Venture out on a captivating adventure as Hue, a bustling city, prepares you for an extraordinary festival of art, culture, and tradition! Hue Festival 2024 is returning, and this time it promises to be a magical experience that goes beyond tradition and time. Let Hue serve as your canvas as we use tradition, creativity, and solidarity to paint the town. Hue Festival 2024 is an all-encompassing festival that enchants people and crosses boundaries

hue imperial festival
Hue Festival 2024

Announce the Hue Festival 2024 poster

The official poster for Hue Festival 2024, which has the subject “Cultural heritage with integration and development,” was just released by the organizing committee during which the festival’s main week is scheduled for June 7 to 12, 2024. It features an abundance of art programs, community festivals, and art troupes from Hue, Vietnam, and abroad.

As a result, the renovated court themes on the Kien Trung Palace served as inspiration for the poster. Posters with the primary symbols being the entrances are recreated using royal-style lines, colors, and patterns to convey the spirit of exchange and integration that will grow from the cultural legacy of the old capital of Hue Festival.

Kien Trung Palace
Kien Trung Palace

The words Hue Festival, a simplified version of the Hue word from mosaic art, and the sign of the year 2024; Dragon, which is a common sight on Hue historical sites and represents the yearning for harmony and progress are displayed in the middle of the poster. Hence, the poster retains the picture of flowers symbol of Hue, which represents the yin and yang harmony of the four times-four seasons of rotation and circulation with Hue Festival, carrying over the spirit of the previous poster. These are themes from the palaces of Thien Dinh, Kien Trung Palace, and Khai Dinh Tomb.

hue citadel festival
Announce the Hue Festival 2024 poster

The announcement of the Hue Festival 2024 poster is important when Thua Thien Hue is striving to soon complete the goal of becoming a city directly under the Central Government. This is also an opportunity for Hue cultural heritages to focus on promoting values, preserving traditional and cultural values, promoting the values of the ancient capital and Hue cultural identity.


Consider the Hue Festival 2024 as a ticket to an amazing world of hues, sounds, and tales. Come celebrate with us in a way that breaks through barriers and honors the spirit of diversity and togetherness, and enjoy the Hue traditional and royal cuisine on the Hue Food Tour. We hope to see you at Hue Festival 2024, and may the cultural colors keep painting happiness and harmony in your lives.