Hue – A Word Heritage Site


Are you planning where to stay in Hue? Whatever your budget, we do our best to help you find out about options for friendly, cozy, and comfortable accommodation. Our guide covers a variety of Hue accommodation including everything from luxurious hotels, resorts, guesthouses, motels, B&Bs, self-catering, caravan and camping sites to cheap serviced apartments.


Hue transport offers a large selection of quality private, and public transport options, suiting all budgets and travelling preferences, which helps to make your travel easier, and more convenient.. The transportation in our city is very reliable, and highly punctual, and it can takes you to everywhere you want. Our transportation options varies from rental cars, taxi, coach, bus, airplane, train transport, rental motorcycle or bicycle, to traditional dragon boats.

Food & Drink

Culinary pleasure has always an essential part in the lifestyle of Hue. If you are a food lover, Hue city is promisingly a perfect paradise, allowing yourself to be inspired, and treated with special delicacies ranging from royal dishes, local meals, to street foods, and beverages. The food outlets, and restaurants in Hue await you on special days of your trip, attracting you with savoury dishes and culinary delights.

Art & Entertainment

Hue is an ancient city that hosts unique and fascinating events of historical, cultural, musical and artistic resonance throughout the year, providing innumerable opportunities for experiencing intense emotions, and memories.


Hue is one of the most distinctive, and interesting cities in Vietnam. It has successfully maintained a sophisticated balance between preserving its history, and traditions, as well as embracing all the conveniences and technology of the modern world. This dichotomy of old and new is demonstrated in Hue’s great diversity of shopping and purchasing activities; international tourists will be delighted by both the glittering stores and shopping malls, and the charming traditional markets.

Tour in Hue

With a range of tours catering to different parts of the Hue city, you will have a chance to experience the majesty and mystery of this fascinating city with its curious blend of modern and traditional historic heritage, traditional handicraft, and fine arts, peaceful countryside, natural landscapes, as well as culinary delights.