Da Nang Night Market has long been praised as an extremely bustling and interesting place with many trading and entertainment activities taking place here. When coming to Da Nang night market, visitors not only have the opportunity to own extremely unique items but also have the opportunity to expand their vision of unique things in everyday culture as well as traditional values handed down from ancient times to the present.

If you are wondering what Da Nang is famous for and is Da Nang worth visiting? Thanks to this article, you will experience one of the paradises of Da Nang, which is the Danang night market along with countless best things to do in Da Nang in this area.

Danang at Night
Da Nang night Market

Savoring Da Nang – A Culinary Adventure through the Vibrant Night Market

1. What is Danang famous for

Da Nang is a dynamic city, has the most developed economy in the Central region and is considered the most livable city in Vietnam. For that reason, this place possesses countless unique tourist destinations famous around the world, making visitors extremely excited to visit. Some best place in Da Nang that you definitely should not miss when coming here are:

  • Beach: The beaches in Da Nang with clear, cool blue water have an unusual appeal. Besides, coming here you can also enjoy a fresh seafood paradise that is rare to find anywhere else. Some famous beaches such as My Khe beach, Non Nuoc beach, Nam O beach.
  • Natural tourist destination: Coming to Da Nang, visitors not only enjoy a modern, luxurious atmosphere, but Da Nang also allows visitors to relax and fully immerse themselves in nature thanks to a series of attractive natural locations. . The most beautiful places are: Ngu Hanh Son mountain, chessboard peak, Hai Van pass.
  • Bridge: Visitors will be amazed by the majestic and modern beauty of the bridges here, for example: Dragon Bridge, Golden Bridge, Song Han Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge.
  • Resort: Notably, Ba Na Hill tourist area with modernity meeting international standards will bring you a series of attractive places to explore and entertain. Furthermore, the restaurant and hotel system in Da Nang is also modern and high quality.
  • Night market: Da Nang night market is an important part that makes tourists very satisfied when traveling to Da Nang. With the variety of products as well as the friendliness and cuteness of the people here, you will have extremely memorable experiences during your trip.
dragon bridge
Dragon Bridge in Danang

2. Top Night Markets in Da Nang

2.1 Helio Night Market Da Nang – the best Da Nang night market

Helio Night Market Da Nang is considered the most famous market in the Da Nang night market system, so there are many interesting shopping and entertainment activities that are  the most worth visiting in Da Nang. Therefore, visiting Halio night market is one of the best things to do in Da Nang that you should not miss on your trip.

Things to try when coming here are: Entertainment area with many games for both children and adults, food area with traditional dishes of Da Nang, shopping for some Da Nang specialties such as: specialties and souvenirs of Da Nang. Especially enjoying music performances here with many genres such as acoustic, rock, EDM will definitely bring you great relaxation

night market in danang
Helio Night Market Da Nang

2.2 Son Tra Night Market Da Nang

Son Tra Night Market Da Nang is not only a place to trade and exchange goods but also a place to convey the cultural beauty of Da Nang through many interesting activities. Son Tra night market appears with sparkling lights, the bustle of trading activities, the vibrant sounds of artistic activities, and the sweet, eye-catching aroma of all kinds of food.

There are a lot of best things to do at Son Tra night market Da Nang that you should not miss. First are street entertainment activities such as band performances, fun circuses, and amusement parks. Next is to explore the shopping paradise here with many interesting and cheap items such as souvenirs, decorations, clothes… something else that you must definitely try when you come. Coming to Son Tra night market Da Nang, you can enjoy the unique cuisine here at cheap prices. Must-try dishes are: seafood, Quang noodles, pork rice paper rolls, grilled pork vermicelli.

son tra night market
Son Tra Night Market

2.3 Han River Night Market

Han River Night Market has a great geographical location and landscape as well as a vibrant atmosphere, making this place one of the most popular night markets with tourists in Da Nang. The interesting thing that Han River Night Market possesses is definitely the beautiful space decorated with 9 large ships with bright lights facing the Han River.

The second thing is that the lighting and sound here are invested extremely carefully, making this place like a grand fair night. Besides, what stands out here are the food and souvenir stalls carrying the cultural and traditional values of Da Nang, making visitors more excited than ever when visiting

han market in danang
Han market in danang

2.4 Le Duan Night Market

Coming to Le Duan night market, you will have the opportunity to discover a new night atmosphere of Da Nang. Different from the bustling and sparkling atmosphere of other night markets, Le Duan night market has a simple and ancient style of Da Nang. With affordable prices as well as diverse goods and cuisine, it will definitely be a place worth visiting when coming to Da Nang on your trip.

2.5 Hoa Khanh night market

If you are looking to discover unique items at cheap prices, Hoa Khanh night market is a perfect choice for you. This place is divided into separate product areas, making your shopping extremely convenient. The first interesting area is the shopping area with items such as clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, and household appliances.

The next area is where food is sold with a variety of items such as fresh produce, fruits, and vegetables of guaranteed origin and high quality. What’s more is the food area here, which is praised as a culinary paradise with excellent dishes such as grilled sticky rice with meat, Quang noodles, beef noodle soup, grilled meat sandwiches, grilled sweet potatoes and corn… etc

2.6 Thanh Khe Tay Night Market

Thanh Khe Tay Night Market is an ideal place for students in Da Nang, so coming to this place you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the bustling and dynamic atmosphere. Furthermore, because the main customers of this market are students, all products such as clothes, shoes, and accessories here are not only fashionable and modern in style but also extremely cheap. The cuisine here is the same, with a variety of dishes from traditional to modern along with attractive sweet soups and drinks.

2.7 An Thuong Night Market

An Thuong Night Market will take you to the peak of bustle thanks to its location near the famous Western Quarter. Coming to this market, you will have the opportunity to enjoy great entertainment by a series of services provided here such as pubs, restaurants, amusement parks, shopping areas as well as enjoy street music.

da nang night market
An Thuong night Market

3. Street Food And Souvenir

3.1 Join tour da nang street food

Besides Da Nang is famous for its attractive tourist destinations, Da Nang is  famous for its great food also. Let’s refer to the extremely attractive dishes below to have a complete journey when coming to Da Nang!

Da Nang cuisine is a harmonious combination of traditional and modern elements with the desire to bring you the best experiences when you visit. Therefore, the dishes that you must try when coming to Da Nang are specialty rice dishes such as chicken rice, broken rice, and mussel rice.

Furthermore, there are also attractive soup dishes such as: Quang noodles, beef vermicelli, fish ball vermicelli, grilled meat vermicelli, spiced fish vermicelli, grilled meat vermicelli, mussel vermicelli. In particular, seafood is something you should not miss when coming to Da Nang. 

In addition, roadside dishes are also worth trying when coming to Da Nang such as the trio of  Beo cake, Nam cake, Loc cake, pressed cake, grilled quail eggs with cheese, stir-fried snails with lemongrass and chili, fried spring rolls as well as sweet soup dishes such as: sweet soup. mixed, banana sweet soup, floating cake sweet soup, avocado ice cream…etc

hanoi street food tour
Da Nang street food

3.2 Explore souvenir paradise.

To have a perfect trip to Da Nang, in addition to enjoying tourist attractions and cuisine, collecting souvenirs is also one of the best things to do in Da Nang that you should not miss.

Unique souvenirs worth choosing are: handicrafts with many created items such as paintings, cups, mugs, plates with images of famous landscapes in Da Nang such as Han River, Dragon Bridge.Next These are items with spiritual and feng shui meanings such as pieces of marble and jewels carved into gods, saints as well as animals such as dragons, tigers, and lions. Besides, the products of the embroidery industry are also extremely excellent with hand-embroidered paintings, handkerchiefs, tablecloths or even clothes.

Local Crafts And Artisans
Local Crafts And Artisans

In short, Da Nang night market is worth visiting during your trip to Danang. There are many wonderful things hidden in those markets for you to explore such as traditional culture of Da Nang, entertainment activities, local cuisine, specialties of Da Nang, traditional costumes, specialties, etc. Especially the hospitality and friendliness of the people here will make your visit more meaningful than ever. So quickly make a trip to Da Nang as well as explore the Da Nang night market to be able to admire the wonderful things here as soon as possible. Wish you have a happy and safe trip!