Ba Vi.